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It happens to us all sooner or later. You get slightly older, the family begins to grow and your days of terrorizing the streets with your tuned sports car are well and truly over. This is exactly the situation a customer of Revolfe found himself in, except he had no intention of going down the minivan route!

As long as the car he chose was big and comfortable the wife would approve, so there was really only one choice to consider and that was the Aristo V300 Vertex. Propelled by the silky smooth 2JZ this version of the Aristo opened up infinite possibilities. 

The owner wanted to make the Aristo look a little bit more aggressive but there was nothing out there that really caught his eye. That is when Curve stepped in. The Yokohama-based body kit producer was asked to design a custom kit that would not only give the JZX161 meaner stance, but also retain enough elegance.

Carbon fiber was used on the lower part of the front bumper to highlight the protruding front lip spoiler as well as along the side skirts. 

A carbon diffuser was designed to keep the big Toyota stable at speed much like the ARC adjustable aluminum wing.  

Mizota-san of Revolfe created a pretty impressive engine for his customer's Aristo, one that would allow him to race on the wangan at night and be smooth and civilized enough to take the family out for a drive during the day.

The Trust T88-33D kicks out 1.8 kg/cm2 of boost, allowing the engine to develop 720 PS of power (710.14 HP) at 6,800 rpm and a 74 kgm (535 lb/ft) at 5,200 rpm. Mizota-san did a lot of work on the head, helping it flow better thanks to porting and polishing as well as fitting it with larger diameter valves, race-spec guides, seats and springs as well as titanium retainers. Keeping the bottom-end in check are HKS H-section connecting rods and forged pistons.   

Mizota-san built a custom intake plenum for this 2JZ, helping direct an equal amount of air to each of the six cylinders for best possible response and performance. Joining the engine upgrades is an automatic-to-manual conversion thanks to a JZA80 6-speed Getrag gearbox, fitted along with a triple-plate ATS carbon clutch. A TRD 2-way LSD helps get the massive power and torque down to the road.

Mizota-san is proud of this Aristo as it drives so smoothly yet has an almighty kick when you step on it.

The owner often tops the car out on the wangan and Aqua Line, easily reaching the 330 km/h (205 mph) maximum speed. Revolfe fitted some of the best suspension around to the JZX161, custom made by German manufacturer Sachs. These are mated to 16 kg/mm springs at the front and 10 kg/mm at the rear. The suspension bushes have also been upgraded with firmer TRD items.

Brakes are probably one of the most important thing on a high-powered and heavy car, so it's no surprise the JZX161 has been fitted with Brembo calipers at all four corners. At the front F50 4-pot calipers bite down on ø 370 mm discs, while at the rear slightly smaller F360 4-pot calipers are fitted along with ø 355 mm discs. These fit with no issues inside the 18" TE37's which are shod with Advan Neova rubber, 235/40/18 front 265/35/18 rear.

Here is a better view of the aerodynamic add-ons at the rear, things you definitely need when blasting a 2-ton car down the highway at 200+ mph!

The comfortable and luxurious interior has been upgraded with lots of cool gadgets as well as the leather Recaro seats and TRD steering wheel. 

On the center console a triplet of Defi gauges keep an eye on temperatures for oil, water and exhaust. 

Other modules are neatly stored away in the upper section of the glove-box. Here you find the HKS F-Con V Pro ECU along with the HKS V-Cam controller and the two Defi control units.

See, who said minivans are the only way to go when you become a family man! Think outside the box and you will be surprised with what you can come up with at times!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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my dream day


elegance isnt exsactly what that wing brings to mind but non the less a bad@ss car! much better than a mini van haha. when i become a family man ill take on track car project and dailt a badass golf haha i wish


i wonder how money had been spend on that. At least the base car is not to much. I have always had a soft spot for the Aristo after seeing a drag spec one the Option super street series.


I really love the body kit on it, I know the wing is there for a reason but it just looks out of place on this car


not feeling the wing, but love the rest


Amazing car but the wing and rims could be classier.


Loose that shitty spoiler, it ruins it!


yup i just hate that little spoiler


I wonder if he added the spoiler for looks, or because the car felt light at 200 mph...


big fan of everything *EXCEPT* the exterior. barf. obviously he needs the spoiler, but there are other options to be sure.


Jays car is better. Vertex FTW!


Rims and wing no good. Try Gunmetal or silver Linea Corsa


I don't think this kit retains the elegance nor gives the car a mean stance, at all.


Its an amazing car alright i think the exterior looks great and you need a spoiler like that when

your getting upto that sort of speed and i think it looks good


I think its an amazing car with amazing performance upgrades and the exterior

looks great besides you need a spoiler like that when getting upto them sort of



Second pic=wallpaper!!


Get a Vertex kit, get rid of the wing, get rid of the Simpson 4 point harness, lower it a bit more and that car would look much better.


Everything is right except for the wing and the wheels. Man, that wing is like the worst one he could've possibly chosen.


Sometimes function over form is better. No one wants their rear end unstable @ 205 mph.


wonder why he didn't go for a t78 turbo. he could have reached similar power with less lag.


Don't really care about the wing since the car can go "330" kph, but at least go with the same theme for the rest of the car. The aero kit looks like a Wings West set. The Volks look like they have just come off of a Civic with those offsets. Aristos with TE37s can look great, like the flat black LS1 from last week, but with the stock ride height, and weak offsets, the Volks don't look so hot on this Aristo.

Also, If I were living in Japan and wanted to make a fast family car, I would've gone with a Nissan Staega with a RB26 in it. Skyline GTR wagon FTW.


love everything but the spoiler but it has a purpose it is used to its not a problem


car looks fine but with the white wheels don't look that cool with the wing, but for the weight the wing does some of it 4 the speed ya know family car gotta keep the kids safe.


For some odd reason the engine bay is the only thing appealing to me...


that car definately is something else, i love seeing 4 door drift cars, and this 4 door speed demon is just as sexy, im loozin that 2JZ under the hood too, i say 2nd and 3rd pics for desktop :D


those defi gauges looked like oil pressure, water temperature and oil temperature...

i think that the aero and trim don't suit the car. same with the wheels.

i would not spend the kind of money that a build like that requires on aesthetic choices such as those.


And now for the final category of the 2009 Speedhunters Awards, Speed Demon of the Year. As the name


Could anybody tell me what size and et of that wheels?