Did you guys all watch Ken Block on Top Gear this weekend? Watching Top Gear do their own take on Ken Block’s Gymkhana Subaru sensation was something else wasn’t it? I’m sure it was a ground breaking moment for him, as surely there aren’t any automotive fans left in the world  who haven’t seen the DC Shoes star going sideways with his Subaru… So what next? An appearance on Speedhunters perhaps? hmmm… maybe we can do something about that…

I do like it, when something new comes out of the underground to make people stand up and take notice. It seems like the crew at Format67.net have decided to respond to Ken Block’s the Gymkhana film sensation with their own statement… something that brings the focus back to the streets, where this sideways craze all began….I don’t know much about these guys, but they are exhibiting a good mastery of film-making and video post production…

Let me know what you think.




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Wait................this was a callout to ken block? Some second gear shit*ies on top of a parking garage. This is laughable, I like how at the beggening they were talking down on Block and his awd subaru, and as the video went on and it still hadn't delivered they started talking about their unfortunate short comings, which I read as: were pu**ies and jealous that Mr. Block has the internet going nuts.


when does the exciting driving begin?


I actually liked that. I would have found it better if they didn't call out Block like that though. Still a good video.


I could have made this same video with my stock miata and awesome video editing software, It's a let down.


That gave me a good chuckle.

Good to see they didn't take themselves too seriously.


That gave me a good chuckle.

Good to see they didn't take themselves too seriously.


Good filming. Good editing.

Bad call out. Bad delivery.


sorry, but that was incredibly lame. A bunch of flashy editing, a ton of stupid taglines, and almost no real content to speak of. I'm gonna go rewatch Block's appearance on Top Gear.


Ugh, video is over edited with special effects and shots that make you dizzy. I got bored :\


this is... some donuts! shitsweak


Real nice and smooth..some comp for Block...lol


great video editing, poor driving...


I did get bored part way through, but I think the opening minute is stellar.... at least the film-making.


Even the somewhat good editing can't save that video from being boring.

Drift were lame, car was bad looking. The only line that was legit is the hate on the slo-mo, coz slo-mo is overused nowadays.


i think it was a bold statement. very realistic. block was a little over the top at some points but that was the purpose of the video. this i think was meant to be a more mellow remember where you came from statement.


I like this video, because it's something special.

U guys are right, the message can be understood in two different ways:

1. The Sidewayze Craze is underground and should always be underground no matter what comes.

2. Ken Block is a w*nker who only wants to get his profits for doin' those Gymkhana clips.

In my opinion the guys from Format67 are trying to protect the last part of the underground drifting scene which contains unpainted bumpers and cable ties with f*cked rims and burned rubber ;)

Greetings from Germany


a good mastery of film-making .


Great video editing. The driver was ok at best but they built it up a bit too much. I expected the driver to do some serious drifting like in Ken blocks video. This wouldve been awesome if they had a D1 driver or something to that nature. I do feel that I can understand where they are coming form tho. Big sponsors are pretty much bastardizing youth car culture with all these viral video attempts. At the same time tho, Ken is an awesome driver, and the videos are entertaining (Part 1 is the best however. The top gear specali was awesome too).


that's not gymkhana. By textbook definition.

that is what rednecks do in parking lots after drinking

nice s14 tho


I liked it...the call out to Mr. Block is legit. Yes he's a fantastic driver, yes he drives a fantastic car, but there is NO culture to what he does. It's all about making the biggest buck, thats why he jumped his scoobie and thats the reason he gets behind the wheel of his car every time.


Ken Block owns dc shoes, chances are he doesnt have to do a damn thing for money.


this was awesome. Its not gymkhana but its definably well produced and edited.


NO skills shown... what a huge anticlimax...


great editing nice vid but it just was not as intresting as Ken


lame video - basically just makes Ken Block look better. Yes, Gymkhana 2 was a little bit OTT with the graphics... but that being said, Ken Block is the co-founder of DC Shoes. How many other 'big company executives' do you know that would do something similar, or jump a rally car, or take that rally car to snowpark.nz and do tandem jumps with snowboarders? respect


only left turns...


very dissapointing, i was expecting something great when they started making reference to ken block. but that drifting was shithouse.

i think even the editing was covering up where he looked as if he was straightening up on 2nd gear drifts. not much car control.

and of course they wouldnt use slo-mo in this movie its going slow enough already


This is where you will waste 4 minutes of your life


This is a video that has more reading than driving


holy weaksauce batman....

so he was blowing donuts around someone, and then around an object? oh yeah, never seen that before....nevermind. Ive done it with my own car lol

yeah the editing was decent but i fail to see how it could even come close to measuring up to ken block.


Car is sitting tooo high.


so harsh! the editing seemed very professional, but it is true that some of the tag lines might have been better left out so that you could focus more on watching the car. Well built looking S14!


somewhere in this world....ken block is laughing his ass off. that s14 looks horrible...my mom can drive better than that. and that editing sucks! all that shaking and stuff to make it seem dramatic.....more than what is really is. I see that enough on shows like "jessie is a deadman"

this better be a gay preview for an awesome video coming soon......


