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Following the Police’s interruption at Daikoku a few of the cars from the “7-7″ annual meeting decided to go and meet up somewhere else. The destination was to be Umihotaru Parking Area, a man made island in the middle of the Tokyo Bay. This is where the Aqua Line tunnel pops up from and continues on, in the form of a 4.4 km bridge towards Kisarazu, in Chiba. Despite the $32 toll charge Umihotaru was a great place to head to as it meant that people could enjoy the drive through the tunnel, all 9.5 km of it. With no speed cameras and virtually no traffic at that time you can imagine the average speeds most cars were traveling at. Of course, I stuck to the 80 km/h limit.

I was surprised that Koseki-san from Scoot hadn’t showed up at Daikoku, but it turns out he was waiting for everyone at Umihotaru, knowing the Police would spoil things early in the night. His 4-rotor FD was looking as stunning as ever and was parked up next to another special car…

…this wide-body FC. The owner, Obata-san, is responsible for most of the exterior, having creating the countless bespoke parts needed to put together such a unique looking car. Under the hood is a Scoot built T88-boosted 13B out of an FD, developing 550 PS! For me the coolest thing on this car are the old-school Panasport wheels, just look at the dish on the 11-inch wide rears!

I was expecting to see the same cars from Daikoku, but was pleasantly surprised with yet another varied selection of customized rotaries!

That rear wheel-arch cover is just what you need when doing top speed runs on the Aqua Line!

This Knight Sports tuned 450PS FD is owned by a friend of mine who was beginning to think about changing his 5-spoke MazdaSpeed wheels for something else, after seeing all the cars at Daikoku and Umihotaru.

I don’t know what it is but when I see a nice and simple FC like this I go weak at the knees. It just has so much character, and character goes a long way!

I thought these Volk RE30s looked especially good on this yellow FD. It was sitting pretty darn well on them.

Rear view of the Scoot FD, the Y34 tail-lights are the same as on the red Tamon Design RX-7 but the areas around the exhaust outlets are different.

Just look at that profile, if it wasn’t for the roof-line it would be very hard to figure out what car it was based on.

I have always liked the subtle 2.3 badge on the fenders, it hints that this is not a regular FD, far from it in fact. Koseki-san built the 4-rotor engine himself creating the custom eccentric shaft and joining the two 12A engines together. It cranks out 400 PS at 8,000 rpm, but during initial tests Koseki-san saw a lot more power when letting the motor rev to 10,000 rpm! Engine management is taken care by two Apexi Power FC ECUs. The sound that this 4-rotor develops is simply incredible. The low pitched grumbling idle gives way to an F1-like instantaneous bark of revs, it has to be heard to be believed…more on this soon.

The atmosphere was even more relaxed than at Daikoku, with owners chatting to each other about their cars.

This is the view from the top of Umihotaru, looking at the Chiba side where the long bridge stretches into the opposite side of the bay. The Aqua Line has never really attracted that great deal of traffic, its prohibitive tolls putting most people off. It was opened back in 1997, and took 31 years to complete at a massive cost of US$11.2 billion!

As I was up in the roof taking the previous picture I saw this convertible FD arrive in the parking area

It quickly lined up with a few other cars ready for the owners to start taking pictures.

I’m not too sure about the history of this car but it is probably one of the most extreme conversions I have seen done to an FD. Just look at that interior with custom center console.

As cars began to slowly leave I called it a night and grabbed the R34 to head back home. I had to take a final picture, being in the middle of the Tokyo Bay it would have been a pity not to do justice to the Bayside Blue color. As Tamura-san of Nissan once told me, this hue was actually mixed up to look especially good under flood lights of parking areas. That, is certainly does! That’s it for RX-7s, but next up is yet more more night time car meet coverage, this time back at Daikoku for a small get together with a few friends.

– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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the white MX-5 in the last picture looks sick


Brilliant stuff as usual!


i liked the tokyo bay picture good 4 street racing

and badass skyline with that color i love nissans...........


The convertible FD, is it the same one from the oldschool Chiba-kun video Rx7 Canon ball run? I was just watching that today then here it is again, what are the chances? lol


Excellent coverage as ever Dino! The tantalising peeks of Forester STI in the R34 pics were a nice touch. The RX-7's werent bad either. Way too hard to pick a favourite, although Id love the first FC convertible as a summer cruiser.


we need more coverage on that scoot 4 rotor rx7! feature it! video it! we need to hear the roar of that 4 -rotor rotary! hehehe...


Hey Dino, cool feature, thanks! Since this is an AWD month, how about a feature of your 34?


rotaryManiac...vid is up!


ahh ive got a magazine (HPI i think?) that has a feature on obata-sans widebody fc (i actually think you wrote it dino..). such an insanely impressive car!


lachlanrb20s13...indeed I did :)


Omg it sound awsome O.O!


Thanks for another great article Dino. Does anyone know what from bumper is on that white FD, 5th picture from top?






First and fifteenth pic as wallpapers please!


JDM YO- Thats what I'm saying.....

P.S. We had better see some wallpapers out of this. My office demands sexy rotary action....


Who need magazines when you have Speed Hunters :D


I miss my 10th anniversary.............!!!


isnt the black rx7 in pic #6 the one owned by miguel from neweraimports? looks similar.

also did that white RE Amemiya in pic #14 used to be pink? only reason i think its the same one and not just the same kit is the interior looks very similar with the subs behind the head and such. was featured in the very old max power video/dvd 'beasts from the east'

found a pic -

my personal fave rx7 still has to be the ab-flug one which u dont seem to see anywhere sadly -


Panasport G7 are on that FC. Had my eye on a set of those for my Z31. Wish I could have afforded those bad boys! Awsome cars an shots!


very nice man, thanks for covering this!


Nice dino,

I linked to all three from RE-Xtreme. There were events in Kansai and Kyushu on the 5th and 7th and this weekend is the central Circuit two day event for Rx7 and Rx8


White convertible was RE-Amemiya Greddy 8.

Pink in 1999~2002

Silver in 2003

Now white.


Totally sweet!

1st as wallpaper?


Is that Takeyari's RX-7? Wow, looks a lot better in white than in that flamboyant pink he had it in.


i really need to get to this. hopefully in a couple of years...


Wakos Oil livery car runs in Japan's gymkhana series.

There are soo many cool looking cars in that series.

Yellow car was in Rx7 magazine a while back . Silver RE30 yummy!


That lead shot is money, great job capturing the scene from that vantage point! Creative!


Could we have the first overhead carpark pic, AS A WALLPAPER/DESKTOP PRETTY PLEASE ! ! !


Oh yeah, I forgot

The pink AB Flug car blog is here. They are all still around.

Scoot bumper on the White car.

My coverage is almost finished on RE-Xtreme. Take a look. Many Many pics.



It would of been sick to see mad mikes rx7 next to the scoot fd. Two quad rotors with wide bodies. I think a sound off would just be th business


This was a great article!