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As you all may know I'm mainly a drift
photographer so this was one of my first real track sprint days I've
attended. As soon as we drove into the gates at the entrance,
straight away I could hear how intense how the day was going to be!
The sound of 4G63's and RB26's roaring around Queensland Raceway was
heart thumping. I headed straight around to the dipper to get a
closer look. There were going to be two sessions throughout the day; one in the morning and
another in the afternoon. The main highlight for the
morning was the DA EVO, which was just a few seconds off cracking
the famous V8 super car lap times.

Also there where many APC EVO's on track, of which most where daily
driven cars. This yellow one was pushing 590 bhp at all 4 wheels
and is still street registered.

Within a few hours, I thought my day of shooting photos was going to end due
to the dark clouds which appeared over the track. Was rain on the way?

Before I knew it, the morning session was over and it was time for
lunch, which led me back to the pits and to have a closer look at some
of the cars that where staging for the second session.

The Hi Octane R34 in
particular caught my eye. This is the same team who took a R32 GTR to Tsukuba in 2007. The rumour is that we'll see this car there at the end of the year.

This EVO looked really nice and clean rolling through the pits!

…And even hotter on the track!

To be honest I've never seen a R35 GTR on the track before, and this
car performed so well throughout the afternoon.

It looks so clean and pulls
exceptionally well for a big car

The Hi Octane R34 GT-R made my heart skip a beat. It looked so
mean coming from the other side of the track, I can't explain
how fast it was to the point where it was actually hard to take a photo

All the other street driven evo's where running exceptionally well…

… doing good consistant lap times all through the day

Each time the Hi Octane GT-R changed gears it sounded like a gun fire, ridiculously loud car and super fast.

An R32 GT-R approached the track with only an hour or so to go, but got
in some fast lap times up there with the under 60 second mark

Well, for my first time at a time attack track day, i was super impressed and was very glad i took the opportunity to go and have a look. At the end of the day the Hi Octane R34 GTR smashed the V8 SuperCar times by about 2-3 seconds running low 50's… everyone was stoked about this acheivement and i'm sure this car will go a long way internationally.

- Casey Dhnaram







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great day.. good photos champ


the high octane r34 gtr would have been on semi slicks while the v8 super taxi's would have been running on full slicks too right? would the difference in tires be big?


I'm pretty sure the hi octane car was running on Advan A048's which are semis. The v8's run on full slicks and would probably allow another second or maybe slightly more to drop off the skylines time. It was seriously fast, One of the quickest car I have seen out there in a while (and I work out there)


yay for more australian coverage! The high octane gtr is amazing! Sounds incredible


awesome work again casey :)


BTW, it's actually "Hi Octane" and not "High Octane". Just pointing it out since they are different companies. And just in case people start googling and landing at the other place.

Hmm ... anyhow, the Hi Octane runs A050 Semi Slicks, I'd dare say slicks should give it another 3-4 seconds.

No entry from Bel Garage or IS Motor Racing? But then I suppose they are Sydney based.


Amazing pics mate. You should head out there more often. Did you get any good one's of my Evo? White 9 with Shieldcoat graphics down the sides.


Finn, thanks a lot mate

If you would like to give me a e-mail on with your car details etc i will be happy to have a look

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you


Tx YipMing... I've updated the post.


replying again

Finn i did get shots of it "4PAINT", e-mail me and we'll sort something out!

thanks champ!


Why are the photos stored on photobucket, instead of speedhunters server?

Photobucket is blocked by many corporate proxy scripts... :(


I believe the V8 Supercars run a 17"x10" rim, unsure as to the size boot they run. Would hazard a guess at approx 265 or 275/45 though.


the hi octane skyline is so beastly

are there any videos of this car

i would love to hear how loud this monster really is


Awesome snaps mate!

The clouds one is great, only thing i can pick with it is that the horizon is crooked! :)


Keep the Aussie coverage coming



Thanks for coverage