Check out this short teaser clip of Mr. Jay Pizarro’s latest drift car project – an LS1 powered Lexus GS! If you’ve seen any of Jay’s past projects then you already know what to expect here.

Can’t wait to see this thing at Formula D Sonoma.

-Mike Garrett



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Weak! I hate JDM cars with US engine's. A 1UZ could have done the job even better.


Pizo killing it again !

Jay wait for my project to be


Im a Toyota man, and I kinda agree a 1UZ would have been cool, but still! Its a roaring street style V8 GS dude!Thats pretty badass man, gotta learn to be more open minded sometimes :)


I thought GTOs had LS2s in them?


2004 GTO had LS1, 2005+ were LS2


I love crazy mashups like this. I mean why not?


LS Series engines = Awesome drift car!


Matte black and green TE's

Not my cup of tea on an Aristo, not to mention the USA V8...

Still a badass car, wanna see it perform!!


c'mon let that barry white play... ooooh yeah.


This car is actually in response to the Japanese tuners who gut perfectly good BMWs and put F20Cs and 2JZ in them.

I'm guessing small block V8's with tons of torque and flat power bands do okay in drifting.


i agree with STJ... i think ls kinda take the fun out of drifting


It has an LS series GTO motor, i thought that was a 6.0 liter ls3?


Jay's build is badass. Props for going LS1 and showing these "purists" what you can do and have a versatile drift machine. Btw, for all of the ignorant comments made about this build.... i advise you see the car in action or ask Jay if you can drive it (haha if he lets you) before making assumptions about the build you really don't have any knowledge over.


That flat black paint is soooo 2008... But still, I'd like to see it in action. I'm curious wether it would perform better with the yank V8 than with a, say, 2JZ.


@ Tony240Z:...if "flat paint is soooo 2008"....what's 2009? Who gives a damn ! Jay built his GS the way HE wanted.

Jay's S14 was super sweet......the GS won't disappoint....


What I was trying to say is that there were LOTS of show cars (even from OEM manufacturers) painted in flat colours. It's kinda boring seeing dozens of cars all done the same way... Not that I care, it's apples to oranges anyway.


JTS says it right!


Like some of the people on here have commented - I don't build cars for anyone but myself. It's good to hear the feedback good or bad they're just epinions. FYI this was a budget build - a 2JZ done right wouldn't have allowed me to do this car on the amount of funds I allocated to the project. I'm looking forward to breaking necks, the on demand torque, nasty tone and smoke.

No matter what your opinion thanks for stopping by to take a look!

DGR Fabrication x VERTEX x J.PIZO


Jay Pizarro, I personally think the build was outstanding, nothing like tons and tons of torque for a low price, so who cares if it isn't "traditional", personally i think it will perform better with that LS series anyway. And i'm liking those green rims, are those Volk TE37's?


I think the car is sick. Ditch the fish eye lens though.