August Editorial>> The Pursuit Of Speed

If I bring up the subject of universal pursuits common to most people, I'm sure a few items will pop into your mind. Take love for instance… the majority of people I know are busy trying to find this, or keep what they have in their lives working…

I would also say that humanity doesn't seem to be very satisfied with the velocity possible with the unassisted body: walking and running just isn't that interesting is it? No… so we spend a huge amount of effort building all manner of machines in the pursuit of speed. Some is for practical transportation, but for the purpose of the Speedhunters community, it's speed as an end in itself that we find most interesting.

So for August we're going to be exploring the cars and  culture surrounding maximum velocity… this month is Speed month.

On my last LA trip, Linhbergh and I decided to take the NFS Terlingua to the birthplace of modified car culture as we know it today: the El Mirage dry lake. This is the widely recognized as the place where hot rodding first developed in the 1940s. In the era before drag racing even existed, it was top speed runs that attracted the original hot rodders to start modifying their cars.

This started to get us thinking about Bonneville Speed Week… one of the most famous automotive events happening in August… so when the opportunity came up for us to assemble a team to go to Bonneville with the Nish Racing Royal Purple Streamliner we jumped at the chance.

John Brooks will be boarding a plane in a few days to start the long journey from the UK to the location most people in the scene call "The Salt," in Utah. Myself, Linghbergh Nguyen, Will Roegge and our business development director Rachel Kelly will also be on hand to witness if Nish Racing can take the land speed record for a wheel driven vehicle. The target is to hit 425 mph… and we'll be there with our photography and video cameras to document all the action for you.

We'll also be meeting up with the AMS Performance team (these guys are rather busy!) to check out their campaign with a top speed tuned Evo and plan to also follow Jimmy Shine from SO-CAL Speedshop around too.

Meanwhile in Japan the concept of Top Speed can only mean one thing: Wangan. Dino is gathering together photographic stories about these hardcore top speed machines and the roads they drive on.

Forget time attack style, forget drift style, forget VIP style… these cars are built with one purpose in mind and that is top speed.

We'll be starting out this celebration with a feature on this Top Secret tuned R34… I can't wait to get into this theme!

Meanwhile back in the states, the Twins Turbo 1 mile Viper was started up last night for the first time.

The owner of the car and the Twins have agreed to work with you, the Speedhunters readers, to choose the final colour of the car as it is completed for the Silver State Classic event in Sept…. More info on this soon.

Also coming up… 8-6 day… the international celebration of the Hachi on August 6th. The crew have been busy sourcing AE86 cars and special features to showcase on this day. BTW I'd like to run a readers AE86 rides on August 6th too so if you own one of these cars please send me a picture to rchong (at) Let's see if we can bring together a slice of AE86 culture from every corner of the globe in one thread.

What else? The Summer Drift Matsuri is coming up fast and Dino will be there to document.

He'll also be heading to the MSC drift event at Honjo Circuit shortly there after… I'm feeling a bit jealous as I did these two events last year!… oh well… you can't be everywhere can you…

And we also have two Formula D events to cover off in August, Seattle and Sonoma…. it's going to be a busy month, but as always the stories keep coming…

Enjoy and please AE86 people don't forget to email me!




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Can´t wait for the Wangan - Special.... I always remember that Clip on Youtube where Mr. Nagata is blasting with 321 Km/h throu a tunel


btw. please the first pic as wallpaper


What about the GX71 day on july first next year? :P


I'm really looking forward to the wangan stuff tooo!


I helped build the orange missile which has the diesel landspeed record. the chassis is amazing, i didnt have a major roll in it, just did some welding/grinding and some fiberglass work.


that first picture is pure sex. Wallpaper please!!!!



Gonna be another great SH month!


The orange Z32 is stunning! More pictures please!


so looking forward to wangan articles!


OMG im so excited.



Awesome I am still debating whether or not I'll make it out to the salt flats or not, but if I do I'll definitely say hello if I find some speedhunters. Guess I shouldn't have an excuse if Brooks is coming from the UK and I'm a measly 2 hours away from the flats.


first pic as wallpaper please


Finally! Pure, concentrated and cryslallized speed! Pity that as of 86 the only thing I can contribute is a pack of screenshots of my customized hachi from NFS Pro Street, Underground 2 and maybe GT4, but hey - some great race drivers started this way!


Oh yeah!! Wangan, so cool. Can't wait for this very cool month


will you be looking at 86s in bother NZ and Australia?


Wangan, Drift, Hachiroku... Geez thats just damn awsome!


oh man... wangan, Top Secret tuned R34.

this month will rock


This twin turbo looks awesome. Nice concept.

But I'm really looking forward to the AE86 showcase. I love these cars...


1st Picture for wallpaper please!!!


More info on that Z32 please!!




for a moment i thought wangan racing was dead...


Looks like we're set for a sweet month


Awwww, this month is gonna be suhweet suhhhweeeet!


when is it gona be in seattle?

i saw formula D for the 8th of this month in monroe but havent heard jack about my home


punky...even though it's advertised as being in Seattle, it's actually at Monroe. It's always been that way...wouldn't be much to look forward to if they said announced it was in Monroe. The afterparties though! Now those ARE in Seattle, and they can get down right crazy.


This is the month Speedhunters should've started with! Can't wait for the Bonneville features!!!