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When asked to pick a feature for this first day into our BMW month I knew precisely what to show you guys. Some of you may remember that I already posted a couple pictures of this M5 a few months back during my coverage of the Tokyo Import Show. It was by far my favorite car of the exhibition and I knew I had to hunt it down for a proper shoot.

It was by pure chance, during a test drive in the mountains of Hakone, that I encountered this unique bronze M5 again, while it was being put through its paces by a domestic publication. I finally got to meet the owner, Otsuka-san, the man behind “The Check Shop” a very affable character with a passion for import cars. We immediately hit it off and he was keen to have me shoot his ride for this month’s special here on Speedhunters.

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are in the deserted parking area of an unnamed furniture store. The location was ideal, with the light bathing the M5’s angular flanks beautifully. However it was all short lived as we were politely asked to leave the premises…

…forcing us to migrate to another car park.

Otsuka-san and I share the same kind of ideals when it comes to tuning cars. The exterior of his E60 is simply enhanced by subtle additions…

…like the carbon fiber rear trunk spoiler…

The 21-inch Absolute wheels do a great job of filling out the wide fenders and as Otsuka-san tells me, they have no real negative impact on comfort and handling.

Up front the stock M5 bumper is highlighted by the color-coded lip.

For a cleaner look the top of the USDM LED tail lamps have been wrapped with a thin protective film, which almost matches the bronze body color.

Helping boost power is the full Check Shop racing exhaust system which manages to sound very sedate and quiet at idle and low rpm but enhances that F1-like V10-scream once the revs begin to climb.

Otsuka-san sent me a few pictures of the hand welded titanium exhaust headers, I really don’t know if they are more at home fitted to the V10 or displayed in an art gallery!

Just check out those welds. Thanks to the full exhaust system…

…and the upgraded aFe intakes the Check Shop M5 puts out 520 HP.

Aside from a JDM radar detector the interior has been left stock.

This is the only real mark that differentiates this M5 from regular 5-series, seeing Otsuka-san removed every other “M5″ badge from the car…oh and that V10 howl!

When I first met with Otsuka-san in Hakone his car was even being filmed by the Japanese magazine testing it, you can see the tiny camera placed close to the exhausts.

The E60 has been dropped on KW dampers which replace the factory magnetic items.

Otsuka-san let me sample his car on the twisty roads surrounding Mt. Fuji where I had the chance to push it to the limits of grip (all within the law, of course).

I totally fell for the M5’s ability at being a stunning performance car when called upon, but at the same time a comfortable 4-door sedan. What Otsuka-san has achieved with his demo car is to further focus those dynamic qualities that set the standard car apart from the rest, and create the ultimate M5.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

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Nice, love the color.


Second photo from the end has a great potential to become a cool desktop!:)


It's ok. The Wheels are not doing it for me. But I love the factory lines and front bumper. Those headers are ART for sure!


Great BMW!

Desktops of the second and the last two pictures would be great!


love the pics and love the car! great work dino!


The E60 M5 is so fun to drive!! but i'll still with my E92 for now.


WOW is all I can say. I work at a BMW dealer here in NJ and have never seen anything like this. This car is far away from what the yuppies bring to my dealer. Great post and please get us some desktops asap.


It has a really unique look which I really like.


It's nice, but I have one complaint about the M5... I pretty much NEVER see it in an actual, honest color. Why are they always neutrals??? Where's the red? The blue? Why all gray, whatever that color is, black or white or whatever? :/ Not picking on the color itself, just that I'd swear they weren't made in anything else....


I've seen pics of this car for a long time now and it never ever ever seems to get boring. Damn good looking E60


Its a really nice car, Otsuka-san speaks reasonable English too, he just does not see the appeal of Japanese cars whatsoever!


Beautiful car, its amazing the difference between Japanese tuners like Check Shop and Top Secret, subtle upgrades vs all out transformations, best of both worlds...........@Dino, was it a complicated procedure swapping the M5 magnetic suspension for KW Dampers, and is that the 7sp tranny?


I am in lust with this M5! The little touches like the bronze lip on the wheels just set it off.

Front splitter is a bit agricultural, but looks functional. Again the simplicity of it works well.


U know... I really really like that car... the colour, the suttle mods... its just all so perfect!


Nice clean M5... the color, the parts, and the engine!!!


probably my favorite e60 of all time. good read


what! a bmw from japan and its not turbo'd?! just kiddin, sick beemer, and those rims are phat!


im in love....


Stunning example. Wheels are a bit over the top, but they still work

I think the understated colors suit these cars well - they aren't sports cars afterall, they are more like gentleman cruisers. A car that hauls butt, and yet is civil enough looking to tool around wherever with. A bright, in your face color, to me, would make it seem like it's trying too hard


woah hot beema, i like this shape


the front spliter lip thing

looks like he went to the hardware store and cut it out and stuck it on lol


Last or first photo - desktop please!


They aren't "honest" colors like red and blue because they aren't rice burners.


Front splitter is functional, how would this car look with crazy ass cunards, and over the top drift boy splitter, when will they learn?


that car is A W E S O M E!! i love how simple everything is yet how special it comes out. Pure awesomness!!


Very ,very nic


Sexy! BUT, that ply-wood front splitter with spacers is a no-no...


The Ericsson front lip is a much nicer solution see:

or the Wald front Apron is more aggressive:


The best e60 ever?! It gets my vote! Love the color, and the SUBTLE styling upgrades. I hate seeing high-end euro cars trashed with boy-racer OTT body kits and lambo doors(which only ever, EVER belong on a car if it's a Lamborghini or other supercar that has them stock). The bronze looks so much better(and more unique) than your typical white/black/silver BMWs. And that exhaust! Hand welded titanium?!!! Most people can't weld steel that nicely! Props to Check Shop!


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