Random Snap>> The Return Of The King

The world's greatest racing driver returns to F1 in a few weeks… this should be bloody interesting! …. Schumacher Vs Hamilton was a match up that we never got to see… until now!… Bring it!




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Vive Le Shumi! :)


Yeah, I saw that on autosport, so cool

Go Shumi!!!!


At least it will bring some interest back to f1... and give ferrari a winning chance haha


Schumi, Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, & Button all on the same track. It'll be a battle of the titans!


The title couldn't be any more correct. Welcome back Master. It just wasn't the same without you.

I have to say thought, the best news of the day for me was to hear Massa's doctor saying they don't see any long term effects. I await Massas return to his team.

In the mean time, Michael needs to show Lewis Hamilton what a real world champion looks like.


This will be awesome, shame we have to wait nearly 4 weeks...on the bright side Massa should make a full recovery and will likely be able to race again. :)


the stig is da shit


who cares hammilton...

Now we can see if ferrari is bad or the car is good and the real battle will be shumi and button and maybe barrichello.


this is like MJ coming back out of retirement! so hyped!


when m.s. retired my interest for F1 died, now his back, and somebody's Behind will be whipped. only a real master can tame a stallion. : )


wow. sucks for hamilton.



i felt the same. although kinda picked up my interest a little when i heard about the new teams. is he still gonna drive for ferrari? it'll be interesting to see him on a different machine. :P


Well said, Jesse.. ;)

Cable is getting hooked up again for this.. (and Dexter Season 3) @_@


thank god, hopefully he will dominate, Ive missed seeing a red car up front



yes he will still be driving for ferrari till the season ends, he'll replace massa, who suffered from the terrible accident. for me it doesnt really matter if he drives for the red car or another team. F1 for me is just not the same w/out him. kinda like NBA w/out Michael Jordan.


WOW. Awesome. Even though everyone will not have a change, it will be good to see the stig as world champion. :p


I'm really excited about this. Got to see him race in Canada in 2003.

He's an arrogant driver and I hope that Hamilton brings his aggressive style. I'm glad that Raikkonen/Ferrari finished 2nd behind Lewis because, Schumacher will jump into a car that has potential to keep up with the Red Bulls, Brawns and Mclarens.

It sucks to be excited about his return because of the unfortunate situation for Felipe Massa.

Man i bet f1 tickets are selling like hot cakes if there are any left anyway.

This kinda all fit perfect for Ferrari, who have a month to prepare for Spain.


After this, I'll be hated, but whatever.

Michael Schumacher is a hyped up driver that dominated a time without the superhero drives of Senna, Prost, Hamilton, Vettel and so on. He also won mostly when he had Ross Brawn making a car for him.

So, he might be less of a driver than Button?

No, it is a fantastic driver coming back, and yes, it will be great. But if he was and is that much better than everyone else? No. He was just a good, but a bit dirty racedriver in the right place at the right time.


Possibly the most arrogant driver in all of motorsports returns... He is a great driver, but has no class. I would love to see him showing up mid-pack!


WTF? Who cares about about Schumi v. Hamilton? It would be awesome if Mika came back. Now Schumi v. Hakkinnen THAT was a good matchup. Schumi v. Alonso to a lesser extent.


Oh, why not, Let's bring back Prost and Mansell too!;-)


This is like when MJ came back to play for the Bulls.

I'm so HAPPY!!!


Schumi c'est L'homme!!!


Everyone seems happy that Shumi is coming back to kick Hamilton's ass ....lol............last time i looked Button was the points leader!!, and i beleive Hamilton will more than hold his own against the great one, although i wonder if he would have all those championships if Senna was still alive......hmmmmmmmmmm


With Senna alive, the record books would look different... He'd probably have over 100 pole positions by now:P


Senna died with 65 poles, Shumi retired with 68, matter of fact Senna was leading the restart of the San Marino Gp ahead of Shumi when he crashed.......would have been something to see these 2 battles for the years to come......


i wasn't a big fan of shumi until i saw him compete in the race of champions...

he really is one of the greatest drivers alive...


The King? World's greatest racing driver?

If racing is a "sport", then surely "sportsmanship" should be part of any critera when making claims of that nature. Schumacher proved time and time again that he is utterly bereft of this quality. And several others that I would require before thinking of him as even slightly worthwhile. Ive enjoyed F1 much more since he left, but I guess this just adds to the farce that Max & Bernie have created over the past couple of years.

To compare him to Jordan is just laughable.


This is great, just hope Massa is able to be back in the seat, I Thought I would mention massa was very close to death. July 19 at Brands hatch, just a week before Massas incident Henry Surtees was hit with a tire from a car infront of him. I would say almost identical to Massas incident.

Cant wait to see Schumacher pull some times


Wow, atypical to be sure, but the above commentary (pretty much all of it) ignores a number of important issues, including Schumi's lack of seat time in the F60, the two week mandatory vacation every team must take before Valencia, and this year's heavily restricted testing. Michael's Jordan's comeback may prove an apt comparison, however; IIRC MJ wasn't exactly unstoppable upon returning to the NBA.

While Schumi's return is undoubtedly exciting, he retired for a reason, and expectations of domination are overenthusiastic and shortsighted. F1 appears quite a bit more competitive these days than in Michael's heyday.

But I suppose we shall see.



latest news says he might not be back because of a neck injury :/