Drivers Blog: Vaughn Gittin Jr>> Soapbox Derby Anyone?

I know this is a bit out of the "norm" for the Speedhunters site, but I thought it was too cool not to share! Some friends of mine over at Motorsports Management International – my management firm – have been building an over the top ¼-scale replica of the first NASCAR championship car from 1948. The team name, Parks Novelty Machine, is named after the original car owner, Raymond Parks, and the sponsor of this 1939 Ford V-8 modified stock car.

They started with some foam!

After multiple all nighters, they had this.

Here is the finished product! They have been slaving getting it to run it in this weekend's HUGE Soapbox Race in Atlanta.

They've documented the build of their toy here: (Watch the videos!)

Its always awesome to see a plan go from paper to being real.

If you want to know more about the dedicated bunch behind this machine, the team bio is at

Is anyone else thinking a 1000cc street bike motor would be fun in this thing? 

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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Damn nice, Amazing work,

And indeed a 1000 Bike engine, and some real windows, and you have a lot of funn haha,

But maybe just a litle but to small.


Hopefully we can expect to see some photos from the actual soapbox derby?


I'm planning on being out there all day tomorrow, I could get some pictures of the team during the event if any of the Speedhunters would want them.


is that your old car i spy in the back ground?


I will be sharing photos of the event as soon as I get them.


Great build, it has to be the lightest car I've ever seen. How about mini car drags? The Red Bull hood ornament is a nice detailed touch.

It's nice to see your old Mustang in the background. Many drivers tend to just let old cars go, sold to others, used and abused. It's really sad to see other drivers do that especially when it's a championship winning car. Keep it, love it, never let go of where you started and made it big.


now I a reason to go downtown and watch the redbull soapbox race.


Old Bestsy (my old mustang) She is just sitting there all sad wanting to be driven. I plan on holding onto her as long as I can. I need some more garage space!!! I still have my first S13, just cant seem to let them go!


crazy build! as for a 1000cc motor in a foam body..... that sounds even sketchier than the gixxer kart


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