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It's been a long time coming, but Mazda has finally announced that the Mazda2 (or the Demio as it's known in Japan) is USA-bound. According to Mazda, the 2 will go on sale stateside in late 2010 and will be priced below the Mazda3. The Demio's Euro-like styling always caught my eye on the streets of Japan, and I can't wait to see them over here. The car in the photo above is the Demio tuned by Auto Craft Kyoto at the '08 Tsukuba Super Battle.

Hmmm…is it time to make plans for a new daily driver?

-Mike Garrett

Source: GT Channel



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Mk7 Ford Fiesta Chassis. It's a winner


You don't see them a lot in Europe, which is a shame really, cause they are just genuinely good cars (not only good looking) .


Looks better than the Honda Fit. I like it!


Almost everything looks better than the Honda Fit.

Anyway, what I wanna know is whether or not it will be available as a 3-door. No one's gonna tell me though. *shrug*


I see them pretty much here in Holland.

I have read that the new Fiesta is also coming to the USA.



indeed, i hardly see them ever, and there arn't many for sale aswell... (and those that are, have low KM's so they're still expensive)


looks cool. hopefully MSRP will be lower than the overpriced Honda Fit.


I come from Germany and I actually drive one. I allready got rid of the stock suspension, the new is way better for getting throw the curves. Here in Germany there are allready 5- and 3-door models. I even heard of a Mazdaspeed Demio with the 1.5 Liter engine, turbocharged producing 170 hp. Doesn´t sound like understatement.


Another car that appears really attractive when photographed from just the right angle, and without anything next to it to show the scale. The Fit, Yaris, Venza, all look good in photographs, until you actually stand next to one and realize "Good God, this thing's as tall as a mini van!" Take any of those cars, and the Demio, and photochop 20% off the height, and they would be really nice cars. But they wont; give you a discount at the dealership for the cost of chop topping and body channeling the car to fix the body so it matches the sporty photography angles in the advertising.


Good looking car.


I see quite a few of these here in Portugal. I like them, nice overall design and i love the color catalog avaible on this model, there's some pretty cool, fresh colors.

Didn't know it wasn't released in the US, though...



I share your love of Mazda and actually own a DY Demio. It's the previous model to the one pictured above and i can report it's great fun for a daily that also heads to the track as often as possible :)

Matt Mead here in Sydney has taken quite a few shots of my car. Here are two. It's also been a cover car for Circuit Club magazine here in Sydney!

Both were taken at Oran Park.

Hopefully with the car now being sold in the US there might be a few good bits to buy for them. Knightsports makes a supercharger kit and i know of a few turbo set-ups getting around.

It goes ok at the track, nowhere near the fastest car but fast enough to be fun!

Some times from a recent track day:

Buy one, you'll love it! :)


The Auto Craft Demio kinda looks like a cuter version of the GRB Impreza on this shot. :)