Car Spotlight>> Bmw M3 V10

I was just checking the Build Threads blog were I found this superb build of E30 M3 V10. It is not your typical engine conversion. It's more like a car conversion. The only original thing about this car are some of the bodypanels and interior pieces.

They started with an original E30 M3 and stripped it bare.

After stripping they ended up with this. Then it was time fit all the new front and rear subframes including all suspension components from a E90 model.

This is what the whole build was about, the M5 V10 with a 6 speed manual transmission. Fitting a bigger engine into a smaller car can cause problems, so they removed the firewall and transmission tunnel and fabricated it from scratch.

The airfilters fits snuggly inside these pods behind the headlights.

A view of the rear subframe, with the custom fabricated underside to house the new rear suspension package.

The finished engine looks like it came from the factory.

Time for some test runs. The guys at Pipermotorsport still have some finishing touches to do before it is completely finished. In the meantime you can check out this buildthread or log onto Piper Motorsports.

-Jeroen Willemsen 



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read this before but its awesome v10 in a box


Inspiring...just awesome!


I think you should write sth about this hill climb FIA group E1 monster by Team Edlinger:

It was a BMW e30 320. Now it's powered by 3.5 V8 Indy Car Racing engine with 530 hp, ex Alain Prost F1 gearbox. It weights sth like ~800 kg. It got burnt in European Hill Climb Championship in Sternberk, but I hope they rebuilt it. Amazing car especially in E1 group which is ocuppied mainly by 4x4 cars.


sweetest E30M3 of all time? Jupp!


my to loves in life; e30s and big engines lol


hey Jeroen, thanks for linking! appreciate it


Ok, insane swap, how would it handle? I mean weren't the front and rear subframes designed for a big heavy car such as the M5?

@Jacek, that is one sick, insane, crazy, almost demon-like car!! It looks like any little gearhead boy's fantasy of a car! Sick!


It has E90/92 suspension, it will handle fine.


@Chris Davy - yes it's a crazy car. I spoke in Sternberk with one of crew members. He said that they used Catia and other software too do all the stuff with wings, front bumper - it's very rare to do it for a low budget project (team edlinger is not fully professional motorsport team). Driver - Erich Edlinger is former DTM driver.


Wow. Nuff said. I ain't even a BMW fan.


Heh, I sent that link about this E30 tou you some time ago :) It's really sick conversion!


Yea, although the pictures show the quality of the build, i don't think they do it justice. The shop is 5min from my house and i've seen this car alot. PiperMotorsports built the best street car of all time with this thing. Everything on this car is top quality, no compromise. The best of everything and anything is here. They even channeled the roll cage into the pillars and its completely hidden once the trim pieces go on. Absolutely sexy.

Btw, i vote this for Sport Compact's Ultimate Street Car comp!


Inspirational :)


hooooly crap. i saw that shot of the finished engine bay and my jaw just hit the floor, that is impossibly stock-looking, i love it.


nice Jeoren - this was the one I was asking for :)

stunning build


Bonkers. Completely bonkers. Must go like a rocket.


And now for the final category of the 2009 Speedhunters Awards, Speed Demon of the Year. As the name