Event>> Summer Drift Matsuri – Pt.3

I don't know about you but I'm the kind of guy that gets way too attached to things, especially cars. This is probably why I had a hard time seeing cool JDM drift cars get voluntarily smashed up at Ebisu this past weekend. Sure they are on their last leg, but the optimist in me always sees the potential in a car, after all everything can be fixed up right? But what would a Drift Matsuri be without missiles, cars like the mangled up RPS13 in the picture above, being smashed against the pit wall at the Kita course time and time again.

But the missiles are only a small percentage of the cars present at the Matsuri, a lot of other people are out there to practice like this girl at the wheel of her S14, trying to nail that entry into the first corner at the Kita course. Oh, and yep, she spun!

Walking through the pits at the Higashi course on Sunday, I spotted this matte black S13 with tacked-on rear overfenders. Definitely one of my favorite S13s from this Matsuri.

This would have been a good one for the hachi-roku day! Not sure what the owner did in there, but it must have smelled pretty bad LOL

Ah, the "Nissan 928" getting its rear-end further rearranged thanks to the wall up at the North course.

After coming in, the driver ran straight into the rear end of his buddy's C33 Laurel, which had already suffered the odd ding or two.

And here is that Laurel in action, must be the world's shortest C33!

Guess what that balloon is for!

I didn't get to see that much wall-scraping action at the Minami course this time round, but managed to grab a few shots nonetheless.

There were a lot of guys practicing tsuiso runs, very cool to watch as nobody seemed too concerned with ruining their cars!

That nice S15 on AVS Model 5's again. Apologies to Rob for thinking he was an Aussie! 

I haven't seen many drift "itasha's" so thought this was quite interesting. The writing on the side reads, "I'm not really worrying about you!!!" Good to know!

The car is looked after by Mikami-san of 3UP in Tokorozawa, the driver of the green/black Federal-sponsored R33 Skyline in D1-SL. 

There is something so right about seeing a tuned AE86 tackle a hairpin bend sideways.

Check out the number plate on this Trueno, the kanji character up top reads touge and then of course the AE-86 part. Obviously not road legal!

The rain was coming down harder than ever on Sunday morning, making for some nice splash-&-drift action. Check out the offset on this zenki 180SX! Cheap second-hand wheels and tires off yahoo auctions most likely!

Remember the JZZ20 in the first post? Here it is dropping down into the Minami pit-wall straight.

it was one of the most memorable cars of this Matsuri for me, impossibly cool looking thing!

I have shot so many times at the D1 course but I have never seen this happen! The driver of this 3UP S13 spun coming down onto the pit-wall straight and hit the central divider backwards grounding the car at an angle! Apparently there was some damage to the fuel tank giving way to a small fuel leak. Kumakubo said this happens pretty often at open track days. The driver seemed pretty proud of his accomplishment! 

RX7s were a pretty rare sight, but on top of Hoshino's FC we saw getting some forced-cooling in Part 2 I spotted this interestingly colored FC at the Minami course.

Not too sure about those lights at the rear but I'm liking the metallic brown this S14 is sporting!

Well that is about it from the summer Matsuri. Needless to say I'm already looking forward to the next one in the fall, as nothing comes close to this event! Seriously hope the weather will be a little kinder next time round, but like we have seen over these three posts nothing can really stop people from enjoying themselves at Ebisu! 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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how much more brutal wall scrapes can that Nissan 928 take, i would imagine it would have killed some important components by now, yet still epic, and that JZZ20 is freakin beautiful, i wonder if 2JZ are common in those?


Okay, seriously, what's up with the Nissan/Porsche 180sx driver and his laurel buddy?? ahah, I guess the new thing is to slam the wall as much as possible / at the most insane angles


LOL @ the guy who crashed, I imagine I'd be doing the same thing... Not much else you can do at that point!!

Totally jealous of the girl, though. I wanna be that lucky.... Just gotta pretty up my S13 and find a grassroots drift event to go to. (Much harder in the States I guess, or at least just close to where I'm located at the moment.)

Finally, much <3 for the FC. They'll always be some of my favorite cars ever.


@david, they're just living out the purpose of the Missle car, lol. Ride it till the wheels fall off, or explode, whichever seems more likely, haha.


the metallic jell-o pudding brown is sick, bill cosby would be proud.


Great post ! Thank's ! Wallpaper for C33 smashing the wall please ? (And a picture of the Nissan 928 too)


nice S13 pic


More of the FC please!!!


Haha that pick with the S13 off the track is epic...I almost want a wallpaper of that!

Great shots!


