Reader’s Rides>> Ae86 Global Massive: The Aftermath

The whole time I was at Formula D Seattle and Bonneville Speed Week in Utah my blackberry was buzzing away with late submissions for our AE86 day community celebration posts…. We thought it would be fitting to post up all the additional photo submissions… so without further adieu here we go… more photos from the AE86 global massive!

Angelo -USA

Allan Arcega -Japan

Andre Pardal -Portugal

Andrew Bogdanov -Russia

Alexander Hsieh -USA

Art R -USA

Austin Yee -USA

Brendan Duncker -New Zealand

Blake Lind -USA

Bob -USA

Brian Leong -USA

Carthik Subramaniam -Canada

Cedric Martinet -France

Cedric Martinet -France2

Chris Morley-USA

Dan Udy -New Zealand

David Sanchez H -Costa Rica

David Spinnett -USA

Dennis -USA

Devin Miszkiewicz -USA

Eddie Untachantr -USA

Gareth Thode -New Zealand

Geoffrey Vun -Brunei

Henri Degon -France

Jonathan Bennett -New Zealand

Jaime Escobedo -USA

Jason Sherring and Jason Murray -Australia

Jeffrey Soriano -USA

Jimmy Clatworthy -Canada

Joe Liang -Canada

Joe Tam -USA

Ken Leong -Australia

More soon!




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Retro Classics and others mentioned that August was the 25th anniversary of the MR2. No mention here.

J's Tipo Magazine covered the 40th anniversary of the Nissan Z in May. No mention here.

Just rename the site "Initial D Hunters" and be done with it.


oh please enough already..." in regards"

the ae86 and vintage corolla scene has a cult folllowing if you arent a fan then dont click the link initial d has nothing to do with it, what did your z get a hefty spanking from a corolla and your mad?? ae86 get in or get out of the way!!!

why dont you try jalopnik they have plenty of stupid shit for you make uneducated comments on


rename the site tearhunters, because people can't seem to stop crying when their favorite cars aren't given enough attention. god forbid one site not be the end-all be-all one-stop reading destination for every single automotive enthusiast in the world.


If you don't like AE86's then don't read the article! En for the rest of the people, keep it coming!


Lol, the one negative is getting pwned by ae86 lovers!

Actually its the complete opposite, in most mainstream auto media, the ae86 doesnt exist anymore.

Let us have our 15 minutes!


Oh Please:

Totally agree. The tofu boys and manga geeks responding would be screaming like two year old children if they wrote articles about anything but their favorite cars, and can't accept that the rest of us have just as much right to express dislike of the nearly corolla only content as they have to voice their like of the same.

dug, the 15 minutes was over years ago, this is simply overkill to the point of dilution.


Internet. Superserious business.

It's an auto blog. He's blogging about autos. Deal with it.


hahaha! i love the internet. XD

so many internet warriors. woohoo!! XD

great post. loved the french 86 with the red and gold combo. ^_^


Yeah, what is this? All the little high school kiddies traded in their civics for corollas? So the auto press, always catering to the lowest common denominator, has to go non-stop Initial-D? That worked really well for Sport Compact Car and Turbo Magazines, when they went to a civic-only format. Oh, wait, they both closed down. What will all the little Takumi-wannabes do when the next flavor-of-the-week comes along?


Is that an AE86 offroading?


If you don't like the article, don't read/look at it... if you don't like the site, don't go to it...

i skipped all the articles about bonneville ect. becouse i don't care about that... you hear me crying?

altough i think that we have had enough AE86 global massive's


dari malaysia xde ke weyh?

kiteorg nyer AE pki silvertop maaa

korang open dulu,kite main touge battle...



Funny how some boys can't keep their panties from twisting over some 20 year old cars. Last I checked, these are AE86's owned by INDIVIDUALS, for the most part, not tuning shops. I like that. I also love the boxy style of late 80's Japanese cars. I have never owned a Toyota in my life, but I admire the cars and the dedication people put into theirs. If you can't respect any of the cars shown, you're a huge disgrace to the car community IMO. To each his own, but show some respect even if it's not what you would do... It's what keeps us going forward. Heaven forbid someone leave something out in the huge wide world....... (For those complaining: Skip over the damn thing. I hardly read everything on this site, as it's not all interesting to me. Or can you just not tune things out and need to tsk-tsk at others to feel better? Think about it.)


