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Although the "big name" Japanese performance machines like the RX7, GT-R, Evo, and Impreza are great cars, I've long been intrigued by the lesser known models that were produced by Japanese companies in the '80s and '90s. There are several of these cars that fit into our AWD theme this month and I plan on looking at a few of them during the next few weeks. One model that I've always been interested in is the Mitsubishi Legnum or in other words, the Galant Wagon. The early 4G63-powered Galant VR4 has become a cult favorite, and it's an important car to Mitsubishi's AWD performance history. For that later versions of the Galant VR4, Mitsubishi powered the car with a twin turbo 2.5L V6 that was rated at the standard 280hp limit of the day. Combined with a high tech AWD system, the Galant and Legnum VR4's were potent machines, and a good rival to Subaru's Legacy.

Being the wagon fan that I am, I always kept an eye out for Legnums when I was in Japan and unfortunately I never saw too many. Earlier today I was browsing Minkara checking out the Legnum owner's pages and was pleasantly surprised to find several nicely tuned examples.

Here are a few of the cars I found -

No info on this one, but the GTR-faced TE37's naturally made it a favorite.

Some owners go for a classy, dress-up look. This car looks pretty nice with G-Square aero parts and 18" Work Varianza Schwert SC-2's.

Here's a more track-focused example with Endless brakes, Advan wheels, and Ohlins suspension. The owner has since upgraded to an Evo 9 Wagon.

This car has a cool late '90s vibe to it with its gold six-spoke Ray's wheels and Vouge aero parts.

Another mild dress-up build here. Of course most of these modifications can also be done to the non-turbo Legnums as well.

It has a good looking profile doesn't it? This lightly-modified car looks to be one of the most well-taken care of examples around.

Looks like just some wheels and down springs here. Would be a cool daily driver…

You can never go wrong with BBS LM's, as seen here.

And finally, my personal favorite find. Full aero, upped boost, Trust intercooler, Fujitsubo exhaust, Cusco coilovers, and 18" SSR Professors just to name some of the things done to this car.

Basically, imagine a 3000GT VR4 wagon and you'll have a pretty good idea what the Legnum cars are capable of. Even the name "Legnum" sounds like some sort of high tech fighting robot, doesn't it?

All photos found on Minkara.

-Mike Garrett

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Definitely a nice looking wagon.


Sweetness, I love the Galant/Legnum, saw some great great models in New Zealand especially the ones with Falken paintjob that represent the Mag and Turbo shops.


Yeah... tuned AWD wagon is simly the perfect daily driver for any speedhunter. Gotta get myself one. Used Galant VR4 was the first car I bought in Gran Turismo 4:)) Won all 4wd events using it. Nice car!


Not a robot, "Legnum" reminds me a legumes, like the vegetable.


a legume is actually considered a bean, Sorry im into nutritional anthropology, these Legnums are great awd+wagon? nowhere to go wrong


its this mitsubishi's answer to nissans stagea


please tell me u guys are doing something on the stagea


i own a galant vr4 and gotta say its an awesome car, even in stock form. cant wait to upgrade the suspension on it soon

good article, can u do one on galants?


wagon love!


yuck, legnums are rubbish


anyone noticed pic #5 has six spokes front and seven spokes rear?


I was looking to buy one of these, but instead i went with a Ford Ranger/Mazda Miata NA combo. I DID NOT however, know that these were AWD...or turboed! I wonder if the one i was looking at was turboed? oh well.....


Gaijin said:

please tell me u guys are doing something on the stagea




Please feature the Mitsubishi beast; GTO!


Hey guys , im from australia ,we have a pretty close nit legnum forum , come have a look!!


I always loved the styling of Japanese Mitsubishi cars: they all have very good looks, especially designs of the larger cars. :)

BTW: Nice german plates on the white legnum! :D


We need more wagon love on Speedhunters....



Agreed...wagons don't get nearly enough love that they should. They aren't mom-mobiles; they're sleepers that'll knock your tonsils out!!!


these wagons are the most horrible handling cars I have ever driven..!!! complete whales.!!


the front looks really angry, grrrrr


Legnum are awsome around corners with the active yaw control on the VR4 type-S


In the first pic there is a Dark Blue galant with ADVAN TRI spoke wheels....MOAR PICS PLEASE!!!


Agreed ! More wagon love ... how about some Suby wagon love ! =)


Nice last picts and luv the ssr. Any chance to feature another AWD Mitsubishi model such as Airtrek Turbo?


The front looks alright, but its wagon execution doesn't seem to stick together and looks more like an after thought.

The BH Legacy looks a lot better.


its a pretty car!!!

another cool car is the nissan stagea 260RS, AWD and powered by RB26DETT :D


I would love it, if there were one VR4 in NfS: Shift!

But its just a dream :/


how about the dsm crowd... talon/eclipse/laser/galant family? AWD animals.


This car seems to me much more beautifully, than stagea


I'm really entertaining the idea for getting a LEGNUM myself. The car park at work has too many Audi Avant for my liking.


the best cars


?????? You can't have cool lesser known models without the conquest/starion.


Owned one of these for about 4 years now, 2000 facelift. Fastest tow vehicle you could find. The twin turbs are just the best and the AYC and 4wd makes it the safest and fastest wagon anywhere. Stock they are awesome, modded they are seriously dangerous. And carries heaps of stuff in the back.

Checkout CLUBVR4 for more info.


I'm a huge fan of legnums....i don't care what people say about them they are one mean eating machine.