GAY. car's too high.


THIS IS NO GOOD VIDEO. This video is why he is not Ken Block,wears DC shoes, has awd, or has a 530hp car.If he was any of those this would have been a GREAT video like Ken Blocks.Did not like the driving,music, but did like the car and editing.


what everyone else said- bad. nowhere near ken block. great editing fo not so great everything else


Nice epilepsy test video


fucking ricer ruined a s14 with that POS front bumper

and doing doughnuts in a public parking lot is cool now?!



production value : A+

content : F

me : facepalm, now s14 drivers look stupid. If you're going to call him out, at least have a dope s14 in the video.


I love ^^

It's a video mades to mark the difference between a f***ing/impressive/beautiful Block/DC shoes/Commercial/good/bad/w*nker etc... gimkana video, and this kind of basic/personal/underground/unauthorized/r3B3lzz/pure/free etc... "drift", and everybody compares them, and specialy format67 ^^ There is contradiction

I think the littles messages and references to ken Block videos in this are inappropriate and stupid... if you want to mark a difference, do something different, and make forget us the remainder.

Sorry for my english.... i'm french :/


Good video quality, I can do that drift in my Chevy S10 truck.


Great Production Values, passable yet hardly spectacular driving.

The first KB Gymkhana video was a classic, the latest video was wank. If you're going to reference someone, be better, or at least humorous.

We should all be happy there was no fluoro tubes, paintball guns or Segways.



What a joke, gay car, gay driving.


as far as im concerned with ken block is all his gymkhana videos havent paid off. hes just a promotion for dc he has never even gotten first in rally america and will probably never make it to WRC. all he can do is fast awd drifts. he will never be a colin mcrea just a stunt driver. but at that this video sucked dick! ken blick is obviously 10x more talented than these guys who just called him out


as far as im concerned with ken block is all his gymkhana videos havent paid off. hes just a promotion for dc he has never even gotten first in rally america and will probably never make it to WRC. all he can do is fast awd drifts. he will never be a colin mcrea just a stunt driver. but at that this video sucked dick! ken blick is obviously 10x more talented than these guys who just called him out



fucking WACK video. parking garage sharp turn drifting ... IS NOT REAL DRIFTING.

go on a fucking mountain road without all the gay editing then come back


This video seem to live only from the Ken Block hating, next time they should find another way to be unique in their own style without doing hating on other people... (i'm not a block fan or a block hater)


can anyone show me where you guys can find a ken block hate in this video?

i can read the message "this is no ken block". and this should not be a comparison with him or his driving skils. this should only show the commercially side of ken block drifting and what the scene has become. this should show that there are no sponsored cars or sponsored tyres in the real drift scene. the real people have only one try when they go to drift in the streets. this is about hard earned money for them, this is no ken block! that should be the message of this video


i really don't know what they are trying to do...why bring up the facts about the Ken Block videos if this video has nothing to do with it...it is no match for Ken Block....sorry guys....


I really enjoyed the title sequence and the editing. A LOT!


the driving sucks, with a good driver it could be a good video


Ok, this video..: Mad filming and editing skills. For the record, it wasn't done with a crappy camera and a flashy software, you can see the use of professional lenses and filters in the original shoot. I'm saying that cuz I am working in the film business so I know how they look like.

They did bild it up too much, I was expecting (and I'm not the only one) some serious drifting skillz that would be "in your face" like to Ken Block. Most of the hate lines were ok, but not the part with the rally champion, that's low, it's not a walk in the park to win a rally championship.

I do understand the wish to protect the essence of youth and underground car and drifting culture, the origins, the streets, thumbs up for that, cuz drifting has gotten way too artificial, full of banners and sponsors all over the place.

In short, this video needed way more skill in the driving, a much richer story and maybe even some night shots of night drifting on the actual streets, if possible.

Good video and ideea but put in practice in a hasty manner, maybe FORMAT67 will take note of our comments and come back with a better, correct job well done.


New people are always Better!! They bring something new


I'm with just about everyone else who posted here. I think the producers of this video were trying a little too hard to stir up some hate, and not hard enough to make a video that was interesting to watch. I get the feeling that they are of the mind that a really expensive car just equals an attempt to "buy talent", either not realising or not caring that the reason Block has that really expensive car and all those sponsorship stickers is because he is very talented and worked very hard at improving his driving skills. If they wanted to blast someone for inflicting sterile, overly artifical drifting on the world, they might be better off calling out an actual formula D or D1 driver, instead of a rally driver.


Outstanding edit - driving certainly leaves a little bit to be desired.

A nice film in it's own right, I think without directly mentioning Ken Block, the response would have been better.


As said by everyone else!