Initial d? I really didn't see any tofu stickers on any of the cars up there... the editors at speedhunters have the right to put whatever they want on their site, it is THEIR site after all. Calling corolla owners followers and bandwaggon hoppers is just stupid, trends are always something that people follow. Whether someone has liked a car for a week or a decade doesn't make them any less of an enthusiest. Without new blood in any automotive community there would never be new ideas. The corolla is so popular because of its heritage and overall enjoyment to own. I'm sure there are lots of other cars that are fun to own but few have the same lineage of the 44year old corolla, the ae86 just happens to be the sexiest of the corolla body styles, lol.



more of the Jaime Escobedo car please @ Rod...........I love speedhunters, the japanese theme can be overbearing, especially drifting, but i'm still a fan, i read all the thing though, damn give Smokey Nagata's nuts a :(


Go Keith @ Kaizo Photo! (who deserves credit for the shot of the pink 86 about half way through).

So many fresh cars....


Cool post... again with AE86 that my second favorite car cause there just clean and simple, and light weight... the best colors 4 the car is white/black and red/black!!!!! good job Rod Chong :)


I am an AE86 owner who has never seen Initial D and I love road racing. Drifting is great , but love actual racing. I know the AE86 as a great circuit car. I remember going to Mosport watching 6 or 7 AE86's in the GT class every weekend. The amount of these cars racing all over the world mean that they have proven themselves. I have met guys who own porsches, Skylines , and just about any other high performance machine, but they either want an AE86 or have one sitting in the garage waiting for the next track day. The AE86 is one of the most saught after japanese cars on earth. I get 40 year old men stopping to ask if I would sell it to them, I doubt they know what initial D is , lol


kp61 owner, love carollas, never seen Initial D, speedhunters gotta spread the love around, give us some old school Rotaries, 510's,...surprise us once inna while,..........Bonneville coverage was great by the way


"If you don't like AE86's then don't read the article!"................Yeah, you have no right to an opinion or to express it. What do you think this is a free country? No one is allowed to disagree, if you aren't going to mindlessly nod your head in agreement, with a big grin on your mouth, then there is no place for you here.


well i love to see that us AE owners still are the BLACK SHEEPS of the automotive world.. gotta love the hate, for the hate is the fuel that makes us still rock the AE. only the true hardcore corolla owners know what's up.

all these bandwagon hoppers, are the ones that run with their tail between their legs and hop into a "S" chassis or go back to their civic roots after they realise that they can't deal with it.

not only that, but these are not owned or built by some high school kid.

if you don't like the corolla for what it is, then your not a corolla guy, so don't hate on what you can't understand.

as said before, owning an AE86 is a lifestyle, not a trend or a fad. Initial D has absolutely nothing to do with wanting, owning or even driving a AE corolla. so for those the say so, you can shove your words right up your (insert word)

nuff said


Wow, even one car from Russia! Maybe someday this country won't lag behind in drift and grip. What is popular here is tuning engines of old rubbish cars to overpowered barely-controlled condition and going drag on public roads. Its like doing missle-cars in drifting - only people here take it really serious like they are doing super-mega-racing-tuning which will make them The King... of their village))) True respect for this AE86 though.


I like how the Corolla owners start out with "To each their own...", and then end with "...and you can stick it up your...". How very mature to point out that everyone has the right to their own opinion, as long as that doesn't include a dislike for the glut of Corolla coverage here. How about some of the Corolla owners grow up a little and start out with "To each their own...", and then end with "I disagree with you but you have your right to an opinion that is equally as valid as my own."


More DRIFTING and more COROLLAS would be more better!!!, if you are crying cause your car is not on here then you really need to get a life!! any car is cool just as long as its done right.


plus how can you hate such an little innocent car?


When did Hondas become so hated, take this from a guy who has owned a wide variety of of high powered machinery, a cammed up, fueled up, bored out b18c gets more respect from me than a 4age, Hondas run!!!, had my fare share of battles with those damn F20 and F22 S2000's, too bad civics pull instead of push, or i would own one, FF just isnt my thing....there is a glut of japanese cars not just carollas on speedhunters!!..can't wait for the BMW coverage coming up,love those m30's


majority of AE86's are in USA!!!!!!!!!!!! @_____@ (from the pictures that is, maybe more in Japan)


what i like is the most of my favs are from the US.


