New Cars>>the Mini Coupe Concept

Just in time for BMW month, here's an interesting bit of news coming out of BMW's Mini division. The newest model coming to the always-expanding is the Mini line is this new coupe model, which will be on display in concept form at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. As the name suggests, this car takes the familiar Mini styling and adds a sweeping coupe treatment to the rear.

It's certainly a drastic change from the boxy style of the standard Mini and the Mini Clubman. They've also managed to somehow make the car look even smaller…

According to the press release, the Mini Coupe will come with the high performance John Cooper Works powertrain, but standard models could also become available.

It's been awhile since I've sat in a Mini, but I can't say that the coupe looks too accommodating to those of us over six feet tall. Hopefully the cockpit is larger than it looks in the photos…

Possible headroom issues aside, it looks like it'd be a blast to drive.

I wonder how many people will consider this over a standard hatchback Mini?

-Mike Garrett



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looks awesome !


It's interesting to say the least. Maybe even good-looking. I think it could grow on me.


Dang, I never thought there was a chance I could ever like a mini. But this one is gorgeous!


why?!! oh why?!! T_T

the coupe looks nice. but i prefer the look of the 'older' new gen minis because their shape is the same. not at size though but you could still see the 'mini' in that mini. but this? it looks like a completely different car. maybe this would grown on me but maybe not like the previous mini's. T_T


I like how the roof makes the car looks like its wearing a cap backwards. I hope they make a production version.


really diggin the integrated roof spoiler on there, car looks awkwardly good.


that looks all kinds of confusing

black arches

blue, black and silver wheels

blue paint

white roof

it just looks too busy, and the lines are awkward aswell, it's a bad combo imo

also this just looks like another one of those vauxhall tigra/ford puma ff coupe things that aren't much to drive, but i won't judge yet


Give it 325hp and build it, a total winner!


nice! such a wicked looking mini, i love it, that roofline is sweet, and with the hidden b and c pillars it looks so cool, maybe some different rims and a drop will suit it very nicely indeed.i say build it!


Give it 325hp and build it, a total winner!


Only one thing came to me when I saw the rear: "What were they thinking?"


Looks great - except for the stupid "hat" on the roof. Get rid of that and the car would be perfect.


@Audi dog:

better yet, give it 325hp AND AWD.


glad im not the only one thinking GOOD GOD THATS UGLY. fussy, overly done and stupid design. there is no flow to it. It's like they though "here we have a platform of a classic, best selling car, lets see how far we can go, let's go to the local primary school and see what all the 7 year old's have to say" here in britain it will be bought by girls with no brains and west end fashion kids.

stupid design.


i hope they keep it a concept.


What in the name of Christ is that crap? Whoever got that to be attached to anything official wants shooting. Just awful.


I do not like it.

Why don't they just use their time and resources to make the current Mini RWD? That seems like a better idea to me.


Just put a hardtop on that its offical.


Haha ok, I can suddenly imagine myself in a Mini coupe now!


Wow, I hate it. Is it designed for little-people? The roof line looks super low. They should have retooled the rest of the body lines and made them look less bulky to match up with the roof


Ew. Never been a big fan of these overgrown go karts anyways....but just ew.


Umm.... Eww....


ohh ya... I think it looks fantastic..... Id certantly take it over the standerd...

In fact Id say it comes second only to my favrite of the Euro Compacts ... The Alfa MiTo.


They have a good idea going here, Remember that the original was a two door, imo if they didnt have the roof insert it would be a rasonably good looking car, perhaps some carbon fiber would go down well in its place, but it is wierd having the roofline not running parallel with the waist-line.

they shud defineatley consider a few things if they decide to put it into production.


I like this because it reminds me of the original broadspeed fastback mini conversions of the 60's.

They need to make a pickup version now.


i concur phil im just not interested until the pickup comes out... or a panel truck style mini


What's with the retarded roof coloring and the shape of the back windscreen?



that roof is damn ugly...


All I can say is... I've found a car uglier than the Ssangyong Rodius.


I think they need to go the route of the calssic mini, while they've made a new clubman, they haven't yet made a new mini pickup or a new mini van. Even the older new gen minis still aren't the same :(


What use is such a car? MINI already have the regular hatch, Clubman, and convertible, all good models continuing the classic MINI design shape. This one not only doen't look like a MINI, it's just useless with no back seat and less room than the regular car. I suppose a few boy racers might buy ut but that's all.

Style over substance, just about sums it up.


Whats next ? A MINI TRUCK CONCEPT ? hahhaha. Being honest it's pretty creative car but also individual.


reminds me of the suzuki cappuccino...


it remembers me some like CRX concept