Seems Nissan is on an unrelenting mission to make the R35 GT-R the fastest supercar in the world. Check out this video of their latest record lap done back in April at the Nurbugring. The driver is Toshio Suzuki and the laptime of 7:26.7 is simply outstanding. I wonder what Porsche will have to say about this one!

– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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this is an incredible machine...


A little quicker and it will beat the Corvette. It was the last car I thought that would be faster than the GT-R. Congrats Nissan.



Actually do wonder what the CT230R or Gobstopper can do on the ring.


Rumor has it that the Gumpert Apollo is on the Ring so we can expect the GT-R's time to be trashed ... the Apollo's got 800HP though...if only the R35 could be, say 300kg lighter, it would dive into the 7.10s.

But considering its weight and power (and price), the GT-R is well above any other...

And yeah, the lap is amazing!


GTR is the King of the ring sinds 1989!


I'm sure the GT-R Spec V will be faster....


great time,but the record is 7:26.4 with the ZR1 corvette.....right???


I'm pretty sure that was the Spec V...


i thought the Viper ACR was faster than both at 7:20 right?

how much lighter is the Gt-R V-spec?


its the same the spec v is 132lbs lighter than the standard gt-r. Is this car a aspec v? it has spec v wheels


The new Porsche GT3 is faster.



You are funny!


It is interesting that Nissan continually claims extremely fast lap times in the hands of their Japanese drivers. But whenever another automotive manufacturer tries to do the same in a GT-R with their handful of professional race car drivers, the same results cannot be produced. Is this car in a purely stock form as a model which you can purchase off the show room floor, or has it been tinkered with by the Nissan engineers. The car is heavier and has less power and torque then many of the cars it claims to beat and it would be erroneous to say that other manufacturers lack the manufacturing and engineering capabilities of Nissan. I'd say Nissan should let someone with ring experience like Sabine Schmitz or Walter Rohl drive a showroom model GT-R around the Nordschleife and then we'll see what happens.


That was fast.

I'd like to see Suzuki try more time, cause' I think that there was untapped potential there.

That car looks pretty forgiving.


Porsche would say fuck you your on r-comps. Nissan is fucking retarded. Why advertise with "super nurburg laptimes" when your tranny will explode.



truley inspirational. I missed driving it (nordsleife) myself. definitely on my to do list.


i do like the skyline and porsche and viper but the only real answer could be found out when all cars are stock and same tires ! all this videos are fun to watch but they don´t show anything !


i love how the gt-r haters come out now lol

and chuck you're logic is flawed.

the corvette zr1 has les power and more weight than the Koenigsegg CCX and runs a faster time. it's not always all about power-to-weight ratio noobs


YEAH. what you said Mr. 200mph! funny how all the haters come out when Nissan brings u a video like this. I wont even bother.


Funny how many people flock to nissan after this car is released.


mmmmm controversy! its a 2009....not a v spec. I would like to see the gtr laptimes in the tires it comes with, but that really isnt important. Because anyone who cares enough about laptimes at any track and can afford a gtr, vett, or anything like that can also afford the tires of their choice. I say porsche should stop complaining and run their sweet cars on some sweet tires too.......same goes to vett and everyone else.

all the cars brought up in the arguement are great em all


Rohl is Nubur Master, and if he could not be fastern in the Sky than in the Porsche, no1 will.

Nissan do not go stock with those laps...


the problem is not did nissan run thee laps. the problem is the ignorant bigots that think just because it a nissan it can't run these times.

i bet if it was a porsche with the same engineering and everything but in a 911 body and badge then nobody would question whether it was stock or not. get over yourself people. the car is fast. period


and Swerv13, it's a 2010 series 2 GT-R with the spec-v wheel option.



The GT-R used for this run was stock, it was running the stock Dunlop tires, the optional Nismo wheels and was set-up with the track-spec alignment that any dealer will offer to any of its customers. I don't see what the fuss is about. Not only have they put down the time, but they have also released the full video of it. I have yet to see Porsche release a vid of their Nurbugring lap attempts...or maybe I've missed them?


Why people are talking about a Skyline, theres none Skyline here, only a Nissan GT-R.


the media was even there to observe the lap anyways.

if nissan cheated the first time, don't you think the media would be present to observe if the car was stock anyways?

pretty retarded that people would think nissan would completely lie and risk the entire credibility and prestige of their performance division and the historic gt-r name.


who cares the gtr is a great car. i love fords and wish this could have been a ford gt but i have respect for the gtr. this time will be beat, there will always be a faster car. dont know why the gtr is now a cheater or not stock, its a gtr and it ran a great time now let the battles begin.


The new Porsche GT3 is faster.


I think this time could be improved by some seconds by a better driver, the lines Suzuki uses are very strange at some corners (entrance left at Adenauer Forst where the car gets unstable jumping over the kerb, and Bergwerk corner, where he enters not from the outside, but from the center of the track)


Viper ACR 7.22.1, still the record holder as far as I know.


1) The Nissan GT-R has a flat-bottom and diffuser. If Porsche or Corvette used that design on their car, their times would likely drop by 5-10 seconds over a lap (the 'Ring is a fast track, so downforce helps bigtime). Check out Rod Millen's test of the GT-R versus the 911 and Corvette. The speed traces are identical, except for the fast corners - clearly a product of higher downforce generated by the underbody. Other manufacturers should release a special version of their best sports car with a full underbody, and then we'd start to see which car is fastest on equal footing.


2) The stock GT-R tires are softer than those on the 911 and the Corvette. I'd personally like to see all three cars on the same make and model of the tires (I'm assuming that the difference in size would be negligible).


ps. still an awesome car. just pointing out the differences. :-)



The link shows the Rod Millen test. You can see he was trail-braking big-time in the faster corners in the Nissan, but not in the others, not to mention the higher speeds through the fast bits.


The R35 doesn't use a diffuser that i've ever seen. Flat bottoms don't increase downforce, they decrease drag. And the Corvette is pretty good off by it's self with that .29cD, the entire body being based around aerodynamics, and partially done underbelly just like the R35

I would expect Porsche's designs aren't any different with nothing to worry about until the back of the car! Don't try to make excuses for other automakers, the ZR1 is still faster it doesn't need your help XD

Good video


Lol... All the keyboard heroes in action...