I'm a little surprised at how large the ae86 cult has grown. It's pretty crazy. Part of the reason rolla owners are so defensive is they're usually the underdogs at an event and the ignorant look at them and think.. "why?" and at times I agree since it does seem like lunacy. It's weird but owning this car teaches you things you can't learn with an overpowered car.


nice to see some 86 that aren't white with black rims....


ECR33 - What country/city are you from???


The people that hate on the corollas have never OWNED an AE86 or DRIVEN an AE86. It's the underdog and that's why we love it. It's Rocky vs. Mr. T! David vs. Goliath! We're the group of Americans that still root for the underdog. Of course, we could get big Nissan Turbo Power just like everyone else....but where's the fun? AE and TE corolla owners are like no other community in that there is a unspoken comradery between all of them because they know that they chose the road less easily traveled and decided to build the old, broken, loser car. We love seeing the last kid picked beat the jock. Simple as that.


special k is right. 86 owners can get defensive because we get "why...?" from people every day not just at track days.


mmm that first photo is beefy


underdog? yes. defensive? sometimes. initial d? just an anime. i like the term "black sheep", that's the truth right there. i can agree and disagree with a lot of the comments here, sure there are some of us that need to grow up and stop saying things like "shove it" but you can't change what others feel or say.

well anyways, as a corolla owner for about 8 years, i've seen many come and go, and only the hardcore corolla guys come back. we never seem to forget our roots and always come back.


nice work again there rod! keep it up mate.

to those who are dislike the recent ae86 massive tough titties. the humble AE86 would have the largest cult following of almost all japanese vehicles.

they do not have the disposable nature of the S series nissans, nor the electronic trickery of the EVO's or new GTR.

the AE86 is a simple vehicle, no electronic aids, no fancy motors or gearbox.. hell most of them dont have aircon or power windows as it weighs to much.

but if your an AE86 owner, no matter where your from and you meet another AE86 you instantly know the what they feel when they are in their cars.


YAY! my pic got the first spot on top!!!

There are alot of nice colloras out there, and i dont know why ppl are getting butthurt about these cars. they are nice cars that were built as fun, cheap, rwd sports cars before its image was changed to an econobox, fwd, grocery gogetter. it was like their last years to b sport cars, so let the owners of these cars have their fun


@ Oh please, enough already. I suppose if the Z's anniversary was covered, it should called the Wangan Midnight Club because they weren't popular before a certain Devil Z comic book was drawn lol

Give it a rest, tomorrow is another day with more Speedhunting from across the globe...


"largest cult following"? A surprising as it may seem to Corolla onwers, just about every car built has a cult following as large or larger than the AE86. If this were coverage of anything else, whiny AE86 owners would be complaining they weren't getting their fare coverage. Equal time for the rest! Minimize the Massive.


how come no irish spec pics here........??????


minimize the massive: oh please. ae86 owners don't even care about getting a "fair coverage" in anything. if anything we appreciate being mentioned in any kind of media coverage, being a small meet in a parking lot to a festival in japan or having an article in a magazine. we don't whine just cause someone doesn't mention "AE86" in the media. there has always been something going on AE related and not mentioned on the media, we don't mind it at all. actually we would rather have no one mention the AE in the media, would have kept all the hate to a minimum from what it looks like.


Dang, I didn't think my AE would make it. Thanks, Rod!!


" Equal time for the rest! Minimize the Massive." Tell that the all car shows organizers accross the US. Yes even the HIN's and the (now no longer going on) NOPI nationals; all derive their awards based on Hon-duh's!!

You can research it in google...the list will show top 3 Toyotas (or brand name) but the rest of the awards would be: Best Hon-duh of show, 1, 2 & 3 place; then best hon-duh interior, engine, tires, wheels, lighting, tinted windows, KEY name it...there's probably an award for nearly anything for Hun-duh (Accura is there as well).

Now, WHO needs to "Minimize the Massive"...and who needs to chill and let the AE86 guys have their moment of fame. Humm...probably a NON AE86 Owner!

COngratulations to all who got selected for this publication...keep it up; keep the old school alive.