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Sticking the "GT-R" badge on a car that is not an authentic GT-R will earn you nothing but disrespect. It's just something you don't do, unless your name happens to be Nagata-san! Back in 2005, tired of waiting for Nissan to come up with a replacement for the discontinued R34 GT-R, Smoky from Top Secret took things into his own hands and decided to build his own new-generation GT-R.

Between 2002 and 2007 Japanese magazines like Best Car and Holiday Auto were coming up with futuristic sketches and new rumors on the next GT-R on a monthly basis. I always found it interesting flicking through these publications, myself wondering what Nissan was going to do with the R35.  

But speculation and GC renderings were just not enough for Nagata-san, who in 2004 embarked on a massive project to create a car worthy of the GT-R badge. 

Based on the V35 Skyline 350GT, this car was going to earn that revered badge through some pretty impressive tuning…

The stock VQ35DE was replaced with the 4.5L V8 VK45DE from the Nissan Cima, which dropped into the big engine bay without much drama. But that was just the beginning…

With 4.5 liters and eight cylinders to work with Smoky knew this motor had plenty of potential when force-fed. He got to work by first upgrading the internals with stronger VQ30DE pistons and conrods, and then balancing the stock crank. Custom intake manifolds feed the two banks of four cylinders forcing the compressed and cooled air through the N15 Pulsar throttles.  HKS GT2835 turbos are a perfect match for this set up allowing it to develop 712 PS and 76 kgm of torque. The stock transmission has been replaced with a 6-speed manual Getrag unit from a JZA80, fitted to the car along with an ORC triple plate clutch and 2-way LSD.

The trunk houses the ATL racing fuel tank as well as the battery and fuel pumps, all neatly stored away in custom aluminum boxes.

Taking advantage of the intakes in the Top Secret front bumper are the twin side-mounted intercoolers and the racing radiator. Two oil coolers have also been fitted to help cool the V8 when blasting down the wangan at full speed.

Smoky likes to take his cars around the world to prove their capabilities and when the time came to show what the V35 GT-R could do, he headed to the German autobahn to see just how fast his creation was. He managed to hit a maximum of 341 km/h, so it's a good thing massive Brembo 8-pot calipers were fitted to slow the car down! The Top Secret signature gold wheels are Volk Racing GT-Cs 10.5Jx20" all round and wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza S-03 tires, 255/35/20 front, 285/30/20 rear.

As you can see here the V35 GT-R is pretty slammed, thanks to the Roberuta front and rear air-lifters which allow 5 cm of height adjustment. These are mated to Top Secret adjustable dampers and Swift springs.

The full Top Secret wide-body kit helps the V35 stand out and is joined by additional parts like the Ganador side mirrors and carbon rear diffuser with vortex generators.

Creature comforts are not sacrificed in the interior, even if entry and exit procedures are made a little bit harder due to the welded-in roll-cage. The comfy Recaro leather seats are joined by green Takata belts, something you just can't do without on a true JDM car!

The custom center console houses two AF700 A/F displays from Neko Corporation as well as the HKS EVC boost controller along with a few switches. 

The sound this V35 GT-R develops is one of the most menacing I have heard, with an extremely low, offset burble at idle giving way to a V8 bark at higher rpm. 

Smoky is still holding on to this V35 today, a car that like many before it has helped Top Secret earn a reputation for building some of the craziest machines to ever come out of Japan. So what do you guys think, does it deserve that GT-R badge?

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Love this car. I liked the 2nd version of the MS-R graphics a lot better. I saw some recent pics where the car is decal-less. I also heard its for sale as well. Beautiful car, one of a kind for sure.


I wanna see what Smokey does with the R35!


I heard he wanted it to be AWD too but the boys in the workshop told him it was too hard.



what he said!


If anyone asks the ONE car I'd take over all others, I tell them this one. Then they say, "huh?"


And. the tranny is rear-mounted.....


Awesome car - let down only by the awful trimming on the console, but doesn't exactly detract from the car!


Awsome looking car, my favorite top secret demo car!




Definitely deserves the GT-R badge, and I'm a big fan of developing the VK V8. Something about V6's eh.. they just don't sound as animal as a V8.


whats the point of chancing to a V8 if you are only going to squeeze out 720hp.

There are escort mk2s with 750hp ffs.

this guy got the right mentality

not particularly fast tru corners tho. he has made a intercooler for it now.

road legal ans 1700hp+!!!


Deserves the GT-R badge, and it's just about 20km/h slower than the V12 Supra...he should have taken it to Nardo as well!



Ever heard op torque! And this V35 make's 900bhp!


No matter what engine swap or how much power it makes that just seems dorky to call it a GT-R... Because it isn't.


A fantastic piece of work, no doubt.

But with no AWD, it can never be a GT-R.


Its a Skyline 350 with an awesome engine, ..........GT-Rs only come from the NIssan Gods.................beautiful car though....


Henry said:

No matter what engine swap or how much power it makes that just seems dorky to call it a GT-R... Because it isn't.


Take into consideration when it was built : at the time, nobody knew what the R35 would look like, let alone that would even BE an R35. He got tired of waiting on Nissan, got bored and this was just his interpretation of what could have been....


i agree with ryoga81 and at the end of day the car is still a Skyline weather u like or not, just a newer n differrent model

anyways at TAS 2009 Top Secret took a R35 and a V36, im really dieing to see what Smokey is going to do with those 2 babies

oh n in their website i saw that they r working with some Porches 996.....just insane

n like Daniel said



i think it should have been swapped with the rb26..

i think that engine suits any skyline..

the whole v8 thing is cool too but i just think he should have stuck with the rb26

and make a car that still resembles skyline all around..


I think the reason he went with the V8 was that the prevailing rumor at the time had the new GTR being powered by a twin-turbo V8 or even a v12.


ps? cm? kg? wtf?


It's called metric, go convert them on google or look them up on Wiki if you don't even know what they mean.


haha yes I know what metric is and how to do the conversions. I had thought SH was a US website and thought it odd those units were being used. I had to check for a .nz for a second ;)


Should have just chucked an RB30DET in it and made it AWD.

Top Secret is so overhyped it aint funny.


This makes me feel so nostalgic. This car is super old news, but this car was the reason I opted for the G35 years ago.


^ +1

definitely brings back memories, especially to us G owners

the whole JDM craze with G35 owners started with this, the scene has changed so much since then


Well it's Friday, the last day of Skyline Week. Have you guys had enough yet? To finish off my journey through the Speedhunters archives, I've assembled a gallery highlighting some of the late model Skylines and GT-R's featured on the site


Well it's Friday, the last day of Skyline Week. Have you guys had enough yet? To finish off my journey through the Speedhunters archives, I've assembled a gallery highlighting some of the late model Skylines and GT-R's featured on the site


The day after Tokyo Auto Salon ended, John Leigh and I headed to Top Secret. Smoky Nagata told us to