New Cars>>the 2011 Infiniti M Revealed

At the recent Concourse event in Pebble Beach, Infiniti revealed the first renderings of the all new 2011 M Sedan. Using a clay model with projected with computer images, Infiniti certainly chose a classy place to show off their new flagship. With a bold new styling and more displacement under the hood, the new M should improve on what's already one of the best performing Japanese luxury sedans around.

Engine choices will either be a 3.7 liter VQ (same as the 370Z and G37) or a new 5.6L V8 which is up over a liter from the current car's 4.5 V8. Power for the V8 is expected to be above 400hp.

Naturally, the interior will be packed with high quality materials and tons of luxury items. The styling looks gorgeous.

And there's the exterior, which seems to mix traditional Infiniti styling cues with those from recent high end European sedans.

The completed car will be shown at the LA Auto Show later this year.

I'm already looking forward to seeing the VIP versions of this car that will come out of Japan, where it should be sold as the next gen Nissan Fuga.

-Mike Garrett



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This is one of the best looking sedan's on the market. Realy like the tail lights, they look like the ones from the y33 cima.


So will it be out in 2011? I find the US model year designations a bit odd. Like the current 2009 cars are 2010 models or something weird. Does the US use the year that the car is to be replaced or something?

For me, a car that comes out in 2009 is a 2009 model... just makes sense :)



nissan are coming with some big engines huh (5.6L)

i cant wait to see what they are doing with the G37 in 2011

hope its even more powerfull n a lot more lighter


wow, that is a mess, more like Nissan Fugly

Too much surfacing and creasing going on. Very busy design, overdone. If it had a Kia badge, everyone would hate it. A little bit Mazda6 as well


looks like a G37 mated with a Panamera :( I'll keep my G37 thanks


While most new Lexus cars are hybrids but remaining kinda agressive sport style, guys at toyota prefer making oil-hungry overpowered vehicle with some odd middle-end "koreanish" design! What's wrong with this world!? Nice interior though.


Look at where the windows meet at the C Pillar. That big chome strip. Doesn't those lines look famillar. Oh, yeah those lines are from the same spot on the Silvia S15.


Infiniti is the classy version of Nissan right? in the US. Im a die hard Nissan fan, although this sedan does not quite catch my attention being standard form, not like the way lexus does with their GS models, so far for me, those are the best looking modern VIP sedans out in the market,although my mind could change if we start to see the pimped out version on this car.


looks like a design from the house of jaguar, which now a days is a good thing


that rear end and side profile looks alot like a jaguar


looks smooth hope its in forza 3.


sorry to say, but Nissan/Infiniti North America finished their last state-side trade show earlier this year @ New York Auto Show.


expanding upon longboy's comments, the rear end is very Jag XF


I do appreciate the styling of this vehicle but deep down I wish Japanese manufactures styled their vehicles in a more, how can I put this, "boxier" fashion similar to the VIP sedans of the 90's. To me those vehicles were UNIQUE to Japan from a visual perspective verses the more smoother lines of European manufactures that Japan has been trying so hard to emulate recently. Be proud of your culture and heritage Japan, you don't need to make your cars look Western in order for them to be accepted!


Does anyone on this site like any new cars??? Change is strange but this car is sexy & sleek. You'll get used to it & soon want one. mark my word.


It's the modifier within us that skews our perception on new cars.