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In a hour and half I can make a cross country road trip to the west coast in Holland. Doing the same thing in the US is something else. I would love to do the same thing that Mike Burroughs did with his BMW E28, that some of you might have seen before. This rusted BMW E28 just oozes style. Thanks to the photographic eye of Mike Burroughs we can enjoy some more of shots of this amazing car taken during his trip from Nashville, TN to San Jose, CA.

Stranded in New Mexico after overheating.

To keep the car cooler, it was better to remove the hood and place it on the roofrack.

Let's see what do we have here? 5 Gallon tank of water, Oil, ATF, Coolant, Cooler, Tool box, 5 Gallon, tank of gas, Radiator, 2×4, Jack stands, Jack, 4 "Ammo" boxes full of spare parts and useful items, Spare tire, Light stand case. Yep that sounds about right.

During a trip not everything is going as planned, so they needed some help from the AAA.

You can follow the trip on Stanceworks, the entire trip has been documented and is accompanied with some very nice photography. Go check it out.

-Jeroen Willemsen




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amazing looking BMW


lookin' cool lookin' nice


even the trailer is slammed on BBS's! love it!


My current favorite BMW. Beautiful! The clean black 6 series he owns is amazing too...


i love that trailer


awesome post Jeroen, love this car


yea i think that is a new style for trailers.


Does the 'new style for trailers' have to include the vice clamps that are simply clamped on to either end of the trailer behind the wheels? Because one more bump, a few hundred more miles or driving, or whatever, and you have a fucking good chance that they will fly off and hit the car behind you and you're looking at a massive lawsuit.


How is the a car that oozes style?!?!

It's a stock car, with wicked wheels but COVERED in rust!!

If this car had stock wheels, you'd all dismiss it as a shed.


descargar juego en mi pc.


descargar juego en mi pc.


descargar juego en mi pc.


I'm sorry this is stupid lol.............gimme the wheels and suspension, and the cool euro plate and throw the rest in the garbage, why would u do that to a clean E28, doing the hood was enough, but damn enough with the Rat BMWs............that being said opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, do ur thing!!


Good idea sticking the bonnet on the roof rack to keep it cool ;') love the stance, BBS's and trailer.

When it comes to the "rat style" I prefer the look of satin black primer to weathered and rusty. I rememeber one rat rod that was all bare steel, but was scrubbed daily with WD40 scourer pads :'P


Mike FTW!!!!!


The shell was toast after some Pillar damage in front... so he decided to rust it out for the rest of it's life and make good use of it instead of it being trashed. That's for the ones getting bent out of shape because it's rusted.


I remember when it was just running a rusted hood.

It's different. Some of those hoodrides are fantastic looking. I prefer real, decades-old patina to new surface rust, but to each his own. It turns heads for sure.


no plates on the trailer wont he get in trouble for that?


they see me rollin'

they hatin


ROFL @ mb...


No mention of the co-pilot? cool speed hunters, cool.


this thing just oozes style


omfg im trippin out i saw this car at umigo livermore california on friday. i saw it parked and i was like it looks so clean slammed with rims.


Don't you mean "Ammo Cans"?


is mike b former of hre's vp?


Some owners build a car and after they run out of inspiration they sell it. But there are others that