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Over the past couple days our inbox has been flooded with emails from a group of Maryland enthusiasts showing off their distinctive take on BMW style. This E36 328i sedan is owned by a BMW tech named Aries Ramirez, and if it looks dirty that's because it is. "This machine was never built to look pretty.  As a matter of fact it was barely washed" , says the email. Hmmm… reminds of me what Rauh Welt Nakai said about the "beauty" of an unwashed car.

The aesthetics of an unwashed car is something that can be argued, but 450 wheel horsepower is something that can't. That's what this car makes thanks to a custom-built turbo kit and the aid of methanol injection.

Other performance modifications include Ground Control coilovers and arms, plus a Wildwood big brake kit.

Minor exterior work includes an M3 front bumper with a Rieger lip, and Euro headlights. The PTG competition spoiler adds some character to the rear.

After a life of highway pulls and backroad blasts, this car was unfortunately totaled during a recent track event. Aries is already in the process of building a replacement E36 powered by the same nasty drivetrain…

Thanks again to Aries and Digitul Heaven Photography for the photos and info.

-Mike Garrett



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The car looks tough. I like the wing on there.


Since this is "BMW month" here on SPEEDHUNTERS. I wonder if someone can help me choosing a car.

I intent to get a gar to have fun with, drift with but use it as a daily driver as well.

Which car would be the best choice performance, owner wise between the E30 and E36?

Would appreciate it.

In the meantime, here are two vids that I think suit very well the "BMW month" theme here on SPEEDHUNTERS:


Looks like BMWs sedan answer to the Merc 190E EVO - mostly in that silhouette shot. Wicked.


that car looks like crap, who cares how much horsepower it has. the wing is rediculous, why would you post pics of this? I recently found this blog and have been very impressed, especially by this month's feature marque, BMW. I consider myself from the Mid-Atlantic and we have some amazing cars here, so why post the car owned by the guy too lazy to take care of it? The appearance of this car is a disgrace to all the rest of us that like to care for the quality paint that BMW has provided for us. Just my .02 Keep the features coming!!


i love hiow it looks. i agree it looks tough.

i bet a lot of people make jokes when they see the car passing and say "hey, looksl ike that car will fly. bahahaha!" . and indeed it will fly of their sights once they see it pull up to speed.

lovin the black on black treatment. kudos for such a mean looking bimmer!!

2 thumbs up!!


Wing looks stupid, exhaust looks stupid, powder coated stock wheels look stupid, and find me someone who loves the look of unwashed BMW M3s


I correct myself, find me someone who likes unwashed BMWs, being this is a 328i and not a M3


I think that wing look out of place...


this thing is DISGUSTING!!!


im going to have to agree with dennis and bogan here...although i dont mind a dirty car myself, i think the effort could at least be shown for something with a little bit of decency, especially for a bmw. the wing is totally ricer status, the front bumper maybe "authentic" and expensive but there are others that look waaaay better on e36s with just as much aggression. after the last few BMW spots this month i was hoping to see better. i wouldnt want this "bmw tech" working on my car if he takes care of his just like that...psh.


Apparently there still are douchers who drive BMW's and complain when somone wants to have fun with there. We get together and rally through uncut fields. I am most defiantly Mid-Adlantic. Go to Drift Nirvana at Summit Point one time.


what. check your grammar buddy.


Blame him for being different. The wing gives it flare and style. +1 to the owner.


please remove all sticks from asses, kthxbye

car is sick, honestly the dirtiness could come from one rainy day without a wash, AKA real life


Mike you normal bring the goods; this is just bad though. I am guessing this guy thinks he is "hardcore" for not washing his car? Everything about this car is tragic. Maybe it is for the best this thing got totalled?! I do hope no-one was hurt though.


this thing looks stupid, looks like someone really wanted an evo. definite ricer status. some cars can pull of dirty this isnt one of them. just looks like someon has gone out of their way to throw sand and dirt on the car.

this much dirt would not come from getting rained on one day.


i thought when the article said this piece of doo-doo was totalled was the funniest thing. i lol'd. i wonder if its because of the haxor downforce created by that damn ugly wing.


geez what the hell? we might as well be sending in pictures of hoopty cars and junk beater cars....never know we might get featured like this trash..


the internet..

serious business..



I love how all the haters are coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden. The rear wing looks like the high-rise LTW spoiler, which actually AIDS the car with downforce at speed. There is nothing ricer about it. Sure, it looks ridiculous for a street car, but this was meant to be a track monster. Some of you really need to get those sticks out of your asses...really.




I agree with these other guys. Don't hate a guy for doing what he does, this ish is sick. Everyone's hating because it's not Japanese or American.


