Our friends at Formula D just dropped us a note to remind US viewers that TV coverage of the 2009 championship is about to start this Sunday on the Versus channel. Broadcast in HD, the program promises to show all the behind-the-scenes action from what is proving to be an epic season of American professional drifting. The now classic Ueo/Tuerk bunnyhop incident featured in this video will be but one of many dramas to unfold in the fourteen episodes set to broadcast every Sunday at 2 PM (EST) or 11 AM (PST). I don’t own a television myself, but I’ll be looking to get my hands on the shows somehow!




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This Sunday. Awesome.


Ill DVR it and cross my fingers its better than the previous season on G4, SPEED handled it better last year so hopefully VS will be better yet. I hope they present this in 16:9 cuz most of their shows have the crap black bars on the side and it makes my high come down, all the way down.