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This Sunday I went to the RSG Racing Days on the TT-circuit in Assen Holland, a circuit famous for hosting the MotoGP. However, this time it was the four wheel machines that ruled the circuit. On the way over there, I spotted some cars on trailers that were going the same direction, so I knew I was in for a treat. Once I reached the circuit and made my way onto the paddock I noticed that there were hardly any visitors, and I only saw a handful of crew working on some of the cars too.

So it was off to the pits, to see the cars… I was greeted with the car in the opening picture, a BMW 2002. It belonged to team BMW Club 02 and was driven by Friedhelm Pfingst. Unfortunately it had some engine trouble and I witnessed the crew working hard in the pitlane to get it working again. But after one lap they decided to retire the car.

You can see them working on the car after they retired the car. The entire day I kept coming back to this car because it looked so good. Just look at those integrated wide fenders and 1960's paintjob. Everything looks period correct, I love this car.

Talking about a perfect engine bay, before they opened the hood I expected something really messy, but boy was I wrong. It looked immaculate.

Inside it was all business, with the Sparco seat, OMP steering wheel, Stack meters and the mandatory fire extinguisher.

Inside the paddock I found another 2002… I never saw this car on the circuit and when I got back to take some more pictures it was gone… Too bad because it looked very menacing.

This E36 was built by PSE Racing in Holland, although the wheels you see in front of it did not belong to the it. They are from another car you'll see in my second feature, from this event.

Here we have another favorite of mine. A 635 CSI driven by Peter Schumann and Jürgen Schumann… It seems like mandatory driver changes are part of this series so most of the teams had two drivers per car. Other teams with only one driver had to make a stop-and-go in the pits to cut any potential advantages.

Brand new Michelin slicks, ready to attack the circuit.

This E46 M3 was one of the newer models that raced in the Special Tourenwagen Trophy. I tried to get some racing shots but I failed miserably. I really need some more practice and a better lens for my camera.

I really liked the position of the carbon rear wing.

Another 2002, this time a genuine ti version. The marshals just finished scrutineering the car after the race. The driver, Benno Gries, was getting ready to drive back to his crew to prepare the car for the next race.

There were all sorts of E30's, from real M3's to this 325i. They just changed the drivers and were about to hit the track.

In the rear you can see the empty grandstands. A real shame because all the different cars made for a really nice event.

I followed this 2002 from the pits to its trailer after it finished the race day. Later on, I saw them again on the freeway -they got a thumbs up from me, and the team returned the favor!

This 2002ti was sitting in the pitbox all by itself.

This wild looking M30 sported a crazy looking bodykit. Unfortunately I didn't see it run. I must have been loud considering the side exit exhaust in the skirts.

Here is the final 2002ti I wanted to share with you guys. I loved the steelies contrasting with the white bodywork.

In the next feature I will show some of the other cars that attended.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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cool feature, loving the 2002ti's. and the 635csi


Ohhh, that 2002 is brilliant!

i'm living for 5 years in another country and I miss my BMW 318 E30. 25 years old and only 22.000 miles, no scratches, like a brand new one.


The interior on the first 2002 is so clean! True driver's workspace there!


nice injector setup on the 2002 motul bimmer


That opening shot 2002 has a neat fiber-glass hood:)) I usually don't expect those types of mods and materials on old cars, maybe because they're not period-specific I guess...

Anyway, cool article and too bad indeed for the empty grandstands.


LOVED!!! the 02s!!!!!


Period correct... except for those ITB w/ shower injectors.