This isn't a worthy spotlight, no photo's of any mechanical parts and quotes of high horsepower is idiot-forum stuff. I'm quite unimpressed with todays updates. The rx7 "buildup" is also below your usual standards, it's just a stripped down chassis. How about a youtube link to a turbo 328i?

or a straight pipe m3 csl?


Indeed! The car looks great, ready for serious business.

The owner had it build for hard RACING not hard PARKING.

In the end it's a thing of taste and perspective. For those that can't like the car, try a wider scope maybe u'll find something interesting, if not... again, it's a thing of taste.

I for one like the car and the style. Though I have to admit that he could at least choose some better looking rims.:p


Did u guys check out the vids in my first comment? It IS worth watchin'!


I Agree with Chris and Alvin, this is Speedhunters not Slowhunters. When it comes down to it we are here to celebrate the different styles that are displayed within the automotive industry. If you’re looking for show cars I highly recommend something akin to HIN or NOPI forums. In the end we are still all brothers (and sisters) that have a large amount of passion for automobiles.


looks like it gets driven! nice!


Brawn over Beauty.... its prolly dirty too because he spends so much time driving it theres none left to wash it..... cool car.


beautiful dirty car!............450 hp on the black M3 wheels, keeps it in the fam...........


I was slamming this car, and for that I retract my harshness. I understand that it wasn't built to look pretty, but who said that function and form were mutually exclusive? And I still don't understand the reasoning not to wash a car, whatever it's purpose is.


guess u have to loose ur bumpers and have ur ish ziptied for it to be cool huh?


nice car, but *totaled* at a track event? n00b driver, too much to prove, bit off more than he could chew. for the most part, track events are safe, controlled environments for exploring your car's limits. if you're a track n00b and you total your car at the track, you were obviously pushing beyond your abilities, and jeopardizing your safety as well as the safety of your instructor and other students in the process.


Do a write up on andy sapp


You guys are ignorant. It pisses me off that BMW month has to bring out the douche in people. He got the car from a junk yard. Before even having a chance to touch the body, he threw in the motor HE built. The one you guys couldn't. The spoiler is a PTG comp, spoiler as in 100% functional. This car isn't about beauty ad doesn't have to be because it's a Europeam marque. Get real, a cars a car. The Ferrari I was driving for a while was FILTHY. You gonna cry about that too? See us on the road. Thanks.

-digitul heaven.


(points to Drew)

For all you know, it may have been totalled by someone else driving another car. There are other cars on track events, and those squishy things behind the steering wheel do tend to make mistakes from time to time.

Seriously though, 450bhp? Can't hate on that build. Quick car. Most people who talk shit about other people's cars just wish they had something that people could hate on too.


(points to Drew)

For all you know, it may have been totalled by someone else driving another car. There are other cars on track events, and those squishy things behind the steering wheel do tend to make mistakes from time to time.

Seriously though, 450bhp? Can't hate on that build. Quick car. Most people who talk shit about other people's cars just wish they had something that people could hate on too.


(points to Davin)

fair enough, and that's possible. but if you total your car at a track day, chances are it was your doing, not another driver's, especially in a novice run group. this is not club racing (or even advanced HPDE).


Yes mr. Roger bent. And I'm guessing I'd expect you to have some knowedge?


Bmw tech....HAHAAHAHAHAHA right.


I don't understand the hate on this car. Pure functional beauty and 450hp is impressive. Who cares if he washes it or not? The OEM Contour wheels look good too, he must be running spacers to bring them flush with the body. I'm looking to do something similar with the DS2's on my E36.


If that is a real PTG rear spoiler, it is a mighty nice, and rare, piece of kit. A bit much for a street car in some ways, but certainly functional. For those who don't know, PTG (prototype technology group) ran the E36 M3 IMSA program. I don't see how a functional race spoiler could get so much hate, while 90% of the drift cars have ginormous rear wings which may or may not be functional...

(PTG currently runs the Panoz ALMS program)


I actually like the cars appearance quite a lot. Definitely has that 190E Evo vibe to it. The exhaust is ugly, but meh, overall its a pretty cool car. Nothing wrong with driving a car instead of washing it.


@ Gold_RSR I've posted two video links of E36s racing early in the comments. The car from your first link can be see in my seccond video link. But since no one seems to have noticed, those wonderful videos went unnoticed as well:p


Blah blah blah blah blah blah you all know this car oozes crap. 450hp or whatever. And what? A dirty ferrari? That's preposterous!


The last time I checked, this was SPEEDHUNTERS blog, not HOTIMPORTNIGHTS blog. I can not believe for one second that there would be so many people in disgust with a purely functional car. I would love to assume that most of the negativity comes from people who are just writing it to be a wise ass, but something tells me that these comments are with purpose and intent. That is a shame.

