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One of the good things about BMW month is that we can make great use of Kevin Raekelboom and his large archive of Europe-based car features . While looking through Kevin's photos for interesting BMW's, my eye was struck by this E36 M3 owned by Kirsten Geukens of Herentals Belgium. Besides serving as Kirsten's daily driver, the car is also used for trips to run on the Nurburgring – something Kirsten has become addicted to. With a car as good as the E36 M3 (especially in Euro spec!), one has to be selective with modifications, and Kirsten has taken a nice understated approach to this build.

Interestingly, Kirsten was inspired by USA-built BMW's such as Jon Sibal's M3 and spent a lot of time browsing US forums determining the direction he wanted to go with the build. The car was originally a violet color. but the previous owner had it repainted in BMW Cosmos Black Metallic. The rest of the exterior modifications are simple – OEM rear and roof spoilers, carbon front splitters, a Mattig grill with air induction hole, and custom-built headlamps.

The S50B30 under the hood remains completely stock except for the induction grille and a SuperSprint race exhaust that Kirsten chose for its "roaring sound". If you're going to live with a stock motor, it might as well be an ///M unit…

Like the rest of the car, the interior mods are restrained and tasteful. Main features include M3 GT carbon fiber inserts, a home-made short shifter, and a pair of Schroth harnesses for added support during those laps around the 'Ring. Besides that, the overall condition of the interior seems to be like new…

Kirsten wanted to give his E36 the aggressive appearance of the E30 and E46 models, and the stance is very important in accomplishing that. To drop the car and stiffen it up a bit, he added a set of Weitec Variant 1 coilovers…

…and then this set of three-piece Brock B9 Inox wheels. Sizes are 19"x8.5 +35 in the front and 19"x9.5 +35 in the rear. You can also see QuickStop Race brake rotors there behind the spokes.

Kirsten says his most memorable moment with this car was his first time lapping the Nordschleife in it. "It made me respect the E36 M3 even more. For a 14-year old car it can be frighteningly quick on a track."

When asked what his dream car is, Kirsten says "this one". However, if he does ever get a new car it will be another one with an M badge.

Hmmm, I guess starting to see why so many people start driving BMW's and never look back…

-Mike Garrett

Photos by Kevin Raekelboom



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the last pic is awesome =D


Wow, that is amazing.




Euro tuning is not my thing, whats up with those head lights and tails! I rather have the E36 from the last post.


will there be any desktop images from this set?


Considering he's set this car up for taking on the ring, very strange to go with 19" wheel/tire setup rather than 18"s. Most if not all E46 M3 owners who track their car switch to a 18" setup since there is such a large abundance of sticky tires in 18", and obviously an 18" wheel will be lighter than a 19".

However, kudos for the intake setup and the amber angel eyes.

@ STJ, if Euro tuning isn't your thing, then why did you comment on a post about a BMW?



E36 BMW's are nice looking cars but european's rice them up with ugly lights and bodykits. The one from the last post was realy nice and JDM E36 tuning is also clean, like the impact magic E36.

I would never buy E36 because of the reputation they have in Holland, of being even a bigger rice/euro trash car than the EG civic!


cool post, thats a wicked looking m3, that last shot is hard as nails, desktop maybe? thought i would see a turbo, or maybe throttle bodies? yes please! and the rims are pretty cool, kinda retro lookin, i just dont like the silver center cap piece.


I dont really like e36 all this while due to its out of propotion body design, but this one kills it. Definitely kills it.


sick E36. sup with all the hating? its a beautiful car


Yeah, wassup with the hating? C'mon.... it's my favourite car....:)) Can't wait to get a job, damn crissis!!! :)))

Peace! Great car!


headlights look sick.


japanese styling on BMWs looks the best to me....this car is ugly


I'm not really a fan of BMW's....but I really like the look of this E36! looks mean! :)


Where's the specific grill?For me that dosen't look like a BMW


The front of the car is so sweet, must catch the eye of anyone seeing it coming in the rear view mirror.


Never saw this car at the Ring, and I'm there almost every weekend! Brakes wheels and tires are suboptimal for the ring an the car is to low for that track!!!


i bookmarked this site.. the pictures are awesome, and the cars are too. i hope to one day do laps on the nurburgring ( keeps dreaming ).



why should it be to low? i mean, the brakes are not good if enough, that's for sure, and they are better tyres, that fir sure too. but if the suspension is hard enough, it's not to low at all. so problem is, that the weitec suspension ist rubish. it's more or less a comen e36 in europe, and the reason why they have such a bad reputation.


@ Robert ; I haven't seen it either at the Ring. If this is a setup to go onto the Ring, it's impossible to go fast with it, I guess this car hasn't seen any more than the parking lot at the entrance. Just another riced up, wannabe Ring-car, sadly you find more and more like this on the European roads.


Hi everyone !

Thx for the sweet comments of my car. I'm already updating it and the look is going to be even better.

As far as driving on the track goes: it's been a while since my last visit because I now have other priorities ( a 2 month old baby daughter). Obviously It's suspension is set heigher for driving around the ring and other wheels are mounted, making it look less eye catching but more effectvie ;p

Anyways, keep modding !


So it's been almost a year since my last track days and it looks different in track setup. That might explain you guys not knowing the car.

As far as the Weitec goes: I agree it's rubbish but this is a daily used car so some comfort is required and that's what a Weitec does offer though. But I agree it's not a good etup for track usage.


o ne la öle aciiip valla


amazing car very good idea
What you would think over these lamps?