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For my final installment from Wembley we are going behind the scenes looking at the set up and execution of the event. The build actually started on the Monday and a call from JDM Allstars inviting me down to have a look at the planned track was too good a opportunity to turn down, as its a fairly local event for me i joined the enormous car park surrounding London better known as the M25  and went down to see what was in store.

Team Japspeed drivers  Steve Biagioni and Shane Lynch were already on site laying the first Tyre marks on the immaculate surface, Ive got to admit as soon as i saw the ramp in the right hand 3rd of the photo i had all sorts of ideas running through my head but alas it wasn't to be used………this time.

Steve and Shane burned off a few sets of tires testing every aspect of the custom built track..

..with a few little tweaks here and there by 6pm the final configuration was archived.

Surrounded by  concrete walkways and with the imposing bulk of Wembley stadium looking over you could see at this early stage that it was going to be quite a weekend.

Friday and the teams started arriving, Dan Joyce arrived in the Driving Sports President and was only to happy to play up for the ITV camera crew.

The WKD team all the way from Ireland arrives with the very impressive 3 car transporter…

..all the way from Holland Team Falken arrived on the friday .

Wembley was the first outing for Bruno Esperanca, Steve (stiggy) Evans, Kirsty widrington and Mat Chiappa as Team Twisted, there will be allot more coming from the Twisted guys in the coming months.

Team Japspeed had fielded the whole team for qualifying.

the preparation of the Japspeed cars has been spot on all year and Wembley was no exception.

K-san's Drivingsports PS13 on only its second outing in the UK…

Final adjustments to the clutch before qualifying.

The queue  for the drivers waiting to qualify was hidden from the spectators by the natural layout of the track, the run up to turn one was also hidden so the cars just seamed to burst into view already fully sideways.

It wasn't long before the quiet paddock was rammed with people, just getting from one end to the other was hard work.. fact there were people everywhere, all the surrounding walkways to the main stadium were packed with people trying to get a look at what had rolled into town…

.. 5 deep all round the track, JDM Wembley was turning out to be the busiest event of the year by far.

London used to be famous for its "pea soup" fogs, the Driftworks team emulated the bad old days by engulfing the spectators in clouds of Federal smoke on every run.

I had caught  Nigel Colfer's cone clipping run in a burst of 3 shots, i used the 2nd in my main post the 3rd i had consigned to the scrap bin as the front of the S13 was too soft…..until i cropped right in and saw the reaction on the spectators faces, lucky shot i guess.

The driver briefings were given by JDM Allstars front man Niall Gunn…

..all done in the excellent Falken hospitality unit.

Team Falken, Lars Verbraeken, Lennard Wanders and Remmo Niezen.

Al Clarke and the MX5 camera car, Ive been lucky enough to see some of the footage from the weekend and its going to be one hell of a film.

Shattered and covered in champagne but over the moon with the well deserved win, Dan Chapman was pushing 100% all weekend and it certainly payed off, its put him back into the running for the overall win and i have no doubts that the show down with Niezen and Vlasblom at the Silverstone final will be nothing short of epic.

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What brand transporter is that! i've never seen a setup like that!


Amazing weekend! Best drift event the UK has ever seen.

The film WILL be awesome - I assure you!


keep us posted on those film details!! i wanna see it!


haha that photo of lional workin on k-sans!


i loved the drift show it was very good and the girls in the JDM tops and tiny skirts lol


Wallpapers of #1 and #7 please


The last couple of races on Sunday were sensational! :D Proper balls deep driving, love it! :D Hmm.. seem to be a lack of pictures of the girls JDM tops though.. any idea what their names were? :D