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I've been down to the Daikoku Parking Area (PA) rather often this last month. First it was the RX7 annual meeting in July, then the AE86 gathering last week, but last night it was more of a small get together with a few car-otaku friends of mine. I wasn't expecting to shoot anything as it was just our monthly meet, but I brought my camera gear in the back of the 34, just in case. It's a good thing I did, as there were quite a few interesting cars that dropped by over the course of the night.

It was this R31 Skyline that had me rushing to the trunk of my car to grab my camera. As soon as I saw it roll in I heard a very familiar rumble…

…and noticed a rather interesting marking on the side.

The owner has dumped the stock RB20 for an RB26DETT, sourced from an R34 GT-R. The motor is stock and thanks to some "boost up tuning" it now develops in the region of 400 PS. 

Slammed on its 3-spoke Advan Racing wheels this R31 looked particularly mean.

The 80's interior has been spruced up with reclinable Recaro seats, a Momo Race steering wheel and GReddy gauges. The owner even mounted a portable Sony HD navigation system to the center console!

This 510 Bluebird didn't likie the hot and humid weather coughing and spluttering as it arrived at the PA. I've seen this particular 4-door at 510 meets before, a gathering that occurs every 10th day of the month at Daikoku.

This Z33 was looking mighty fine sitting in a quiet corner of the vast parking lot. 

Talking to the owner I found out it will be raced early next month at a Z-Challenge race, against top tuner cars of MCR, Auto Produce Boss and Nismo to name a few.

Daikoku PA is always a great place to catch some rare cars and this 1983 Crown Royal Saloon coupe was definitely a rare one! Check out the period correct BBS wheels and the vinyl roof!

Under the hood, and purring like a kitten, was the 2.8L straight six 5M-GEU which back when it was new was good for 175 PS.

Take a look at how clean the interior is. The plastics have really held up well over the years and you just got to love that early-eighties burgundy hue so often used in car interiors back then. Many thanks to the owner for letting me take a few snaps! 

And now on to something a little bit more modern. This car belongs to a friend of mine, an SST dual-clutch equipped Evo X, all stock and ready to be tuned! Now if there were only some transmission upgrades out there to beef-up the 6-speed Getrag box! Get a move on tuners, lots of people are waiting!

Remember the blue Top Secret Competizione R I posted at the beginning of this month? If you recall I mentioned the owner, Gio, wanted to go for a "few" changes. This is how it looks now…you will have to stay tuned for more on this car! Trust me, you will like what I have to show you! 

And my ride. Looking forward to giving the body a good once over with the PorterCable, something I will do with the detailing-master Aki, the owner of the silver Mine's tuned BCNR33 I posted on the coverage of our meet last month. Unfortunately the pictures I took of his car last night were crap, thanks to the massive floodlight pointing right into my lens! 

Wide doesn't even begin to describe this Veilside kitted BNR32! Loved how it sat on those sexy black Work Meister S1s!

The engine has been tuned by Pentroof, a very famous wangan shop known for creating one of the craziest Z32s out there. More on this next week!

Check out the view from the rear! The wheels have staggered width with the tires measuring 255-wide up front and 295-wide at the rear. Same rolling diameter so the Attesa is happy!

As I was drooling over the massive fenders of the R32 above this Murcielago arrived and parked up all the way at the back of the parking area. Notice the custom twin exit exhaust!

And as a complete opposite to the Murcielago a nice stock, entry level Caterham!

This lightweight would run rings around the Murcielago on a twisty road, as well as most cars that were present at Daikoku! I think we need to give some more space to cars like this on Speedhunters, what do you guys think?

A bunch of friends are participating at this weekend's endurance race up at the Ebisu Higashi circuit, with this Honda Prelude. They spent the whole night applying stickers as well as fitting the Takata racing harness. Best of luck to "Team Gaijin Racing!"

Quick view of the engine, notice the thick racing radiator and in front of it the large oil cooler, something you definitely need when running a car for 12-hours non-stop!

The Murcielago was joined by a 25th Anniversary Countach….vertical door heaven!

Walked over to the side of the parking lot to find a pair of FC's…

…and a lonely Testarossa.

This Roadster is owned by one of the drivers of the TGR Prelude and is often raced in the Roadster Cup races.

Just as I was about to leave these two wangan monsters showed up. Most people will recognize the ex-Top Secret R34 GT-R demo car which is also in the opening picture. This car is now privately owned. The Z33 next to it was wearing a very mean wide body kit! All the cars here are the perfect example of just how varied the selection can be at Daikoku, on a regular week-day night.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Great stuff Dino!

This parking lot is madness...madness!


Awesome pictures, Dino. What I'd give to see Daikoku in person!