Weak call out on Ken Block, I was really hoping to see something coming out of this video being the video was shot in Germany. Video editing was neat, but a guy doing donuts in a parking lot is lame as hell, and what makes it even worse is that these guys are from Germany, the birthplace of some of the best cars on the planet. I would expect so much more than that coming from German enthusiasts. Instead we got some kids with a S14, clearly making weak attempts at drifting which are editied by the video...really it is just donuts...kind of a joke. Calling out the Co-Founder of DC Shoes, Ken Block, who of which does most of this for fun is lame as well. I am sure the creators of this film have no idea who the guy is and their first exposure was the Gymkhana videos.


meh...they brought this upon themselves. It wouldn't be this way if they hadn't made references to Ken Block and yes they do come off as if they are trying to dookie on him. Unfortunately they fail at doing that with the driver and car. The video editing and post production work is really great and dramatic but I also think its over the top...it forces you to focus more on the editing work and effects rather than the car and the drifting.

I understand a lot of the gripe in regards to OG underground street drifting vs. the mainstream professional shizz as I have a similar battle with Hip Hop culture now a days...its an on going debate/fight [in which underground vs. mainstream hip hop has been going on since the early 90's] you just have to shrug your shoulders off, turn your back and keep doing what your doing. The sport is at a point where it wont go away so get used to it.


wow, really? I mean, if your gonna come talkin that trash, you better come correct. How can you shoot down the efforts of someone who is a way better driver than you, in a video which, lets face it, beyond of the "cool" editing is just a bunch of donuts in a supermarket parking lot? Get over your selves and your "We're doing the drifting world a service by not having sponsorship stickers all over our cars" mentality. Are you gonna tell me that if someone wanted to give you free tires and money for putting a sticker on your car and competing that you would turn them down? That is if you were actually good enough to get sponsored, which judging by this film, you have quite a ways to go. Ken Block is a professional driver, he got sponsored because he loves driving, and honed his skill enough to compete at a national level. If he wants to make keep making these insane videos, and show some love to his sponsors (which will help keep him sponsored) at the same time, more power to him. Stop hating cause he has what you want, nut up and better yourself.


With them 'calling out' ken blocks videos, it will stir more comments and hits to their site then if they didn't and made some drift video with flashy effects.


To me this video is really nice, the car looks very simple and the editing is cool, can't beat the 1st FIA GT video of Speedhunters at Spa though.


if there going to call out ken block like that i think they should have a little more of the car actually drifting.


Guys take it easy. Of course Ken Block is on a different level with his driving skills. Of course his video was better and i am personally sure that those guys of that FORMAT67 are aware of that.

Dont take the vid to seriously, you can have a look at it as well in an ironic way.


I think I understand what message was supposed to be sent, but this thing just came off incredibly pretentious.

Remove all of the text, and it probably wouldn't seem so pretentious.

Well... probably would.


Cool video.

The S14 is ugly as hell.

The excitment fails.


i cant believe you guys actually put this on speedhunters .

makes you look as bad as that video.

good production however , sorry attempt at driving


FORGET THIS VIDEO. Now people complaining about banners and sponsors and money changing their drift scene. or that the real drift scene doesnt have any of that. OPEN your eyes. if money wasnt involved, if large events werent happening, etc etc.....chances are the small events would die down to nothing... law enforcement would "crack down" on modified cars, and people doing stupid **** on the public streets, and they would come down on you even harder than ever. Just face it, money makes the world go round. Also you wouldnt have such a great aftermarket support with off the shelf parts that you do now without all of the banners, the mainstream, the money.


Good production values. Wonder what they would do with a talented driver and an interesting car.


ehm... great vid, great sound, great music... but driving is really boring. Ken wins... T__T


I like the video. If you seen their other videos, they are pretty good. Check their Youtube channel and see.

This is video is meant for something not as high sponsor and all.

Its more like for fun of it all.

They nothing against Ken Block's videos.



beautiful video ;-)!!!


wtf lol didnt no there was so much jealously towards ken block lol people saying its all for money and fame and theres no culture, last time i checked rally and khanakross both had pretty big followings and culture and as if any of you would pass up an oppurtunity to make the vids he has

having said that im no fan of the ken block vids as laying down countless runs and editing then into 1 good one is easy to do but hes still a good driver and a marketing genius and you cant argue with that

the format67 however was shit


I cant believe this video, they call out Ken Block and mock him and then follow up with perhaps the shittest driving i have ever seen in what appears to be a piece of shit stock Silvia.. Can not believe how stupid this is not to mention a massssssive waste of my time. Ken block Gymkhana 1 and 2 shits all over this useless piece of crap allday everyday!




editing, good. driver, sucks. the car needs to be 10 feet closer to the ground. driver though, really sucks balls.


Good editing, good filming.

Bad callout, little actual driving.




This video was weaker than a skinny dude.

Production was good, Car needs to be lower, and needs a better kit imo.

Come on Format67, your BMW vid was pretty good. This one. Not so much.


Just a little tip to anyone watching and hating on the video




Am I the only one who sees them admitting that they are not better than him, yet they like the sport to it ground roots? Seriously people, use your brain to THINK, not to sprout hate and faceless fanboyism.


Unless I am mistaken this video is just a giant pisstake!

I wish I could film half as good as this


sux, good editing, bad driving!


bad timing for a callout...

organiczero, i don't think people here giving bad comments about them IF they didn't picked Ken Block at the first place...