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I’ve hardly finished unpacking from my last Speedhunting trip, and already it’s time to hop on a plane and head to Seattle for this weekend’s Formula Drift event. Before I move on to cars sliding around on pavement though, I have a few more photos to share of cars sliding around off the pavement at the X Games last weekend.

Ah yes, the X Games. I feel extreme just looking at these photos.

Speaking of extreme, check out this fan I spotted wearing a Subaru cape. Hardcore.

Wiktorczyk catches some nice air while clearing the gap in his GC8 Impreza during practice on Sunday morning.

Ford and Subaru, bitter rivals sitting right next to each other in the Home Depot Center’s makeshift pit area.

Brian Deegan pulls out of a corner as he builds speed for the approach to the jump. I noticed that Deegan’s car looked quite a bit different than the other Fiestas that were running. An older model I’m assuming?

I got a kick out of the screaming chicken on the hood of Pat Moro’s Impreza. Pat was an alternate in case any of the other drivers weren’t able to make it.

Mr. Block reviews some classified documents following his qualifying run on Friday afternoon.

Kenny Brack in the air.

Kenny Brack on the ground. His Ford took a hard hit during this one, you can see parts of the front end flying off the car there…

Ken Block’s Impreza undergoes some last minute work before his second round elimination match.

Matt Johnson taking a hop in his uniquely decorated Impreza. I heard there was some “controversy” over this car’s graphics scheme.

Andi Mancin leaves a nice trail of dust behind his Evo.

And finally, another shot of gold medalist Kenny Brack as he celebrates his victory.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the X Games rally coverage. I had a great time shooting the event and look forward to covering some more rally in the future.

-Mike Garrett

Speedhunters X Games Rally Coverage



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That's an older model Fiesta, yes.

Nice coverage! I love your work mike!


what was the controversy~?


Yeah Mike, that's the previous gen Fiesta. They've been extremely populr here in South Africa, espcially the Fiesta ST model which offers affordable performance - particularly popular amongst university students...the new Fiesta is a handsome offering from Ford, they turn a lot of heads on the roads here, you Americans are definately in for a treat when they eventually start selling them...awesome photography, being a long time WRC fan this was the first time I watched an X Games Rally Race, and I loved every minute of it! Hard luck for Block and Pastrana...


hey, were there any other drivers than American, Canadian and... Polish?! yes, Polish. being a Pole this makes me prowd, but where are the others? French, Finish ond others? didn't they come?

on the other hand, travelling so far just for the show - not bad, not bad at all :)


i was really hoping for a block v pastrana matchup, oh well maybe next year


is Kenny Brack using the same car as Gronholm on the Pikes Peak?


Kenny Brack's lines were very very different from everyone else's... Rally/Drift folks like Foust, Pastrana, ACP, and Block had their cars' tails swinging out with lots of tire smoke, while Brack's was very very smooth, and grippy... Must be the Indy 500 roots lol Congrats to Brack and Olsbergs for the Gold meda! Hopefully Subaru will get the gold next year....


me gusta mucho el subaru de ken block ,estamuybeno lo de monster y todo