I definitley think you should shine a light on some more clubsport specials such as the Caterham pictured above, they're awesomely customizable and there are a few examples around the word sporting some very well tuned JDM engines.


amazing stuff, i was wondering if for a replica on forza, if i could get some more shots of that prelude and the Red Z33, contact me at, please let me no, i really wanna actually get some nice stuff done with those 2 cars, thanks :D


Literally a jaw-dropping post. Thank you for getting coverage like this.


Awesome photos Dino! I would love to visit Daikoku some day!


The Crown is running a 5m-eu ("g" designates twin-cam in toyota-speak) and produced at-best 145ps. extremely clean car though.



No it does make 175bhp because its a MS120, in the 110 it make's 145bhp.


that r31 definitely takes the cake,by far the best example i have ever seen


*Jealous* Love it all. Can't pick a favorite in that bunch!!


I totally agree with featuring more Caterham-like cars, get on it SH!


"I think we need to give some more space to cars like this on Speedhunters, what do you guys think?"

More modified Lotuses would be a blast.

when will speedhunters check out the Scandinavian beasts?


now 870hp


just a few i found in a hurry


Even a regular weekday night at the Daikoku PA is as awesome as a very good car show, amazing!


that r32 and r31 totally took the cake for me


Veilside BNR32............Drooooooooooooooooooooooooooool............R31..........Droooooooooool..........My goal in life, A Skyline before i check out!!!!


R31 has the look to kill on the wangan.


that R31 did it for me! simply clean. and that crown royal wouldnt mind at all for cruising.


The last Z33 with the R34 Top Secret is amazinnnnng!!!

Wallapaper!!! lol


really nice night pics Dino !!! well done



Yes, were it a 5M-GE, it would have made that power, but it is not. Do a google image search for 5M-E and then another for 5M-GE and you will see your error. THAT car has a 5M-E, 100% absolutely without a doubt. The crown didn't see the 5M-GE until the following year model. Again, that motor made, AT BEST 145ps.


F*ck I should have stayed longer to witness this. One day I will reside there permanently. TEAM GAJIN RACING LOL I want in.


Yes, I'd love to see lots more Caterham/Seven/LoCost/ coverage. Maybe even a feature!


Damn! Nice variety of cars. I need to take a trip to japan if this is whats happening on weeknights.

Wallpaper the R31 please!!!


Lets see some more lotus please! great post anyhoo


Any more info on the Z33 in the last pic? That is one mean looking Z. Love the variety of cars found at Daikoku.


Isnt the last Z33 wearing the Amuse Body kit? Just wondering....


I hope heaven look just like these photo


awesome write up and pictures. these kinds of posts are why i keep coming back to speedhunters. any word on how long ago that top secret r34 was sold? i couldve sworn i saw it parked at top secret last time i was in japan 2 years ago.


damn that white z32 is nice


that's it, a trip to japan requires a trip to daikoku. gotta make a list and put this item right at the top.


BillyM is right, that's definitely a 5M-E.


Daikoku is like cars heaven... damm nice cars and place... love the red z33 and rb26 powered r-31 i think


Boy oh boy, do I regret missing this one. Newera's car is looking good believe it or not. Just wondering what everyone else is running this weekend. Im sure there'll be some 4WD monsters out there. Stock...what ever. They'll peel away easy.


Love all the GT-R and Z ! Stunning !


Love your choice of the size/offset of the wheels/tyres on your car Dino. Looks like you spent a lot of time getting the combination right for the R34.

Would you mind telling me what's the size and offset of your wheels/tyres?



I can honestly say Daikoku is the best parking lot in the world....


Michael, thanks! Size is 9.5Jx19" +12 front and rear, no spacers. Tires are Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 275/30/19.


Hey there is a wangan ghost in the 4th picture, lol.


im so jealous, everytime i see pics from a daikoku meet i wish i was there, so damn cool. and the variety of wicked cars is amazing, i love them all. that R31 is sick though! what a mean machine.


????? ??? ??? ???????!))) ????? ??? ????!


nice pictures as always Dino, lets hope that honda holds together, looks so different now with all the kit fitted. Catch you soon buddy.


You act like this is rare? How long have you been in Japan. Everyone knows that you can se this types of cars weekly at daikoku.

Have you don any articles on Tsuzuki inter? Have you gone to any big drag events? A stock EVo is news???


That isn't a 25th Anniversary Countach.


hey my name is jeff. I'm from sasebo part of nagasaki, i drive with s14, just wondering if this parking lot will be pack on Friday and what time do cars start coming by?


To clarify on the top secret gt-r. That is not the R34 Fusion RR demo car. It is another car, perhaps a replica. If you ask how I know, its because I currently own the Fusion RR time attack car. That and there are a few differences, although that car has stickers and mods done somewhat similar.

Oh, and the Novum Z33 at the end has an interesting connection to Top Secret for those few who know the story/owner. I found it interesting that those two cars were parked together.