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Here's another quick update from the Super GT series in Japan. This time SGT was back at Fuji Speedway over the weekend for the seventh round of the 2009 season.

A view of the GT500 grid during the opening moments of the race. The Epson NSX would be starting from the pole.

Colorful shot of the GT300 grid here. It looks a beautiful September day at Fuji Speedway.

Victory in the GT500 class would end up going to the ARTA NSX of Ralph Firman and Takuya Izawa. The team had to start from 12th position following a pre-race engine swap, but was able to move to the front to take their first win in over a year.

Finishing second was the current GT500 championship leader – the Motul Autech GT-R.

The GT300 win went to Takayuki Aoki and Tomonobu Fujii in the Daishin Advan Ferrari.

The fight for the checkers in GT300 came down to an all-Ferrari battle. The Jimgainer Advan F430 would end up taking second place.

There are two races left on the '09 schedule, with the next race being held at Autopolis in October.

-Mike Garrett

Photos Courtesy of Super GT



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I wish they would change the rules to that only production cars STILL IN PRODUCTION can race so they could cut Honda off at the knees. Then they would be forced to actually produce a new sports car.


Well the NSX is that good I guess. Sooooo......would a new NSX be better? It would be really interesting.


not really.... then they'll just used a JGTC version of accord, civic or s2000.... i mean, toyota has the corolla in this series


Love that first pic! haha good times

Having watched a video of the race that last corner between the two Ferraris for the gt300 win was epic!

And as for Honda in gt500 next year, they will probably have to use a concept style car to race in that category as from next year all cars in GT500 have to be FR so that cuts out the nsx which I love even though its getting on in years.............


That's three out of seven events that were NOT won by a GTR. The GTR is a beautiful car, but 40 years from now, Nissan fan boys everywhere will be citing the 2009 undefeated introductory season, just like the claim for the 1969 Skyline GTR (which was also not undefeated). One big difference this time, the JGTC records are in English, the JAF records for 1969 are all in Japanese. Myth building will be much more difficult for Nissan this time.


walfisch i agree with u half and half. i think your idea is really great but on the other hand leaving the rules as is, it would be sick to see a supra come back and dominate the 500 class


Is there any website that has supergt or jtcc car photos from previous years, like in the late 90's?


Richo - do you have a link to the video with the last lap?


I've just finished making the Tamiya kit of the '05 Arta NSX and just looking at these pics noticed how little externally has changed with the most noticible differances being the bonnet vents,lack of canards at the front and how "bulked up" the front seems to look nowadays.It would be nice to keep Honda in next year.


Love the GTR


LOVE JGTC related stuff in any form!


I'm looking for a site with mid/late 90's JGTC photos as well. I really want to see some of the GT300 cars from the era (as most of us are already familiar with most of the GT500s). Any links would be appreciated.



Did I spy an Aston Martin way back in the top pic (with the yellowish lights)? I'd love to see more info on the GT300 class. In GT500, it's always GT-R vs. NSX, it looks like there's alot more variety in the GT300 class with Japanese sportscars and sedans battling Ferraris and Lambos. Is there a complete list of current entries in GT300 with photos?


beautiful array of racecars, the best gt series by far.....