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Hot on the heals of Will Roegge’s new Speedhunters All Star Bash video, we’re proud to bring you a second Willow Springs video. This time it’s grip action from the Red Line Time Attack event from a few months back. This is the footage we shot while making the Chris Rado Driver’s Experience Film…. it seemed a shame to not put together a montage video.

As the Speedhunters audience is from all corners of the globe and a good portion of you may never set foot in California, we figured it would be of interest for you to get a sense of what a west coast Red Line Time Attack event feels like.

Speedhunters own in house musician Ekstrak returns to the fore with a
custom score for this video. After the intense media-scapes from our
past few videos we’ve tried to balance out sound-design with more of a musical direction..

We hope you like it! Will Roegge also factors as one of the camera operators on this film, in addition to EA Skate film-maker Jon West and the Spitfire Studios crew.





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another great vid, they should be longer though


what do you have against car sounds? You want to do something really unique? Make a video with no music, just the sounds that are captured at the track.


Yeah awesome vids, but can we have a little more engine sound? and maybe a tad bit longer?


Its weird going from a drift video straight into this. You keep expecting and waiting for the cars to break loose but they dont haha.


Needs some 370Z! :) Seriously though I love Will Roegge videos. Keep them coming!


Nice video. Well shot and edited. Much props for the HD sizing online.


Nothing against engine noise guys but I think the song really makes the video, allows for cool syncing of action and sound. BTW, what song is that? I would love to know.

Another great vid!


wow, excellent video, they need to be longer though.....


Who's the idiot who cant keep his bouncing car ontrack at 2:07?


I really wish i can get the music you guys use.


I wondering why I can't watch the video ? Everytime I press play then it will show 100% buffered but it didn't show anything at all face this problem quite some time already anyone can help ?


nice vids. thanks for this moment


thx for the addiction!


I have to agree with some of the other comments, less music and more car music.

Other than that good vid.


Was that a AW11 I caught on its lonesome, in the vid ?


Annoying music tied to overuse of video effects. Try again.