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July 7th is a rather special day in Japan, if you are into rotaries that is. Every year on this day RX-7 owners flock to the Daikoku Parking Area under the Yokohama Bay Bridge for what has to be one of the biggest car gatherings of the year. Like most meetings of this nature it is all organized and coordinated online via various local clubs scattered around the country. 

As I arrived just after 6 pm there was already a pretty good number of cars slowly taking over the top part of the massive car park. You can see the wild colors of the tuned machinery in the background!

The RX-7 has to be one of the prettiest sports car to come out of Japan. The things that can be done to them on an aesthetic level is simply amazing, from your fixed headlight conversion as seen on these examples…

…to slightly more extreme face changes like this RE Amemiya Super GReddy sporting Porsche 997 projectors.

No this is not a mistake, it is AWD month after all! I took the R34 out for some fun yesterday, after it was stuck in the garage for 3 months with a dead battery. The new Optima battery has got so much juice it is impressive just how effortlessly the engine sparks into life compared to before. I saw a couple of other GT-R owners that had come to check out all those little buzzing rotaries.

I loved the clean look of this FD with the aggressive RE Amemiya front bumper and nice carbon detailing. The BBS wheels finished the car off rather well.

Here is the same bumper fitted to this blue FD, along with tons of other parts from the rotary tuner's catalogue.

The owner of this Super GReddy FD made the long drive up from Osaka to attend the meeting, parking the car across a couple of spots to keep a few spaces for his friends.

This pearl white A-spec grabbed my attention as it sported a different look to all the RE Amemiya kitted cars at the meet. The front Burnout GT fenders add a nice angular profile to the wheel arches, and it looks like the rear over fenders, from the same company, have been blended into the bodywork.

As the evening got on cars kept arriving and taking up the empty spaces.

Vertical doors actually look pretty good on FD's, but I still don't quite get why people bother as it looks pretty hard to get in and out, plus I dread to think how much weight you would need to add to get all the hinges and struts in there!

Don't worry I didn't forget the good old FC, probably still my favorite generation of RX-7. 

At one point I noticed these two transporters parking in the far back, so made my way over to check out what was going on. BN Sports had dropped by with one of their drift cars and began to unload it…

…while driving the other truck was Drift Samurai who brought his D1 FC3S for people to take a look at. These two cars were never unloaded so I couldn't get any more pictures of the matte brown FC on top!

Daikoku PA is very well illuminated, as you can see from that massive center tower, making it the perfect place to hold such gatherings.

The FC club took over one strip of parking spaces creating this very nice lineup!

This FD3S was running around 400 PS, and sounded pretty mean when it arrived at the parking area.

It's good to know the wild looks are backed up by an equally wild engine, and to top it off this FD was fitted with an HKS dog-box! The black CE28N's were the coolest wheels I saw last night, but then again I'm biased, so don't take my word for it.

I spotted this very clean RX-3 among the more modern rotary powered machinery, but it wasn't alone…

…as there were also quite a few SA22As, the original RX-7!

Not sure what this Datsun Sunny pick up was doing among the RX-7s. I asked the owner if it was maybe powered by a rotary, but it wasn't…you never know here in Japan!

By about 9 pm Daikoku was literally packed. A queue formed at both the entrance and exit as more people rolled in.

I had to grab a picture of the interior of this immaculate convertible FC. 

Nothing ever comes close to matching the size of the "7-7" meeting. If I had to make a wild guess I would say there must have been around 200 cars, if not more!

I think BN Sports did a great job with this drift oriented wide body kit for the FD. I was hoping some of the drift crew would take a few cars over on Daikoku Futo, behind the PA, to slide around a little bit. But unfortunately that didn't happen. I will have to wait until this Sunday's D1 Street Legal event in Nikko for that!

I appreciate simple things done with taste, and this Savanna was, for me, one of the nicest and cleanest looking RX-7s at Daikoku. 

I'm still not decided on this Porsche headlight thing RE Amemiya offers. Sometimes it looks very nice, sometimes it seems totally wrong. What do you guys think?

What would a rotary meet be without some Cosmos! I'm a great fan of these cars, by far the most unique and understated sports car to come out of Japan. There is much more to come from the RX-7 meeting, including appearances from some familiar faces. Don't miss Part 2!

Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I remember reading about the 07-07-07 meet and the pictures still give me goose bumps. just imagine an entire parking lot buzzing with the sound of rotaries!


awwww, just one pink car in the second picture.


love the rx7! the shape will never ever get old!

my mate is a masssive fan and his FC is going to be a beast!

keep u guys posted!


Bloody hell, the RX7 does'nt age! Still sooooo beautiful...


Wow, the overpasses and lighting at Daikoku Futo sure makes for some excellent pictures! Love the green FD and the one in the first pic! The Porsche headlights; they look very good up front, but totally horrible from the sides for they ruin the FD's shape.


Porsche headlight- No thanks! Embrace your natural beauty RX-7, You have a beautiful face.


Uchh... 200 cars... Wish i hads one >.>

And RE Amemiya headlights. IMO it destroys rx7. Porsche lights in mazda= no good. But i saw few rx7 with that thingy which look pretty nice O.o


the bn sports FD is porn


What do you guys thing?


It very nice RX CLUBS and RE amemiya From: LAOS P.D.R


The orange FD had the old porsche kit with the 993 headlights, the white one has the 997. Like the 993 more because the headlights are much smaler.


RX 7 never dies still look so good even though after so many years


That cosmo looks hot.

Double points if it's actually running a 20B tri-rotor setup =).


Nice Dino.

I didn't end up making it down to Daikoku.

Looks like most of the guys who were at tsukuba came down to daikoku

would have been a nice convoy.



lol at the ghost feet in the first photo!


that GReddy 9 car (green one) is probably my favourite 7 ever. It's so unique. Love it.

On another note, seeing RX7 JAPAN coverage is so much better than RX7 USA coverage. :)


Optima or die!

I was super impressed too when i dropped mine in my porsche after it had been garaged for the winter.

Great article as well. Being a porsche owner, i can respect what RE are doing with their kit, it's innovative, but i think the RX7 community (RE Included) has shown that there is so much more that can be done with those cars to make them unique so personally I see little need to make one car emanate another in this sense, but hey, it does look to get a set of those projector lights for myself!



Too bad Mad Mike had to leave early, could have brought that 4rotor RX7 if his there and stun all the crowds over there.


who makes fixed headlight conversions for the fc3s?

i really want some now


do i spy a forester sti?


plz wall paper of the rx3


I don't like the Porsche headlights...God that RX3 is Porn;)


more fc3's please


Wow. I from PR and we love rotaries. Convert anything from Datsun or old Nissans to 13b's. The Porsche headlights dont look cool.


more SA pics!


I actually think the rx7s in initial d were there


eh...keisukes car is really easy to replicate for these guys

Re-amemiya Gt kit x Voltex wing x Advan RC2s


Wow.... that pearl white A-Spec if frickin niiiiiiice! :O

Subtle, yet bold.


i remember a super old option movie that featured this meet but never heard anything about it since then till now, sick to see it all again. i think the porsche headlights are unique and kinda cool but would be a waste of time and money. and Dino, duhh you love those black ce28ns because you got them on your r34 too!


need wallpapers for half of these shots




any RX8s on part 2?


Dino....I love your coverage man, the Rotary Community salutes you for this. Thanks so much.


It's not fair, I need a RX-7 FD in the states I'll just tell the police I "won't" tune it cx that'd be a massive lie