Event>>the Best Of Times @ Asb ’09

Welcome to the Ziptied All Star Bash. Outside of Japan and its drift festivals. there's never been an event that draws so many people from so far to spend 48 hours hanging out, fooling around, and burning tires to shreds. All Star Bash is like a movie that doesn't have any sort of plot, but keeps you entertained with scene after scene of random awesomeness and plenty of humor.

It's been nearly two years since I've been to an ASB event, so I was jumping at the bit to get down to Willow Springs for the Summer '09 edition of this storied gathering.

Stacks of tires, spare wheels, and BBQ's. I know I've arrived at All Star Bash.

For Saturday, the Streets of Willow would be the setting for all the day's action. Most of the drivers weren't familiar with the course, but most got the hang of it in no time. The higher horsepower cars were putting on a nice show as they navigated the banked bowl at the north end of the track.

This All Star Bash seemed to have more out of state drivers than ever, including a group of super cool dudes from Chicago that shipped some of their cars. Perhaps you've seen their blog?

The state of Washington was represented by several cars, including this slammed R32 Skyline.

No ASB event would be complete without the godfather, Mr. Brian Harte. This is his freshly finished S13 – loaded with more rare JDM stickers than most of us can dream of.

Speaking of stickers, check out the MJ-inspired tech stickers that were designed specially for this event. Nice job, Logan!

The BBQ's weren't the only places to find flames at All Star Bash. So hot…

On the part of the track where most guys were taking it easy, the driver of this S13.4 attacked without regard for the consequences.

After a break for dinner and some much-needed refreshment, the cars headed back onto the track for the team tandem competition.

Forrest Wang impressed everyone with both his driving and with his super sexy D-Max-equipped S14 street car.

There's Forrest running alongside one of his tandem teammates for the evening, Justin Pawlak in his veteran FC.

Teddy from Team Mulsanne and his dumped S13. This guy even has pants to match the color of his car.

I don't think Matt Powers and Tommy Roberts need any introduction. Here they are repping San Diego to the fullest during the team tandem comp.

Unfortunately as night fell, everyone realized just how dark the Streets of Willow could get. It was tough both for the drivers and for those of us who were trying to shoot pictures. Somewhere in that blurry mess of light and smoke is Mike Essa in his V8 RX7.

As the night began to draw to a close, a lot of us camera guys had given up trying to shoot in the darkness.

Instead, it was nice to kick back a little and enjoy All Star Bash for what it is – one of the greatest drift events in the USA.

Much more from ASB '09 on the way.

-Mike Garrett



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Man, looks like a TON of win!


Man, Saturday looked like the day to shoot! Today was just absolutely brutal out there...

Great photos Mike


Thanks Linh! It was pretty nice out there once the sun went down, but the lack of light made shooting nearly impossible. If I knew that I would have gotten out there earlier.


LET'S go WASH!!!just moved back from sunny southern CAL:-(super sexy r32.

Shame I never got to go to a ASB event:'-(


Sickest cars! So hope one day I will be able to shoot them!

Love your work Mike.


I really hope BH doesn't quit drifting. His cars are always amazing to see. Mike, maybe a feature is in order for his car...? :)


anymore action shots of risky devil guys?


Haha, Jon Chon's R32, love it. Glad to see he made it down, sucks the rest of us didn't have our shit together.


desktops please


Pics look dope! DKs flame picture is amazing, and wangs coupe is fucking Rawwww


I say pics of teddy and his awesome pants.

Nice shit bro.


Im keen to have that one of Mat Powers 240 (on the grid?) as a desktop :) cheers.


Welcome back, Mike!

It's been quite a while hasn't it.

This weekend was great. Tons os Speed Hunting, SUN, tires, rocks, people, cars, states, etc.

Thank you EVERYBODY that was a part of this. It blows me away everytime. I'm very happy that people enjoy this little shindig.


bh is a weiner


Anymore shots of that mkIII Supra? Love them Supras.


hahaa....matching color pants...

no more 626drift <3?


omg, front page! Fuck Risky Devils. They have formed with us and are now called Risky Dicks!


awesome coverage... can't wait for the rest

ASB > ECB... 100%

sorry East coast... i still love you


You know for the months I've been reading speedhunters, I've refused to get on the THAT NEEDS TO BE A WALLPAPER band wagon.

But seriously

That last photo NEEDS TO BE A WALL PAPER!


I heart Mat Powers car! Great feature!


Please post some more photos of the blue mkIII Supra


moar ASB pics!!


Hell yea!


NEED more ASB coverage , now.

also , can we see some more full shots of the bowl. im dying to really see what they did at SOW


Awesome coverage Mike, this event was amazing.


Damn I wish I could have made it!!!

Looks like it was fun, and nice coverage.

Unfortunately Ryan wasn't there in his R33. :(


Great job on the photos Mike! Especially with that lucky flame shot!!! DOPE!

Fun hanging out with you and Linhbergh this weekend, it's been a long time! I made sure to link your ASB 09 coverage to our www.MOTORMAVENS.com photo posts!

But I'm taking the day off today, so don't expect the rest of our pics to go up until tomorrow! =)


Awesome set of pics, please post some more of the Risky Devil guys.


Great photoes!)

Hope there will be a desktop of that brown/orange(?) Rx7 FC in flames. =) Should be great..


Shit yeah Kris! Lookin good son! Too bad i'm not out there with you man. Congrats on getting her out there.




you think you could make the last photo of what i think is matt powers car as a wallpaper i would really apprecitate it....=]


Definate wallpaper of Powers S14 in the last shot man, that thing is (rough) sex on wheels!