Event>> Summer Drift Matsuri – Pt.2

Ebisu circuit truly is a magical place. You could see it this past weekend at the Matsuri where the drifters were like kids in a candy store. Most wanted to sample all that the compound has to offer from the scary wall at the Minami course, to the blind crest at the Nishi short-course and the fast and more grip oriented Higashi. I was driving back and forth between circuits trying to get a glimpse of as much action as possible, not to mention checking out all the cars lined up in the pits and paddocks. 

The bosozoku-ish protruding exhausts were a nice touch on this JZX81, as well as the rear R33 GT-R wheels.

I quite liked the BN Sports kit on this JZX90 MarkII, it complemented the deep-dish Volk Racing GT-Cs rather well. 

If you guys recall, this RPS13 with the "high-mount" turbo was at the Matsuri back in spring, except back then it actually had a roof! I loved how the owner kept the headliner on just to protect himself from the rain! Looks like a cardboard roof.

This is how your car will look after a close encounter with the wall at Minami! More of an extreme practice car than a missile.

And talking of missiles…this is the RPS13 180SX that I assumed had died after countless hits with the wall at the finale of the spring Matsuri. Miraculously it was still running, this time the fuel tank was strapped down with an old seatbelt but it was good to see the Porsche 928 rear end had been kept! 

This is how gloomy the weather was looking at the Nishi course, for the short time the rain stopped…

…but things were looking even worse up at Kita, the North course located all the way at the top of the mountain on which all the circuits are perched on.

Notice how you can't even see the end of the paddock! I spotted a few jewels hiding in the fog like this JZX110. Still a very rare car at grassroots events like this as it is still a pricey car to get your hands on. 

Despite the terrible conditions there were still those crazy enough to go out for a slide or two like the candy red RPS13 above. As you can see in the opening picture it looked so menacing sitting in the paddock with its S14 HID lights piercing through the fog.

As expected the pit-wall at Minami was the place to be in order to check out some night time action. The continuous drizzle and tropical-jungle-like humidity kept the track, as well as the people, nice and damp!

This Hoshino S14 was drifting so smoothly around the track it was a real pleasure to watch…

…as was this flame-spitting C35 Laurel!

I couldn't resist getting a shot of the misty track, but it proved difficult with the spray-like rain hitting my lens. Still, you get a good idea of the lines people take.

Drifting in the night sure makes for some dramatic shots wouldn't you say?

Andy from Powervehicles.com out yet again, this time with his practice S13 beater he picked up a few days before the event…

…he was even getting chased by the police LOL

Not a bad turnout despite the rain. Couldn't keep my eyes off this S13, absolutely perfect.

One way to cool your overheated 13B!

Great Scott, a time-traveling Aussie!

Another moody shot from the paddock.

There will be plenty more to come in the final installment from the summer Matsuri tomorrow, so check back to see what I have in store for you guys!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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sweet night shots! kinda hard to find those that turn out well!


Pretty sure those are S14 lights on that candy red RPS13... not S15 lights...


excellent pics! The night shots showing the lines drivers took are wonderful!


Such an extreme contrast - all that careful engineering and tuning - and then the guys that just smash ten shades of sh** out of the cars, cool the engine with hoses (heat shock!?!?) and other crazy things...

Is there a motor sport more diverse than Drifting where cars that are so different can compete together in harmony? I can't think of one...


Love it!! So dramatic... Amazing photos, amazing cars. <3


I see Alexi and his "police" car! ROCK ON!

Nice shots!


Great Shots Dino. Im amazed that you stuck it out in such poor conditions.

Some of those cars though, DAMN. I dont know how you could even drive those things that beat up.


Man how long did you stayed there for Dino!?


Photo #14 is awsome, can we have a desktop?


nice shots. wallpaper of first pic please


Wallpaper of pic 14 and 1 please!


Its not a leopard but a C35 laurel club S.


i would like "sosideways" to tell me which shot has a red 180sx with s14 front lights in it and at what time did dino say anything about s15 front lights?


love these shots! One of the best posts so far iMO


No love for some of the aussies that were rocking the hardest? S14, R32?


We need that first pic as a wallpaper for sure!


first pic as wallpaper please


awesome post
drifting is NOTHING without grassroot events
can u please wallpaper opening pic


LOL at Alexi's picture. Nice DeLorean man!


the night shots are amazing!!! i want some desktops of the night shots.


Dino once again your photos are flawless. I especially would like a wallpaper of the S13 in the first pic. More photos of just the car in color. Also with the beaten "missiles" do they get scavanged for parts before being sent off to that great scrapyard in the sky?


STJ, thanks, fixed.

I'll try and get that pic one up as desktop.

Thanks for the comments guys!


@ Mez

I heard that a group of Australians dumped a white 180SX at the top of the circuit and just left it there after they destroyed it at the Minami course.

That would not have happened to be you now would it?


i like that kind of weather, mkes the cars look awesome, great place..


@Drift dog

Might wanna check yours sources champ

It was dumped there over the saturday night then taken away sunday arvo....

We had a white s14 and white r32, that ended up looking like missile cars


Bra, I did check my sources and they mentioned it was moved and dumped at the top of the hill. My crew bailed at around 6pm so not sure what you are talking about...

Hope you didnt just dump it there.


Why are you saying "Hope you didnt just dump it there." I dont own the car nor do i even drift.

Oh also the reason i say you should check your sources is because

I Actually filmed that 180 getting on the tow truck to leave...

Still believe in your sources mate?


drift dog your clearly a drift fool the car was one the back of the same transporter as streeters and the rest of the guys from down osaka way cheers for your observation..... it was daniels car he is from gipsland in vic

like mez said please get your facts strait before you call people out cheers


LOL, drift dog so drives the black 32 with the pink sticker on the back. Cry much over a tag??


Yo, I got no clue who any of you guys are but whatever, go off the deep end all you like. It's the internet man - we doin' business here!

Yo, who's the fool? Who the hell are YOU anyways??


who are you talking to? And what the hell are you talking about? Tag? Hey man, you think your name is funny or something?


My name is actually my name man but whatevs...Again if you knew ur facts u might be able to know that before u comment


Hey, don't involve me in this mess! I suppose reggin is talking about me though. Yes, I have the r32 with pink stickers and I wasn't happy at all about the hit Luke put on me at the school course - I gave him plenty of room on a few occassions but no harm done. having said that, my car is not a damn missile so a bit of respect would have been nice. Still, it was intersting to see what these guys are actually like and it was really great to meet Jesse. Shame to see the Silvia on its last legs.

For the record, I saw the 180 at the zoo car park on Sunday as I was leaving - I helped them get it off the track after it hit the wall on saturday night. Don't know what happened to it after that but by the sounds of it, things were arranged for.

Was an awesome matsuri by the way!


love the photos man.. I really want to get to this event some time soon.



A pic of the dead 180SX leaving the circuit, it is now safely in Osaka.


adam it wasnt a hit it was a tap im sure it didnt even mark your car... also it only happened because you slammed on the breaks mid corner for god knows what reason... cheers


Luke, yeah I felt it but no marks left, no harm done as I already mentioned. I'm not top flight like yourself but I put the brakes on and tried to get out of the way because I saw you there and wanted to let you past. No idea why you stuck to my bumper for a couple of laps - kinda didnt know what you were going to do, so...?

Anyways, it was only my second time out drifting ever so of course I was also aware of what was going on around me, hence trying to let you get past :)