It seems like every month there’s a new “racing movie” released in Japan. They usually have cheesy special effects and even cheesier storylines, but maybe the new Wangan Midnight live action film will be better?

The trailer looks decent, and it also happens to fit in the well with our Speed theme this month.

I’ll certainly be giving it a watch.

-Mike Garrett



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I love the Anime... let´s whait and see....

But it looks this "Devil Z" it isn´t Turbo powered as in the Anime also the "Black Bird" its stock


Hum looked like the first 12 episodes. Damn Devil Z


its looks like a initial D movie only, no drifitng if you guys never heard of it check out the link">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">


Looks interesting. Any word on an English dub or do I have to learn Japanese to enjoy it? :P


This started as a manga in japan just like Initial D. im interested to see it. the live action Initial D wasn't horrible so this shouldn't be to bad


Looks interesting, but they should of used the Star Road S30 as a model to base the Devil Z off of.


Hmmm could be sick just seems like the anime was better.


Devil Z looks pretty weak here....


Devil Z looks pretty weak here....


looks cheesy but I'd watch it just see the cars. I doesn't even have to be in English. Japanese would help me to ignore the soap opera bits...


also loved the anime, used it for reference for a recent project of mine. I even also found stills from this movie production. So far it lookgs great!, I'm very excited to see the finished film. :)


This looks horrible.

And by that, I mean I would definitely watch it.


Japanese/Chinese are not good in making movies.... I'm sure it will fail

They are only good at anime (Which I totally love)


ruining another anime, just leave them alone!


Cars lining up on the street. Flame spitting nitrous. Inaccurate cars from the manga. Fast & Furious elements. Looks like this "modernize" version is gonna suck real bad. I reckon the 1990s version is still better imo. :(


I hate to jump on this based on the trailer alone... but this looks terrible!

Why remake this? The original live-action Wangan Midnight films from the 80's weren't great films, but atmospherically they were fantastic. Cars were spot-on, and the sound of the triple-carb turbo Z was unbelievable...

/geezer mode: off/


oh dang, he used the blue flame backfire move!


They could've done so much better IMO. The characters look like pop stars, some cars are wrong, and the eerie feeling of the devil Z is just not there. Too bad, Ill still watch it tho


dont suppose yous could do a blog with a list of japanese car movies i want to watch em but dont no any other then this and initial d


Correct me if I'm wrong but i'm 100% sure the weird like through the turbine and out the exhaust nitrousy bit at the very end of the teaser was ripped right out of Fast and the Furious, like the exact same footage that they used in the first movie. How can they get away with that?


Does anyone else feel like the Blackbird should be a GT-2 Porsche? It looks great from here though. Initial D was good, but not great. Hopefully this does not really disapoint. The details matter, but let's enjoy it for what it is.


THE Z has NO ZG flares it looks soo diferent the driver din´t look like akio ! the Porsche looks also 2 stock

i don´t like it !


that trailer was pretty ghey. jdm fast and the furious much?


whjohoo hell yeah!


This is news to me! You guys should cover more Japanese racing movies, or at least do a feature on 'em. They seem like a big part of speed culture to me.


disappointed....they should know that the cars are a huge part of the movie....they didnt' get the stance right on the Z.


Looks like a stupid F&F movie


god dammit. is it really that hard to just copy something exactly? i dont understand why everyone feels the need to put some hip hop bullshit into things that have to do with cars.


hmm... the Z at the junkyard is a 2+2 Model, even tho the rest of the movie you see a two seater...


would love if the new midnight club game was set on the wangan .


This reminds me of this video game Called Tokyo Extreme Racer for the Dreamcast and PS2


I know in 1970 who was faster between the 911 and the 240z... And it was not Stuttgart....


Hey Mohammed, I think you don't have a clue what are japanese/chinese movies, I mean real ones, not that. I wonder which ones you saw to be so affirmative.....

And that last bit about anime made you sound like a real otaku...


@hundretpercent: in the beginning the devilz didnt sport the zg flares, afterwards akio mounted them along with some racing mirrors on the doors, which were mounted on the wheelarches before. so thats correct, unfortunately it's one of the few things however.


What Big-b Said!


the ferrari wasnt the same as in the anime..

need english subs tho

id deffo watch it