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The night after the RX-7 annual meeting last week I found myself returning to Daikoku PA for yet another gathering. This time it was something closer to heart as I met up with a few friends of mine, most of them GT-R owners, as well as others with cool and interesting cars. For years now a bunch of us "foreigners" have been religiously meeting up on the second Wednesday of every month, setting up our meetings via the UK GT-R Register forum at

Unfortunately being the summer holidays for most meant that only a few of us were able to show up, but we still managed a pretty good turn-out nonetheless. 

This deceptively stock looking BCNR33 is a bit of a monster packing a fully rebuilt engine as well as Nismo circuit suspension links.

For anyone with a remote interest in GT-Rs, those blue powder coated engine covers should tell you all you need to know. That is of course the sign of a complete Mine's engine, this one fitted with a pair of HKS GT-SS turbines for optimal response. With over 500 PS on tap this is one mean machine and the owner has his fun with it on a regular basis at Fuji Speedway, as well as other circuits.

Here is a view from the rear, the Mine's sticker says it all!

Another pair of R33's…

…this one finished off in one of the better known shades, Mindnight Purple.

Take a look at this thing! The most unique Nismo 400R out there. 

Ever since buying this car two years ago the owner has been using his mechanical skills to improve it…

…starting with the engine. After a slight failure with a head component he decided to fix a few things, like redoing the whole fuel system, engine management and replacing the Trust T88 turbine with something a "little" bigger. I have been told it is not ready for a shoot yet, so will have to be a little more patient still. 

Moving on to the BNR34s, this is my ride. I will get into more detail on a full feature later on this month so make sure you don't miss it. I'm trying to use this potentially cool location to do a shoot at, so hopefully I can get some nice pix.

It's funny, I've had it for so long but never had the chance to go full out and take some nice pictures of it! 

There was only one other R34 on the night, owned by a new guy I didn't have the chance to meet as I was too busy taking long exposure shots of each car. People must have thought I was being antisocial!

The best of the last real GT-Rs, the V-spec II Nur. Up front is a fully balanced N1 engine and N1 turbines capable of taking 600 HP with simple additions and tuning. 

One lucky member of our "crew," I'm told this is the lingo I should use, owns this 2008 R35.  

He was one of the first people to get his hands on the new GT-R and is impressed by the car's capabilities. He still owns a Top Secret tuned R34, which has been sent back to the UK. In fact it is such a special car I'm thinking of posting up a feature of it this month!

What do you think? Is it a worthy successor to the R34 looks wise?

The VR38DETT. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but compared to an RB26 it looks like a washing machine with a cheap plastic cover on it. I wish Nissan could have made more of an effort in making the engine bay look a little more special. Luckily the aftermarket is addressing this!

Not every foreigner that joins our meeting drives a GT-R, so there is always a good selection of other cars to check out too.

This Forester STi is quite the beast packing Impreza WRX STi running gear under its SUV-ish looking exterior. A recent addition to emphasize that boxer offset burble is the Gram Lights Dragon 57 titanium exhaust system from Rays Engineering. Yes that is a Mustang next to the Scooby, apologies to the owner if I forgot to take a shot.

Stock S15 spec-S

A period-correct first-series S14 Silvia, actually I'm not sure if they used to make carbon hoods back then?

This RX-7 sported a complete Zimax engine and exterior, and I'm pretty sure I saw it the night before at the 7-7 event! Anyway I hope you enjoyed looking at our little meet, a gathering I will try to shoot more often, especially when the turnout is a little more substantial. Believe me there are a few cars that will blow your minds!

- Dino Dalle Carbonare



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the mines tuned R33 is Aki's car isn´t it? i saw his videos up on youtube! pretty nice engine and setup!

and also Tomohiko Sunako drove his car and show him a good line @ the track!

Great pictures like ever ! andc your car is beautiful great overall look ! Thumbs up !!!


You really need to post the R34 from the owner of the R35, it's a thing of beauty.


What is Aki's Youtube account? Please do share, and also Dino, is that mustang with the meet?


where are the 32's bro?

cant have a meet without the R32's


ummm part 2 os this would be nice ,,,, if there is one =D other than that lovely article =)


i want your R34 soo badly


lol The VR38DETT looks ¨ like a washing machine ¨ ; P


I gotta agree with you Dino, even though the VR38DETT is an engineering triumph and thoroughly a beautiful engine, I'd much rather look at a good ol' RB26. Hell, I'd rather look at the B16 in my Civic, at least it's not covered in plastic...


vr38 with carbon cover looks awsome. But that cheap plastic sucks...


Man, that 400R is GREAT


I like that stock outlook R33 GT-R...yet it has a menacing 500hp under the hood!


I'm diggin' that period correct S14


diggin the 400R R33


stock S15 with SA 3's look hawt!

and R33 are the bomb. lots of haters complaining being fat and not being a true GTR like the 32 or 34.. whatever.. i love R33's more than R32's. :P and that one is pretty sneaky. hehe. looking stock and all. :P


Nice pics, Dino. Mine actually looks pretty good, except for the lower front lip that I forgot to adress earlier in the day.


hey dino

have you ever seen a 370GT in Japan

looking at all those skylines makes me wonder


Hey guys, thanks for the comments. And thanks Dino for some wonderful photography.

Videos: I think this is the one with Sunako-san driving at Fuji, that people are talking about (not my account though - my friend Nick went for a ride with Sunako-san)

As for my videos, yes please do a search for AkasakaR33 (my log in name) and a bunch of my videos should come up.


Nice, my Accord parts hauler made the cut! hahahhaha


400R is my favoritee car in the worlddd, sick to see a post on it finally with 4wd month


Nice the blue r34....hey how popular are supras these days in japan? would love to see pics of a supra meet in japan if possible. keep up the good work. thx!


These are very beautiful cars with the character


Is that a true 400R? for some reason i get the feeling of a R33 GT-S....if it's a true 400R, then it's pretty interesting engine modification


Amuse_Me I totaly agree!


Dino, can you please do a wallpaper of the front shot of the Series 3 R33 GTR? Pleeeese! They are my favourite and that one is exceptionally clean!