Event>> Drift Mania Hits The West Pt.2

Ok, let's jump straight in to part two of my Drift Mania West judging adventure… As I had to attend to judging the drift runs from qualifying on, this blog post isn't going to read like a regular event report as I was unable to shoot the action during these sessions…

But I'll do my best to share with you my own observations from the event…. someone requested more shots of the S12, so here you go!

Now that I have the use of a proper camera to shoot events and features, I've been gaining more confidence in my own techniques… and am actually starting to manage to get the camera to do what I want it to do! In the case of this photo, I wanted to to get the rear of the car in focus with the front of the car out of focus… Narrow depth of field is king in my books!

I decided to watch and shoot the final part of open practice from the judging stand… just to get used to following the car's lines. This was going to be my area of judging for qualification.

So this was my view on the track for the next set of photos… Western Speedway is a small 4/10 Mile paved oval, btw… You could say it's like a mini-Irwindale, which is ideal for viewing — both for spectators and judges alike…

Here, Angus "The Mad Scientist" Franks kicks his S12 into the first initiation.

The first corner was a slightly banked wide oval turn.  You can just make out the cone on the wall next to the Chaser… this is a rear clipping zone and we were looking for the cars to slide up right next to the wall to receive maximum points.

As the final minutes of practice started to count down, this wide-body AE86 suddenly arrived on track. The driver looked very comfortable with the track layout and seemed able to put his car into the clipping points and zones with ease.

As soon as the session ended, I headed over to have a look at the Hachi… Aside from it's overall badassness (did I just say that?), deep offset wheels and gritty style, you'll immediatley notice that it's SR20 powered.

Ahh the dark side of the force… the purists will be saddened… I have to commend driver/owner Chris Scremin for his creation and will do a separate spotlight on the car in the coming days…. also note the Neptune D logo.

I'll have to look into this Neptune D business in more detail when I get a moment…

Kohei Nakamura was drawing some attention to himself by mashing up the left rear corner of his car against a tire barrier.

He had also swapped wheels by this stage too… perhaps looking for some additional "style" bonus points during qualification?

This is Kohei BTW… he has proper JDM-style hair too. All very proper to true drift style, yes? The hat is also at the correct angle. :>

Hideki Nishimura wasn't going anywhere unfortunately. A problem with his oil system meant the Skyline would be stationary for the rest of the day. It's too bad as I've heard about Nishimura for a few years now and was interested to see what he could do on track.

BTW I was unaware that Drift Alliance had a Canadian chapter!

And another Neptune D member arrives… just in time for qualification… these guys take casual to a new level, don't they?

But still… I like their style.

And yet another Silvia…. Interestingly, there wasn't a single S14 chassis at the event.

Mmmm…. Onevia… so good! The car is owned by Curtis Goar from Calgary Alberta, btw… I took so many pictures of it I'll need to present a separate Car Spotlight on this RHD machine.

It had the attention of the ladies too… Here two of the spectators take snaps of the silver S13.

And then it was time to get ready for judging! All three of us were guests. To the right of me is Edmonton-based journalist and Canada.com driving columnist Matthew Haase and to the left is Hideki Nishimura…

This is my view from the stands to the first corner…

I quite enjoyed judging the event… You really have to concentrate in order to do this and mentally overlay any given qualifying run against all the other previous runs… sort of a way to establish relative scores against each other. I first had to establish what I considered to be an "average" run against the clipping points/zones and then add and subtract based against this.

A bit of a mental task, but I was able to get into a rhythm after a while.

S13 heaven… or would that be hell?… the center of the oval was used for the pit area. So you could watch all the car repair action between runs from the vantage of the grandstands.

I have to fast forward now to the end of the event… It was won by Kohei Nakamura who was definitely one of the top drifters at the event.

He had a style and finesse that stood out from the rest…

I also think the guy has a bit of star quality too… perhaps there is a future for him as a pro? Only time will tell.

On his left is Chris Scremin, the owner of the green SR86… one of the few to give Kohei a run for his money.

And it was then time to head back to Vancouver… but not before checking out a few Speedhunters readers' cars in the parking lot… this supercharged Hachi is owned by Matt Tregear from Victoria…

Well, I quite enjoyed collaborating with the Drift Mania crew. It was pretty interesting to see how they are working directly with Formula D rules and event protocols. It made the whole event feel quite familiar in many ways.

Let's hope that the Drift Mania group can continue to develop drift championship events in Canada. I'm quite curious now to check out one of the larger-scale Eastern events to get a sense of what's happening there.



Drift Mania Canadian Championship



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It's nice to see some Canadian content on Speedhunters! I haven't had the chance to get out to a DMCC West event, thanks for the pics and general vibe from the weekend. Too bad for Hideki, that R34 is a monster, and he's got some skills!


awesome writeup!!! More Canadian drift scene coverage please!


Thanks for the DMCC West coverage! I was at the Edmonton event and was anxious to see the Victoria one.


Awesome pics from the event! didn't see too many other photographers out there, been waiting to get on the internet to see what got posted up here!! Anymore pics of my chaser from out there???? Rod any chanse of e-mailing me some of those pics?? shawleymedia (at) gmail.com thanks a bunch!!!


More Canadian east to da west drift scene coverage please


that sr ae86 is really agrissive looking...i like it!


These canadians got their act together.....love the cars too.

Yo rod,question........I live in wash state...can I get a JDM imported to Canada then cross it into the US?


Awesome pictures Rod!!!


Props to my Vancouver Neptune D boys. Tearing up the Events! Keep em sideways.


scremin, and kohei rock it out every day guys are amazing. support neptune D your friendly Vancouver based drift shop.


Hey, in one of the pictures i saw a capital drift shirt.. are they part of DMCC as well?


Rod im Japanese, anyways if your still interested in Neptune D stuff, please contact me apa_xp@hotmail.com maybe I can get Pete to show you around, and if you have any more shots of the events, that would be great. Also iam interested in going pro'er, our whole group is very dedicated, we love drifting, if you have any leads we'd like to hear ya.


DMCC Please do a East vs. West series finale!!!


Capital D and DMCC are different series that compete at this track.


DOnt forget OZDESIGNS.......they are the ones responsible for the gangster Neptune D cars asthetics. Best custom bodyshop on the Wset coast! Looks like they have some extra business in the coming weeks. Screm, Kohei, fucking nice work fellas, you fucking killed it!


silver onevia drivers name is not kurtis goar. its kurtis goat. haha


if u hae anymore of that s12 i would like to see them or email me eightysix200sx@yahoo.com thanks... great photos sicck sliding!!!!


Very cool to see some of the western DMCC coverage. We just had one in Toronto and it was good fun across 2 days. You can check out coverage here: http://www.chrishoare.ca/blog/2009/08/event-driftmania-day-2-%E2%80%93-dmcc-smacks-downsview-around-a-bit/ if you're interested, there's also a "DAY 1". Big ups to Edmund for flying all over the country organizing this shiz! :D


Thats great to get some local canadian drift coverage, more please


Awesome to see some Canadian drifting on speedhunters. Keep it up!


Sick coverage of the event. But yeah, Name is spelt Kurtis Goat hahaha. Let me know if you want anymore info on the car...