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Earlier this month I posted a photo of Mazda 323 GTX rally car, but there's one more AWD Mazda I wanted to acknowledge before AWD month is over – the Mazdaspeed Atenza (AKA Mazda6). With a 2.3 direct injected turbo engine and AWD, the MS Atenza was a grown up alternative to the Evo and Impreza and a direct rival to the Subaru Legacy. Unfortunately the car didn't sell all too well, and it only lasted for a couple model years. I searched around a bit looking for a good example of a tuned Mazdaspeed Atenza, but came up empty handed. The car in the photo is a tuned concept version that Mazda showed at the 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Here's hoping we haven't seen the last of Mazda's turbo AWD days.

-Mike Garrett



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AutoEXE is an established Mazda tuner with some nice Atenza parts.







I hope we haven't seen their end as well, i felt they were going to be a real contender with Legacys,Evos and Impezas, but no one really did anything with them, they sort of just faded into the background. Im thinking of designing some sort of wide race inspired kit for one of these when i have some time. i think it needs that kind of spicing up to seem as cool as Evos and Impezas because its a little bland looking in comparison. Check my page out at http://daorliar.deviantart.com/ at the moment there is only 1 design there because i haven't had much time to complete more but soon there will be many more. Thanks!


I honestly think a drift Atenza/6 would be sideways sex on wheels. On the other hand, the fabrication would be a &*%$, knowing the strengthening involved. It would be straight out amazing to have seen the Atenza's potential stretched out like that, kinda like it's SCCA runs.


In NZ the atenza'a are becoming to get populer, with some nice examples floating around, both sedans and wagons


look up mazda 6 mps


Man, it looks so different from the production model! I think the "6" was one of the best looking sedans at the time, and certainly leaps ahead of the Camry and Accord. I still wonder why you don't see more tuned ones, as it was certainly a formiddable platform to begin with.