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The tuned E92 M3 you see here is a very special car. It is one of the latest creations Tanabe-san of Powerhouse Amuse had the time to complete before his passing around this time last year. Tanabe-san was always a believer of combining power with lightness, with such projects as his S2000 time attack cars, the Carbon-R R34 GT-R not to mention the Z33 380RS Superleggera. His love for performance cars wasn’t confined to JDM machinery however, applying his knowhow to BMW’s M-division models like this M480 Concept.

Ericsson was set up as a sub-brand of Amuse, catering to the M3, M5 and soon the Z4M.

In order to extract more performance a lot of work went into lightening the E92 with custom dry-carbon body parts starting with the front bumper and integrated front spoiler…

…as well as the vented, paper-light hood. Lifting it reveals the heart of the M480 Concept…

…the 3,999 cc V8 developing 420 PS in stock trim. The factory plastic engine cover remains, now painted silver, as well as the large air-box…

…only a few strategically placed stickers and red cam covers hint that this V8 has been fettled by the guys at Amuse.

Thanks to a set of forged pistons, which raise the compression ratio to 13.6:1, as well as a pair of hand built titanium exhaust manifolds and sports catalysts…

…not forgetting the full titanium exhaust system, the engine now develops 437 PS, a slight but impressive gain in power seeing the already highly strung nature of the high-revving V8. Response and mid-range torque also saw notable gains with a maximum of 42.6 kgm being developed at 3,854 rpm, which combined with the 1460 kg curb weight makes for explosive acceleration in any gear. That is a massive 220 kg drop from the 1680 kg stock weight!

This is achieved thanks to more carbon use like the custom designed trunk lid which sports a wild lip spoiler helping keep that rear end planted at higher speeds.

Here is a look at the double-skin dry-carbon construction from the inside of the trunk lid.

Massive 20-inch BBS LM-R wheels complement the aggressive exterior 9-inches wide at the front and 10-inches wide at the rear. Continental ContiSportContact rubber was chosen, 245/30/20 fore and 295/25/20 aft. The stock braking system is more than up to the job of slowing the car down even on track seeing the 220 kg drop in weight.

The carbon fiber treatment extends to the side skirts…

…as well as the rear bumper…

…but it’s the doors that have brought the biggest weight gain, dry carbon but in total Amuse style not sacrificing quality, fit and finish. Just look at that perfectly executed weave and how the stock leather trim is retained.

Except for some work carried out on the center console at the time of the shoot, there are no changes done to the interior, with the stock electrically adjustable seats still in place. The name M480 stands for the final power figure Tanabe-san intended to extract, something the guys at Amuse are still aiming for, as this M3 is very much a work in progress.

Ericsson Website

– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Amazing detail!


Ace m3.I still shocked at the aftermarket parts there is for the e92 m3 when its only been out a year or so.Are dinan doing any parts for the e92?


First Pic=Desktop

Ericcson is AWESOME!!


The perfect E92 M3, period.


The best tuned e92 i have seen.


I see he took some styling cues from the M3 CSL...sooo clean and functional!


very nice... love it

I have to hear it... wow... I looking forward

Go Ericcson!


o god, i knew this one was coming. i love this car!


that compression ratio is nuts.


Gorgeous!!! Desktops please!!


Best modded BMW ever !

Like Zephyr stated; the 13.6:1 compression is nuts ! I wonder what kind of tuning Tanabe san did to the ECU considering this is a street car; hence premium-gas might not cut it for the compression.

Do you have an answer Dino?


Absolutely gorgeous


great pics as usual dino. probably the best M3 i've seen in a while. any chance we'll get desktops of some these pics. (1st pic is sick)


indeed! best M3 yet, thus far


sick!!! what a badass m3, almost everything is carbon fiber, no wonder they shaved off 220 kilos, thats a shitload by any means. and that intergrated rear spoiler is sweet! kinda like a small ducktail. seen the new 911 Sport Classic yet? its a beauty.


