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Here's a quick Labor Day gift to all of our American readers, and a "Monday" gift to everyone else – a high res desktop of the Studie Glad BMW Z4 Super GT car at Fuji Speedway.

Head to the Desktops section now for standard and widescreen versions of what just might be the fastest ita-sha in the world.

-Mike Garrett



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finally! i've been looking everywhere for a good desktop size of this, found ur site from EKhatch's weblog


Which anime is that from?


MIKU-CHAAAAAN!!!! ^______^

=That's Hatsune Miku - Not really from an anime... Kinda hard to explain, so in a nutshell, Yamaha has this voice synthesizer computer software in Japan called Vocaloid and there's a bunch of different character's to differentiate the different voices present in the software versions. This is one of the character's, and probably the most popular one.

=Unexplainably, the whole thing got snowballed and vocaloid merchandise is everywhere, hundreds of songs and videos are uploaded on Youtube, Nico-Nico Douga and the likes everyday, and there's even a rythm-game on the PSP. Miku-fever i guess ^__^

=There's another car in last year's Super GT that ran a similar liverie, but with other characters, the twin brother and sister, Kagamine Rin and Len. So, here's the MOLA Leopalac 350Z:

=*end otaku moment* Hope i shined some light on the subject ^___^

Oh, and Mike - DEFINETELY fastest itasha on the world! xD


Hatsune Miku!!!!!

This is probably one of my most favorite Super GT car out there, nothing else comes close!


perfect pan shot, mike! i'm thoroughly impressed, everything about this shot is awesome.


As a BMW Z4 owner I must say I LOVE This pic


Haha, itasha disgusts me, but I love it in a way-- weird. I always laugh at the translated meaning, "painful cars". Hmm, even the owners admit it, LOL! Anyway, it gets my vote simply because it's a Z4 coupe in Super GT! It could only be cooler if it were a Z3 M coupe- I've always loved them shoes.