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Alright, time for some more coverage from last weekend's Nisei Showoff in downtown LA. Rumor has it that this may be the last Nisei Showoff ever, and if so it'd certainly be strange not to have this summer tradition on the calendar. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the future holds for the event.

For now though, let's get on with more photos from Nisei Showoff '09.

This UCF30 Lexus LS430 was another one of the VIP cars on hand. I dig the color!

Nisei wouldn't be Nisei without "neo-classic" Hondas like this super clean DA Integra sitting on Work Equip 03's.

If you've ever read the Chronicles blog, than you may have looked at the behind the scenes material on this stunning widebody NSX.

Besides the Sorcery kit and fat CE28N's it's also sporting Vortech blower on top of its V6. Rad.

The right wheels and stance transform the Lexus SC430 into something far removed from its rich housewife roots.

Interesting color combo and wheel choice (19's all around?) on this kouki S14.

For some reason I can't recall the name of the model the front end conversion on this Civic comes from. I'm sure one of the Honda guys knows?

The car was also rocking some tightly fitted mesh wheels nicey cambered into the fenders.

This Toyota Land Cruiser was looking pretty macho on off-road spec Volk TE37's.

There were a handful of European cars spread amongst all the Jay Dee Emm, including this caged E46 M3 on SSR Professors.

Here's another example of a flush USDM machine, an Acura CL wearing staggered TE37s.

It's defintley a unique wheel setup on a car like this. Just right, or too far? You be the judge.

A UCF10 LS400 with Bomex aero. Classic VIP at its best.

An Accord sedan with a Yakima rack dumped on wide steel wheels. Welcome to SoCal.

And finally, a quick photo I snapped of a sweet '56 Chevy that was crusing by to have a look at the festivities. I Love LA!

-Mike Garrett



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Just on the best NSX ever

Thanks Mike


Niiice. Loving.

BTW : first post :D:D


Insert "MAD TYTE JDM" Comment here. I enjoyed the LS400 I would definetly take good care of that one. But the Accord with the rack? I dont know how to react to that.... I might be scared, definetly scared.


Amazing Accord O.O


That last Accord is HOT!!! I hope you have some more coverage coming Mike ;)


i think all the camber and flush wheel fitment"(some not as functional as others) is def. bringing more love to the honda community. i know at least three people who have opened theres eyes to other kinds of cars just because of the nisei showoff


I think thAts an acoor Euro R conversion on that civic. Dont know for sure though.


now hondas are running the diamond racing steelies! cool....


I think that red civic with the silver front end, has a european civic front end conversion on it.


I just can't get my eyes off that NSX

Nice article BTW

Now back to staring at the NSX


I think its a Honda Domani frontend. Probably canadian spec model?


the weird front is a honda orthia front, country of origin I am unsure.


here is a picture of the original car which is basically a honda civic wagon.




Gah, Om1kron you're right. I was going crazy trying to figure out what model it was. I knew I had seen that face before. Wikipedia says JDM model only, 1996–2002. The conversion is the face-lifted Orthia from 2000.


it's an orthia front imported from japan


Interesting color combo and wheel choice (19's all around?) on this kouki S14 = CAL @ SpeedElements old S14 it looked better with the previous wheels and /w out the vinyl the new owner aint doin it right


that front end comes from a Honda Domani

Looks pretty dope, here's one a stumbled upon



any other pics or info on that land cruiser??!!


Picture 1 Desktop PLEASE!!!!!!


Om1kron is right that JDM front end on the civic is from the Orthia which is the awd wagon version of the civic.

great pics Mike. I think I might have ran into you a few times we were kinda neck and neck shooting the same cars.


I will never understand the attraction of FWD staggered fittiments. Wider fronts I can see, but spending extra to make your non-driven wheels stick out (and look as if they're helping traction) just doesn't add up to me.


92 honda accord desktop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that honda accord with the steelies is so damn fire!!


utah dragon, I hear you man Honda's already horribly suffer from under steer and now putting the equivalent of duallie wheels on them makes them handle like a 1 legged tonka truck.


love the nsx and the kouki s14-amazing!


That honda front-end conversion is from a Saber. I'm pretty sure.


Cover On That Accord:-)


Front end on the civic is from an Orthia ffs,which are really common over here (the orthias,not the conversions)

NSX is fuggin hott :D


Front end on the civic is from an Orthia ffs,which are really common over here (the orthias,not the conversions)

NSX is fuggin hott :D


Yup, definately an Orthia front end, I used to have one, pity they never came with a Vtec tho!


I just wish people would stop trying to guess what the fuck it is instead of knowing. Or at least update the column with that info haha.


lol at the honda boys stealing euro-style wheel fitment and loads of VW scene stuff but now the drift trend of swapping font ends too!


ahh no kurisu, even the japs have copied this style from the US honda boys


<3 the NSX, those 19's on the Silvia look too big to me... And I'm getting wheel envy, here. I need to get me a set of Volks, guess perhaps for my S2000? Want them, at any rate. =k


Honda Orthia 2000 model front end, lmfao @OM1kron..............Love the eg with the crazy fitment, ....the RWD community doesn't own the rights to LipLove lol .....SC430.....pure sex!!!!


Swapping front ends started a long time ago, no one can claim that, especially drifters!!!!


@Kurisu....all styles have been taken from somewhere, myself personally have done the same, but try my best to put my own personal flare to it...and swapping front ends on hondas has been around as long as i can remember, and being a former s14 owner, i know that we cant try to take that as our claim to fame....quit spitting out that verbal diarrhea


that very nice flat olive green s14 is driven by a lady that i always see. the car is always parked at Best Tint in the OC.


as far as the civic front end....i've read a lot of posts of people saying it's a honda domani front end? I've never seen that front clip. Is it the same as the integra SJ just a rebadging? It's unique that guy deserves crazy props for finding one of the last untapped honda trends haha


those are not ssr professors on the m3...


I believe Nathan's correct. At first, I thought it was an Acura EL front end, but it seems as though the EL was probably the USDM equivalent to the Domani. I'm not really a fan of the look but at least it's original.


that is a Honda Orthia wagon conversion on the red Civic