Video>> The Vaughn Gittin Jr In Car Experience

Ever wonder what it would be like to ride along with Vaughn Gittin JR in his 2010 Falken Tire Mustang, during Formula D practice?

Or better yet… what would it be like to drive his car in a tandem battle against Darren McNamara, at Road Atlanta?

With this Speedhunters extended remix of the JR Need for Speed Driver's Experience film we've dumped the cinematic art montages and have gone for a pure visceral experience.

It's the opposite effect to the kind of video we've made for the past year or so; an Anti-Art style which puts you, the viewer, inside Vaughn's Mustang…

We had JR look at the video a couple days ago, and he thought this is the best video depiction of driving his car that anyone has made to date…

We hope you agree!




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OMG, lost for words, that was really an experiance.


Oh ya!!! That was cool!


that was what all drift videos should be like, the raw experience, no fancy music or camera lenses, just pure awesome footage


EXCELLENT film .. very powerful, exciting, well cut, great sound design ... awesome stuff guys


Holy cow! That was so sick I just vomited! So much better than the previous videos. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!!


Now thats what im talkin' about! Awesome! I really enjoyed this one! Speedhunters starting new trends allover again! haha. Good job!


 This is fkn AWSM!!!!!!


Now that's what I'm talking about. Finally some engine noise (!) and a focus on what's important in the driving experience, not MTV editing with some lame 'beatz'. This is what I want to see!


oh my god!

that car is an animal! i cant wait for JR to win the championship.


Very well done movie, inboard cam in HD is really top !


I really like the more artsy clips from Roegge and Herron, because well...they are artsy. They aren't quite as obnoxious to watch as the in-car camera raw experience with almost unintelligible sound.

Lets face it, there were some parts of this video that completely ruined it overall. The spinning camera effect, the weird music filled intro that had me baffled, and the fact that aside from the beginning, we didn't get a clean run with no music and multiple camera angles.

I'd give some parts of the video a 9/10 (the lineup was pretty awesome), but other parts more a 3/10. So overall a "good" at best.

Then again, I am a critical bastard.


Was looking forward to the uncut leftovers and it was worth the wait. Some of the onboard stuf is insane !



Is that thing for real!!! Man that's insane. Grade-A material from the speedhunters as always. Thanks guys!


Does he seriously have his handbrake hooked up to throttle??? Watch the handbrake and his throttle foot while listening to the engine.


This is by far the best video to appear on Speedhunters in recent memory. If more content like this were to be featured, it would be the #1 blog on the net.


Thank God you guys finally dropped some of the silly slow-mo artsy effects for some actual drifting. This is the way that drifting videos should be. I hope it stays!


DUDE! that was unreal!! kicked all the slo mo vids out of the water!!! THIS is how these vids should be made i say! actually being able to see the drift through the whole corner, hearing the absolutely epic sounds the car makes (with limited music). great editing too!


I'm glad you all liked this! I just Finally got to see this! So cool to see the shots that those crazy camera rigs caught. great work all!


O wow !!!! Can you please Email me every freaking Drift montage like this !!! All the NFS series !!! I need to save them , I keep watching them over and over agian !!


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