Event>>asb ’09 Wrap Up

July has been a busy month for me -I’ve put about 2500 miles on my car in the past few weeks just driving to events and photoshoots. Tomorrow morning I’m going to be heading back down to Southern California for the rally portion of the X-Games – something that I’m quite looking forward to covering. Before that though, I wanted to wrap up my All Star Bash coverage with a final batch of photos from that magical event in the desert last weekend.

I’ve seen this black JZA80 Supra at a few different Just Drift! events over the years. Check the big turbine peeking out of the hoodless engine bay.

The wheel offsets and lip sizes on these cars seem to get crazier with each event. Can’t wait to see what this S14 looks like after the overfenders are painted.

Believe it or not, that white FC actually has an honest to goodness rotary under the hood…

Yet another high quality RPS13. If I recall correctly, this is a Las Vegas-based car. LV guys usually turn out to these events in big numbers – Willow Springs is just a short hop across the desert from Vegas.

Dousan’s machine wasn’t running 100%, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the weekend full of drifting.

Purple is one of my favorite colors for drift cars – this is S13 is a prime example why.

BH getting ready to do a “time attack run” around the bowl.

USDM drift missile?

Another shot of the slammed R32 from the Northwest. Just wow…

This FC has a home-built street machine look to it with cut up rear fenders and big rubber out back.

Formula D super star Matt Powers preps his S14 for some tandem action.

Nobody knows Willow Springs better than the Just Drift! guys. Just follow the smell of burnt Federal rubber and you’ll find them…

The SR86. So wrong, yet so right.

More Dirty Thirty, smoking it up around the bowl. Hmmm… that didn’t sound right.

Tommy Roberts getting ready to head out with his San Diego boys. Scenes like this are why All Star Bash is so great.

Big thanks to all the organizers, workers, and drivers who make All Star Bash what it is.

Can’t wait until the next one!

-Mike Garrett

Speedhunters All Star Bash ’09 Coverage



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Reading about posts like this make me curse living here in Texas which, if you didn't know, has ZERO in the drifting scene. Looks like yall had fun though!


love the first shot Mike! fun hanging out with you at ASB man!


Lol "time attack run".

So true. That turn was HUGE.

I just drove through it in 4th gear.


Thanks for all the words fellas. Super pumped to do it again.


slava's FC lookin dope


Texas has a pretty good drifting scene last I checked, ever been to mineral wells? Anyway I was sad not to see Dousans red dragon on the track that much on Saturday as it's my favorite s13 ever.


If you want more purple s13's get ahold of grip gamblers, another chicago crew.


Yea!love it.better than formulaD by a landslide


ryoga81, I thought TX had a pretty good drifting scene?!

Thanks for all the coverage you've given this event. Formula D and D1 are great to watch, but they just don't have the raw excitement that ASB has. I hope I make it out to one of these in the future.


Texas drift scene is going strong. We've got like 4 or 5 dudes in D1 USA, and events in Mineral Wells every month.



i think you mean "out of the bowl"


Can we got more photos of green hachiroku, which have at rear, left window a map of polish country i white-red colors??

thanks a lot


great picks mike, i wish i was there. huh i wonder where antonio is he's always hype about this event?


who's sr86 is that?


Antonio was there.

You might not see his coverage here though....


The SR86 is mine, u can catch me at myspace.com/jdmbooger or facebook.com/jdmbooger for more fotos. And yes, i am Polish :)


sweetness! where can I get me some of that Team Poland vinyl lol?


Dirty 30 needs the big silly wing back, it's lost it's aggressive look.


those 2 RX7 are sick!!


oooooh shi- nate made speedhunters