Is everyone enjoying AWD month so far? The subject is a vast one and we are doing our best to uncover different aspects of the art of four driven wheels. So let’s quickly look at another machine that definitely deserves a mention in AWD racing history: the Class 1 spec DTM Alfa Romeo. This is the car which took the DTM championship in 1993 at the hands of Nicola Larini. I’m going to try and see if I can track down photos of the car, for a full retrospective but in the meantime you can enjoy these two youtube videos.

Ever heard the term “they don’t make ‘em like they used to”… perhaps this rings true of the old DTM compared to the new.

And YES that is a Mustang….

Talk in a bit.




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this music gets me so pumped


Arguably the best years of the DTM!


the best touring series, DTM and the BTCC in those years

better then everything, including present racing series


MAN that video makes me want to go and buy an old C Klasse. Did anyone catch that Mustang in the first video?


anyone know what the names of the music used in these vids are?


The music in the 2nd video is from the movie Speed soundtrack.


late 80s early 90s dtm was cool because they where actual production cars/not tube frame etc.. you should do a article on the old 190e 2.3 and 2.5 16v Evolution cars, those things are sweet


the cars at the start of the 2nd video are so cool, best era by far. dtm racing on the old ring, thats wat i'm talking about!


Those DTM Mustangs look wicked! Never knew 'Stangs raced in DTM. Interesting that they were using the old Fox bodied cars in '94, since the new "rounded" 'Stang came out that year. I love those 2 wheelin', flying 190 Evos! Much cooler than any E-Klasse since! And of course those marvellous Alfas! One of my favorite cars to drive in GT4, with perpetual sparks flying!