Reader’s Rides>> Ae86 Global Massive: The Aftermath Pt.2

Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos!… BTW We are thinking to run something similar for September's BMW month for 3 Series owners… think that will work? Are BMW owners as passionate and devoted to their cars as their AE86 contemporaries? Well we are about to find out!… In the mean time here are the last group of AE86 photo submissions from around the world.

Morgan -USA

Mohd Rashd -Qatar

Warren Foster -Canada

Pentti Nojonen -Luxemburg

Willy Mok -New Zealand

Nick Teeboon -New Zealand

Ludovic Rousseau -France

Mario Ramirez -Costa Rica

Mark Lamprecht -USA

Michael Nguyen -USA

Mike Leviste -USA

Nabil Annuar -Malaysia

Niko Kotzoulas -Australia

Pedro Velado -El Salvador

Peter Diaz -USA

Philip Grudziecki -Poland

Rayneel Mani -Canada

Richard Hoffman -Slovakia

Stan Lustik -Czech Republic

Stephen S -USA

Tim -New Zealand

Vance S -USA

Woody L -USA

Guillaume Carvalhido -France

James Corder -USA

John Gammell -Ireland

Kristof Kp -Canada

Marcos Davila -Guatemala

Patrick Cyr -Canada

BTW a few of you send in your photos without saying where you were from and a couple image files were corrupt… so there might be a few people missing unfortunately…

Ok on to our final preparations for BMW month…