I can't stand it!! I love the s chassis to much to watch


#2 and last as wallpapers please


yer great post mate, such a good event


"Finks old S14 was getting stripped today in the Ebisu Carpark, times must be tough when people are pulling out NA SR20 engines in Japan. Looked like all the Aussie guys had a great time.

Some Ebisu Circuit guys were not to happy about the whole stripping and having to organize the car getting scrapped etc. "

That's from a forum called secret drift or something, posted by some dude called minihux

Guys, I may not be a drifter but that is pretty damn disrespectful. I suppose that is referring to the number 2 driver in Australia, Luke Fink? So he just goes and dumps his car there and leaves? What a way to blaze a trail of burnt bridges.

I think the poster in the second edidtion of this matsuri thing may have been right and if so these Australians have a bit of explaining to do to the "community"


here's a link to that thread


I can just imagine the second best drifter in japan wrecking a car and then just dumping it at the circuit and going home, can't you?


cant get enough of the nissan 928! absolutely love that car and the fact the ole sr20 keeps going! i almost wish people were selling 'missile' cars in australia! all the cars we have/sell here are in pretty nice condition comparatively and u wouldnt want to smash them up after spending all your cash :P

epic amount of coverage anyway!


LOL @ Not Happy Said are you serious?

Huxam (minihux) organised finks car, he also organised the towing there and the towing home (to ebisu that is). Sunday afternoon about 3 hours before the event finished Huxam came up to Fink and was wondering how it was getting home, seeing as he no longer had a tow for it.

After that fink spoke to Suenega with the help of Alexi about the s14 getting left there, after that i dont know what happened. But i assure you it just wasnt left there.

How about you get some of your facts straight before posting, to me it sounds like your related or maybe even the same person as Drift Dog in Part 2 of the summer matsuri coverage. Possibly have something against Australians?

Anywho good coverage Dino, I hate posting trash talk but it shits me when people dont have there facts straight


Oh also just remembered, after my mind was refreshed ;)

The car (S14) was sold to another guy. This was all explained to Suenega and he understood.

You dont happen to own a Black 32 do you?


I'm not related to drift dog but the post on that forum speaks for itself. You must be a member for sure!

Why would some of the ebisu staff be upset if Suenaga himself said it was cool? It appears the car was left there to be picked apart and then sent to the scrap by the staff that run the compound. I wouldn't be happy as well.

Wouldn't be the first time Australians have come over here and disrespected the hospitality of the Japanese.

Whatever, make of that what you will.


no, i dont own an R32. I have a red s13.


No shit im a member, you have to be to read the post ;). So what Alias do you post under? :)

If thats what happened then it happened. But dont tarnish Finks name just because you dont have the facts straight.

Fink SOLD the s14 to another drifter who was at Matsuri as well. This happened at the end of matsuri, so if the car was indeed dumped there it wasnt FINK who did it as you seemingly have your heart set on him doing, but it was rather the other drifter whom bought it's doing.

As I've previously said, get your facts straight before posting and trying to tarnish someones name.

Also please dont post under mez, you might ruin my name with your un-informed posts.


I can't speak too much for what has been said here by others but think about it this way. It would really suck if you have to clean up after someone elses crap. It's like taking a dump in the home toilet and not flushing! In Japanese they have this saying "Teme no ketsu wa teme de fuke."

loosely translated, "Clean up after your own sh**."


dude your a douche bag, nothing you said is correct.

for one the s14 was going to be stored at ebisu which was being arranged by suenega. in the end it was sold to another drifter who wonted to purchase it and what they arranged with people from ebisu to store it etc has nothing to do with luke fink.

and as for people saying on the other forum about this "180sx" being dumped... it was left in the carpark over night on the saturday as it was no longer running.. after the event on sunday it was loaded onto a car carrier with another 6 or somthing cars. so how was it dumped?

you guys really need to pull your heads in and know facts before talking shit


Guys there is no need for all of this. Andy at Powervehicles.com sent me pictures of the "abandoned" 180SX being pushed by two other cars away from the spot it was left overnight on Saturday. So there is no problem, the car was not left there. Let's not ruin what was a great experience for everyone by some silly internet arguing. Let's all look forward to the next event!


more pics of that matt black s13!! was it the one with the bosozuko style slanted and recessed headlights?


not happy please attempt to get your facts strait ffs try maybe even leading your own life

going around posting other peoples miss informed crap is worse than doing the misinforming yourself

please get your facts strait i sold the s14 before matsuri was finished on the sunday to another guy at matsuri so this is no way linked to me and it would be great if these posts were removed the fact that they were allowed to be put up mezmerises me

cheers reg luke fink


The FC is nice, but other than that, drift cars have been going in a disappointing direction.


LOL @ Not happy for trash talking with no facts to back it up. On you mez


once again, the post is awesome! cannot wait to go to such an event.