Wonderful! Have u noticed how BBS's are great on almost any car and just perfect on any BMW? I know it sounds silly but it just hits me sometimes, again and again. Gotta love those dish rims!


droooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll =P''''''''''''''''''''''''




This is the best E92 M3 I have seen to date.

Like... it actually looks... good? I was unaware that that was possible.

BUT, it's still wayyy too heavy. Stupid E92...


Really sweet car... those doors are sick! But where are all the Alpina BMW's?


very nice. i hope they can continue the legacy and finish the project


Absolutely stunning craftmanship. Dunno what else to say other than Wallpaper #1-3 & #13 please! Wow.


best M3 ever


Makes me think of a newer CSL


now this is a bmw!


OMG....Great Looking M3! I Have to hear that car run! Desktop Please!!!


Awesome car! I can still remember when Mike Garrett got I believe the first shots of this car back during the Amuse Time Attack Special. This car caused a stir on the BMW forums. Excellent work Tanabe-san. May you rest in peace.


One of the best modded car's ever!

480 PS in NA trim? Unless they increase the displacement I think this will be quite a challenge, considering daily driveability and such. Dino, I thought the weight drop was around 175 kg,.. Btw M3 Coupe EU weight is 1655 kg (1630 kg Japan)


Best M3 ever-nothing comes close!


Got higher res of 1st and 2nd pic, i'd love to make those desk wallpaper!


Wow, this car really surprised me in some points (didn't expect the carbon doors and trunk!).

Tanabe-san really made some amazing tuned cars, and he'll probably be remembered for quite some time because of his impressive works.


Absolutely fantastic...


this car is amazing, there are really doing the e92 well. very well.


Wallpaper PLEASE!


amazing.... wallpaper!!


god damn that is bad ass!


Wall PAPER!!!


Sweet car, love the carbon trim, and its low key persona.....can't go wrong with BBS!!




hot ish, First pic for wallpaper...

Also still awating on Andy Sapp's E46 write up


wow... amuse does it again..


wow... amuse does it again..


Yep, Amuse, there very good. Its understated, form following, function, i so admire in car styling! Inspires me for me AW11!


I demand wallpaper for both the two rolling shots, they're awesome Dino!

Impressive car, the level of detail on it its brilliant


nice ride nice nice nice


nice ride nice nice nice


I find it hard to believe that bumping the compression up to that high of a number and adding all those exhaust tweaks only gives a 17-PS gain.


id say this looks better than the Hamman work, and says a LOT...


Amazing look, but I don't believe in 220kg with 3 pieces of carbon


Superb work-over of an already formidable vehicle. Can't help but wonder what sliding around canyon roads is like in this thing.

Many Thanks for submitting this for our perusal! Excellent photography!

Would anyone out there know about the RD Sport e92 335i and if that car can truly outperform a stock e92 m3?


Dam... this is just perfect... tanabe must be in a very good place in heaven...



No thanks to th 335i, open-deck crap engine!


Lovely car!! I was sad last year to hear about Tanabe-san's passing. So who runs Power House Amuse now?


by the way, the euro and the j-spec bmw m3 weight is the same. in eu you way the car with liquid and 1/3 of gasoline or something like that. in jp the weight of a car is given without any liquid inside the car. that's why cars are "lighter" in jp.


well, it's good enough for relabiel 420bhp (which is more then you need on public streets) (just need's an opil cooler, new exhaust, new intercooler, that's it) and cause it's open deck there are no cooling issue's for the block. it's not that bad. and it even has magensium block, so it is light. when you wand more hp you can still modify the block to a semiclosed or closed deck enging. that not that hard.


this car is HOT SEX but its funny how its the japs that made probably the best modded e92 out right now.

euro tuners are slippin


Just wanted to drop a note saying thanks for featuring the Ericsson demo car. You did a great job featuring it and Dino, your photos are excellent as always!

If anyone outside of Japan is interested in Amuse or Ericsson parts outside of Japan give Bulletproof Automotive a call they are the direct distributor for them.

213 745 6954 or


Beautiful machine!


Very very nice, I'm waitin' till it get's the extra 43hp :)

But no match for the nissan...