Speedhunters (to me) stands to represent badass and buff cars. If life were only about keeping cars clean, and mimicing every other plain car out there, we'd all be in Camry's with nice leather freakin BORING is that. Cars like this 3 series are great, as it keeps everyone in check. I'd rather see a dirty as hell, big power, somewhat over the top car, than some forum dbag with 50,000 worth of 'jayDEEEem' parts that trailers the car to shows, and puts 1000 miles tops at year on their cars.

This car is my dream. No nonsense look, fantastic power, and a definete presence. While I keep my S14 somewhat clean, there are many times (normally after track days) that I absolutly love brake dust all over the side of the car, bugs smashed all into the bumper, and a tray of silt on the back bumper.

Show cars are for femmes if you ask me. Props to another car owner who uses the car for it's intent, and doesn't get caught up what the ForumFags think.

Perhaps I'm mstaken, but I would haveassume on a blog like 'speedhunters' that there


As someone pointed out, its a matter of taste. you cant bring the haters to love the car and you cant bring the lovers to hate it.

All the love and hate will just go on and on and on and on...


lol, looks like you bmw owners dont like to see a car dirty huh? or a remotely aggresive bmw? just adds to the sterotype for me, yuppies... this car is fvckin clean.. sorry its not all tame and stock like yer daddys


on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...well put AEkyuni. there will always be haters.


Very well said Cody, very well said.. U haters are seriously lame :-)


pretty sweet e36, lookin like a stealth bomber, good power too! the wing is a little outrageous for a street car, but form follows function, and on a RWD track car u need as much downforce as possible, otherwise u will be making friends with the tire barriers!


Like I said before, i love japanese cars, but there is room on speedhunters for other makes too,....just because the guy doesn't have Rays wheels, with "hella flushness" lol....doesnt mean its not a cool car, the wing is functional for what he does, big ugly wing = big downforce, so what if the car is dirty?.............i guess rust is better than dirt huh?


the wing may look bad, but it is a BMW style wing that they used on their race cars...soo it isnt really what I would consider rice. Its like butting a Mugen wing on a civic or a integra..I wouldnt do it myself, but I wouldnt call it rice. Only thing I dont like is that its dirty has hell..other than that it looks badass.


Love the car. Don't get the hate. I am a BMW guy. My father got the bug in me and I've already owned two. Both 3 series. The beautiful thing about bimmers is that they can look elegant and classy or hard and rough, and pull both looks. The car looks lke its driven hard and it has presence. Props!


hahaha dirty cars are lame, nope people that wax and shine there car every weekend (are LAME) they need to go to the track and have some fun. maybe hit a cone or go off track and have a little excursion. If ur not driving a car to its limits at a track then why go. I understand a clean line but come on spin the tires its fun i promise. So many people hating hahahahahaa, i bet the owner had a ton of fun with this car and not at the local show and shine (fanboi hang out).

PEACE douchers (hard parkers)


its not the fact that we hate dirty cars, this is just over the top if this dirt is from racing it seems someone spent alot of time in the kitty litter.

if the wing is so functional is the boot reinforced so all that downforce can actually betransferred into something useful.

and im sure the wing looks good on the bmw racecars when the rest of the car matches it. same with the drift cars to pull off the rediculous size wings they need to be slammed with a huge kit on them aswell otherwise it doesnt go.

and to the guy dropping shit like i drive a dirty ferrari... no1 is impressed that you drive a ferrari im sure the rental company cleaned it once you handed it back


I'm certain none of us would be 'hatin' if we'd been shown pics of the suspension mod's and 450hp engine. As there are only pic's of the exterior it could be fair to assume it is a 318i with cut springs, wheels and some plastic. Let's assume this is the case and the car doesn't warrant any of the exterior mod's, do we call it a ricer? Rice would indicate asian origins, perhaps kransker or sausager would be a more accurate description?

Of course if it was 450hp and had a comprehensive suspension package beneath it, then it would warrant the exterior.

PS; Who gives a pile of manure about it being unwashed? The guy wouldn't be striving to achieve a dirty appearance afterall. Can you see him out there, paintbrush and mud in hand, delicately creating the illusion of an unkempt car? More like he had a camera on-hand and thought 'Should I wash it before I take pic's..... na f*&! it'



even if I had taken photos of the motor/chassis (which I have plenty of) that wouldn't have proven it's 450WHP. Is proof needed for suspension too?

lol cracks me up, so many yuppies in here- COMING from the guy that drives a convertible E46 M3 (biggest douche car around.) tsk tsk...


Car wasnt wreck during a track event. its was in a car crash


WOW! what an asshole! saying it got wrecked while at the tracks.


This car is bad ass, period.


dammit that's smooth!