Coming straight off the wire is Joshua Herron’s latest video from Formula D Seattle! The flavor is a bit different from the norm, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fresh and delicious flavor.

So, turn up the bass and hit play!

-Linhbergh Nguyen



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Great Video...


terrible music :(


I think this video is a great progress. All your previous videos are awesome but i think this is a step in a better direction. Great footage, fun feel, and an appropriate amount of out of scenes/behind the scenes action. Love the video great work, keep it up


A sport that sees top speeds of only 100-120mph, and average speeds somewhere between 40-60mph, drifting, while certainly a display of skill, is in no way dangerous. Relatively speaking. Ergo, the gangster music and overall tone of the video is a bit inappropriate, in my opinion. But then again, I have been drankin' that haterade >O


less bullshit, more drifting!


Top video as already said a good display of a different way things can be done.

the slo Mo is awesome


nice video as always!


You know, so many of you guys got good skills making these vids. Could you please stop with the shots of trees and giant faces of people. Honestly, I dont care if the tree frame bounces with the beat. Its not that cool. Please show more cars and let us hear them too. The first couple of vids like this were cool but now its just more of the same and its getting boring. Don't get me wrong, the vids are great. Great production, but I think its time for some innovation. Perhaps some sort of themes should be introduced. Music is a big factor too. Rap music + drifting or any car stuff sucks big time. The music and atmosphere could make each one of these vids a lot better. My all time fav is the Will Roegge Wall NJ vid. Just feels so epic

Sorry for the rant but I just think these vids should be getting better by now. I'll shut up now.


i like this approch, it is humorous..


i like the song haha

i liked the style of the video alot more tho i felt like i was actually watching a drifting video not some arsty show


What I'm gonna say may sound a bit stark:

I don't know if you guys noticed this, but lately this site became more about the photographers and their skills rather than their focus on the cars.

Pictures are manipulated and modified from their original colors, background; music is added, as well as many other unnecessary features, instead of keeping it simple and functional.

In other words, many "lurkers" praise and compliment the skill those photographers have instead of keeping their focus on the cars.

The stories those photographers write about cars are mediocre at best, (sorry to sound so harsh).

There is hardly anything to be "learned" from these "short essays"......just obvious statements (and no, I'm not pointing my finger at Linhbergh specifically, I'm generalizing).

Again, sorry to sound so harsh, but I wish there were real journalists writing eye-opening columns and signficant stories about cars; not Harry Potter-like fantasies (re: cheesy).


Remember the N2 TRD AE86? And the Tech Arts N2 Ae86 that was featured on 86 day? Look what I found:

A interesting video where u can find those 2 cars in action:D


hahaha, you dudes are WAY too serious. I appreciate any and all comments, don't think I'm trying to defend myself or anything. I'd much rather have someone rip my video to shreds than tell me it was "awesome"

I'm not getting paid to do these videos so there's no medium I need to specifically target. I'm just having fun.

Besides, if I was serious do you think I'd be using Mannie Fresh?

Thanks for viewing the video guys, I greatly appreciate it!

- Josh


"I'm not getting paid to do these videos so there's no medium I need to specifically target. I'm just having fun."

Forgive me, I've been running on zero sleep, This makes no sense, basically I'm just having fun doing what I love. I needed to add some humor to my videos for once.

- Josh


best josh herron vid yet!!

the music made this video...



Nice, hadn't heard this song ever since Lakai Fully Flared video and Brandon Biebel part.


Big thanks to Joshua Herron and others that make these great videos. Please keep them coming if you can. I only offer constructive criticism, not hate or anything like that. Your work is much appreciated!


Yeah, I didn't like the music, But i figured it was just you trying to have some fun with this.

the footage was dope, But i agree, We need to hear more of the cars, man.

ALl your other video's music selection is good, though :b


Ron B is one ugly dude. Besides that a great video as always Josh.


yea what section 9 said, that other vid he linked to was unreal!!


Pretty intresting choice of music but the video parts flow with it so it´s quite cool! Funny to see pro drifters fooling around in their cars like rappers :D


HILARIOUS!!!! nice one!

Now could you get more serious more having fun!!! There is too much fun going on in this speedhunters town and it will not be tolerated by the grown ups.


Well done Josh. For an entire sport based on style, not getting to the finish line first, it's funny that people would hate on you taking a fun approach. God forbid you introduce a little Manny Fresh to the world. I enjoy the videos, at times I agree that a shot of pavement isn't that exciting but when the rear wheels come in to the frame in slo-mo just shredding the rubber off, that to me is cool. That is what drifting is about. And the people you take snaps of are the ones who have helped introduce and continue to spread drifting's popularity. Keep doing your thing.

My only criticism is that a lot of the videos don't capture the high speeds that these guys are really going. I'm all for slo-mo but the high speed aspect of drifting is one of the things that really impresses people. And I'm a big fan of how you manipulate the colors in post and I see desaturate colors a lot right now in photography and film, my only question would be, what is the next popular style that we'll see and don't be afraid to try some things that aren't being done right now.

Otherwise, thanks for bringing me drifting and Big Tymers, you made my day.


I liked it man! I like your style and I think it's good to mix it up a bit. Keep on rockin'!!!!


this is the sickest video hes done..

i think the good rap songs go good with drifting..

u gotta use bay area music for infineon tho..

i cant wait till this weekend..


lol at all you fools.

If you couldnt tell Josh was having a laugh by making this video, you are taking your lives to seriously.

After all drifting is about fun isnt it?


Thats a awesome vid!! Love Chris dancing with himself in the 350!! thats gold.


Crazy vid!!!


the forsberg clip and the dude talking to the umbrella girl were hilarious. they went with the song perfectly. well done on the video. i liked the different style.

and to all the people butt hurt about music, slow motion, and random shots - get over it. as he said, he does this for fun. he is not getting paid by 'the man". you act like it is his duty to provide this FREE video to you. appreciate what he and all the other movie makers are putting out; you could be watching footage from a jerky hand held camera.

i sound like a nut swinger but ignorance has to be addressed.


Hiii, anh la nguoi VN ha?