Event>> Ae86 Daikoku Meeting – Pt2

With the AE86 day coming to a close it's time to take a look at the second part of the coverage from last night's hachiroku gathering at Daikoku PA, starting with the Crystal Body Yokohama demo car which rolled in later on in the night. CBY is one of the biggest names in AE86 tuning and creates parts… 

…like the rear FRP gate so many people use on their 86s.

Hatchback or sedan? Tough choice!

Daikoku PA is the perfect place do some general maintenance to your car, there is plenty of light and lots of space! 

This was by far my favorite car at Daikoku, it was so simple, so clean and just so right.

It was riding about 2 cm lower than the CBY demo car, and the wheel fitment, offset, stretched tires and aggressive front camber couldn't have been better.

Not wanting to be left out this immaculate Toyota TA22 Celica was begging to be photographed. 

I have never seen such a clean example, absolutely spotless.

It was nice to see that a lot of people still use the AE86 as a family car! 

I spotted the fat rear end of an R35 GT-R on the far side of the parking area. Carbon rear spoiler and titanium Nismo exhaust can only mean one thing, a very rare SpecV!

You have to appreciate the purposeful look of the CBY AE86, an N2 racer for the road!

Check out that stance!

See, I wasn't kidding about the ride height! I really have no idea how the owner gets away with that on the street! Must have tons of spare front lip spoiler at home.

Stretched? Yes please! 

You can never go wrong with overfenders!

Or if you prefer the subtle look you can keep things simple and just go with aggressive offset.

Here is another little Toyota that didn't want to miss the party, after all it's powered by a 4AG too, in this case a supercharged one. I really cannot believe Toyota has stopped making cars like this! 

Curious color selection, would look great with D1-GP style graphics!

Sorry had to sneak in one last picture of these two, best two cars of the meet IMO!

Well that's it folks, hope you enjoyed seeing such a wide variety of this modern legend. Time for me to travel up to Ebisu now to cover the summer installment of the Drift Matsuri where I will no doubt be seeing plenty more hachiroku, this time going sideways, not parking!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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You should totally set that CBY up as a desktop


Great Hachiroku coverage, but honestly, why would toyota quit on the mid-ships, whats stopping toyota from making economical MR for the years to come. i'd love to buy a hybrid MR2...(MR3 why not)


Yay AW11!


Sad that model like this will probably never come out of Toyota again.. fokin hybrids and electrics they're just cars for hypocrites! best thing to do for the environment is to stop producing so many craps and come up with inspirational cars so that people would enjoy owning them and would want to keep it for decades.


First pic - desktop, hook it up.

Thanks, buddy!


Perfect TA22 Celica...color, stripe, SSR MKII's, etc. CBY's N2 AE86 driven on the street would be crazy to see.


@TE, Now that's a environmentalist way too think of how to reduce polution :))) Manufacturers out there make more cars so we can run them for decades!!! :))

On the flipside, don't get me wrong I'm not a greenboy, I'm one to say screw the plannet, the hell with the icecaps, polar bears and all that... But that's kinda stupid way to think. I mean think about it, will we, will anyone be able to drift at all with some Katrina at your door?

I wish manufacturers would come up with a real good solution to this. Like some magic liquid that burns clean. Hybrids..... there ok for city-people with not so much interest in cars, for people that think that the plastic cover in the engine bay IS the engine. But for the rest of us.... we need cars that we can take to the gas station, let the liquid flow down the system, turn the key and then hear the magical sounds of the engines and exhaust we love so much we love so much and feel the smell of that fuel...

Man has went in outer space, man has broken the land speed record man has made cellphones, man has created internet, man has achieved so much that was SF a few eras back.

Why don't the manufacturers or oil companies or someone get there brains together and find a solution for all of us instead of finding ways to make more dull cars and how to cover the engine bay with more plastic....?

Long live 86 and long live car-mania!!! Peace out!


Desktops or even more pics of the CBY and red panda Trueno please! I think they just somehow knocked the RWB Levin off the throne in my list!


Ok, enough AE86 for now, this isn't an AE86 blog.


"man has broken the land speed record" = lolz

I hope we get to see more meets at daikoku in the future.


I'm not sure you can possibly get "enough" AE86 ^^


Desktop of the aTA22 Celica PLEASE!!


Awesome cars...and I love this location. Everything about it is cool. I think the AE86 has been bumped up into the "must own soon" category for me!

One question: As I understand it, (please correct me if I'm wrong) laws in Japan make it increasingly more expensive to have an older car because of taxes, etc. With older cars such as these AE86s, are they primarily owned by more wealthy individuals, or simply very dedicated enthusiasts? Is there a "historic" registration for cars that are driven fewer miles or only used on weekends, that sort of thing? Just curious how it works there with all these older vehicles.


hooray for 4A-GZE AW11's!


Yes, that red and black 86 is proper except for that muffler.

desktop please!


What glenn said please make a desktop of the red and black 86


+1 for bleeding panda desktop :'P


does anyone have any information on the ta22 celica. i'm looking for a build thread, owner, anything really....


what are the wheel and tire specs on the red hachi? super clean and i love the stance