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Thanks to the guys at we can enjoy this small gallery of the infamous Audis, photographed at the Gatebill event in Sweden. The car you see is a Pikes Peak S1 replica and has been build from the ground up by Norwegian company, KRB Trading.

After looking at some build threads I realized that the only original Audi parts are the doors and the roof. The rest has been build around a tube frame from scratch.

Here is another version with the original Audi striping. It looks like the Sport Quattro S1 that was very popular during the hay days of Group B rallying.

Back to the S1 replica, the bodykit has been made from fiberglass. The owner also used carbon fiber on the rear and front spoiler.

This thing is wide, the wheels are having trouble to fill the wheel gaps. The spiler is huge but you will need it when the car weighs around 1000kg and the engine puts out an astonishing 1000bhp. How's that for power to weight ratio?

The engine is the 5 cylinder 2.1 liter engine that has been heavily reworked. You can just see the oil cooler through the grill.

These cars are made for these kind of things, the circuit. It would be great to see these kind of cars tear up the Pikes Peak Hill Climb once again.

Jeroen Willemsen

Special July AWD Feature on Speedhunters.



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I got thrown off at first, I was like "100kg? Is this an RC car or something?" Guess you meant 1000kg aha. Nice pictures!


100kg? isn't that not a bit low. i mean, 1000kg would be normal. that's what a expect, but there even motorbikes that are heavier then 100kg. anyway, sweden/finnland/norway are pretty famous for there heavily overpowered turbo cars. i would'nt call it a pike'S peak replica either. looks totaly differnet. more like a streetgoing version of a sport quattro audi. actually 700bhp isn't that hard to get with these 5zylinderes. it would be more interresting if it had the 5valve's per zylinder, but that something only audi has ... (at least i don't know a tuner which build a new head with 25vavle's). the 2.1 5zylinder is anyway a builtproof engine and it's a shame that audi doesn't build them anymore ...


Both these cars are Norwegian BTW...


Grammar nazi says, "No apostrophe in Audis!"


smart ass val....hahah love the build thread on the KRB audi!!!


Both are NORWEGIAN;)

The track is probably Mantorp and im guessing the pictures are from the latest gatebil festival there.


updated the post with more info tx guys!


Wow, wild cars for sure! What happened to Audi? I guess they are one of the few left in DTM, but still...


The second car is built as a replica of the 1987 Pikes Peak S1. The builder and owner, Trond Ensrud bought three modelcars (in scale 1:43) and started measuring, before he built this 1:1 scale replica.