Event>> Msc Challenge Rd.8 – Pt2

I'm glad the first part of the MSC Round 8 coverage went down well, so I've compiled another selection of crazy drift cars from Honjyo circuit. These grassroots events ooze the right kind of atmosphere, unlike more professional oriented series, which is precisely why I enjoy covering them so much.

Here is the Team Magician JZX110 against the Run Free AE86, epic run!

It seems, that like myself, a lot of you guys couldn't get enough of this sweet Skyline…

…every time I saw it I just had to grab a few shots! 

And while on the subject of Skylines here is that 4-door R33 again.

The second Run Free Levin in action, one of only a few AE86 that managed to stay sideways all the way through the judged corner. 

I though this livery was very original. And by the way those are maple leafs, not something else!

I don't know why, but I'm beginning to really like these massive center-mounted GT wings! A new style?

Spotted this new-gen Toyota Crown Athlete pulling into the car park and had to go and take a closer look.

It was sporting a T-Style aero, chrome Work Emotion XT7's and massive Project µ brakes all round. The hood, front grille, roof and roof spoiler were wrapped in a dry-carbon looking vinyl. Can't wait for someone to drop a 2JZ under the hood of these new Crowns and take them drifting!

Check out the color-matched Crocs!

It's all about the zip-ties!

Sure is bright in there!

I've seen this S13 at a few D1 divisional rounds too, looking very aggressive with those black AVS's.

Remember I wanted to take a closer look at Tomo's AE86? I noticed he had a little pipe sticking out through the hood…

…which happened to be the screamer pipe from the tiny little external wastegate! I was keeping my eye on it when he was out on track, but I never saw any flames shoot out of it!

An all-white triple drift team!

There were a few spins here and there but overall the guys participating in the triple-drift events were really killing it out there!

Now which is cooler, smashing a missile purposely against the wall at Ebisu, or gently caressing the soft barriers at Honjyo during a tsuiso battle?

At the end of the day the top three drivers of each class were called out to get on the podium. These are the top finishers of the triple drift runs…

…who were also treated to a complimentary refreshing shower! That is all from Honjyo, there will be more drifting action coming up this weekend in Ebisu for the D1.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Does the front of the JZX110s remind anyone else of the last-gen Corolla? Every time I see one I think those damn Japanese are keeping the most bad-ass cars to themselves again. They are, but a new RWD Corolla would be unforgivable.


that is one hot red Skyline

including with the huge spoiler


what a great red bright interior, nicee..... its like gun fire


Crocs and drifting do not mix.


Wallpaper of picture number three please.


looks like hella fun, i wanna go there


What team is the red s13 with the yellow rims on. I am trying to get some more pics of it, but the team name totally escapes me.




that crown is sexy, why doesnt the US get good stuff like that.

@Mr. Moons: crocs dont mix with anything.lol


Heey, is that Alexi in the olive shirt (last pic)?


that crown is HOTT


that interior is blooded, suwoop!! lol

oh and the 180sx tapping the foam barrier is legit


MILLION DOLLER QUESTION: what kit is that on the R33?


R33 is sporting Vertex aero! MSC event and no FD's??? what's up with that! anyway great coverage Dino! MSC events are way cooler than actually D1 events! more badass and street oriented!


wallpaper of #3 PLEASE


The crown doesn't even need a 2JZ, the supercharged 3.5 V6 has 360bhp!


86ers will notice that pink 2 door's rearend has kouki Treuno redlines fitted in zenki taillight housings! :o

Surely not as straight forward as cutting out the reverse lights to fit? I want! who? where? how much? :D


@leongsoon. I was wondering the same thing. Has to be.


Maple leafs... Ya sure :P

gently caressing the soft barriers at Honjyo during a tsuiso battle - Thats my opinion <3


caressing barriers is always better (more skill)


gota love that white AE86 and the red R33.... HOT!!!


cheers for the pic of the 4door r33. its great to c a website this big listens to itz readers!!!!

Keep up the amazing work guys!!!!!!


crocs = fail


that black toyota looks so badass. do they have version of it in the states


Crown Athlete is wonderfool!

wallpaper of #9 PLEASE



The only thing that come's close to the crown athlete is the lexus GS.


Shall we move on to the next category folks? Let's look at the Street Drift category. We selected