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Would you be willing to part with your car and send it to a shop on the other side of the world? The story gets even better, because the owner of this R34 had never even met the car builder, he only knew him by reputation…. but after some phone conversations, a deal was struck and this R34 was to be shipped across the planet for some very special modifications.

The British owner imported the car back in 2003 from Japan and had it shipped to the UK. After some exterior modifications, he wanted to do something special to the engine and checked around in the UK Skyline tuning scene, but didn't find what he was looking for. So he got in contact with Rob from New Zealand outfit R.I.P.S; known internationally as one of the best Skyline engine builders going.

The idea was to upgrade the motor from 2.6 to 3.0 liters along with a whole host of top spec parts. The compartment is pure class; it features some of the best selected parts money can buy. If you have some time to spare, you can check out this 39 pages long build thread on the forums.

The twin filter setup is something I have seen before, it sports two K&N filters.

Just look at these works of art: the fusebox, oil catch can and an amazing looking handmade inlet manifold.

There is not much on the outside that advertises the inner potential of this car… But after all, that was the intention – it's meant to be understated. The R34 sports a Top Secret front bumper with the standard GT-R front splitter… For better airflow the owner also opted for the Top Secret bonnet.

In the rear we can find another Top Secret item; the diffuser with vortex generators. The wingstays are custom made to lift the wing a bit higher. To finish it all off, the owner ordered a set of Nismo side skirts.

Wheels are custom painted Volk TE37's in 19"x10.5j

The car has full boost at 3500rpm thanks to the T04Z turbo. In the end they settled for a healthy 560bhp to give the car better handling characteristics, because it's built as a road car and not a drag car.

Also check out this small video of the car on full boost.

-Jeroen Willemsen

All pictures used are courtesy of Rob at R.I.P.S. and can be found on the forum.



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This is a quality job from RIPS and it really shows what they are capable of.

And if I'd ever win the lottery...


That Skyline looks Mean! =D

I would't like to see it in my rear view mirrors!


Yeah Rotorua Import Pro Shop! I wish I visited them when I was around, they also have the world's fastest 1/4m Fairlady Z. They clearly put NZ on the map in terms of Nissan engine tuning. Props to them.


Awesome car

Lucky guy :)



this is one of those cars i plan to own throughout my life

they should of painted the TE37s matte black

yea mudered out


@calster17 And I actually WOULD like. Cause seeing it in the mirror means you've got something better than this!


The fab work that Rob at RIPS puts out is unbelieveble. Good to see NZ workshops getting recognised around the world.


choped skyline in the background :(


WoW. That car is amazing. Super clean car.


I heard the guy who owns this is a professional sports player? (Rugby)


Speedhunters should do a feature on RIPS, the workshop, the cars they've built, their old 240Z (fastest in the world), their new RB30DET powered rail.


Love the clean look. I am a HUGE fan of black cars with white clean designed rims.


i came across this car a while back, so sick, ideal r34 tuning shop. and no, matte black "murdered out" te37s would look stupid on this car IsaacGT-R


@ Phil:

I completely agree with you.


@el supa: Skylines are a dime a dozen in NZ. Don't worry about it.


@el supa: Skylines are a dime a dozen in NZ. Don't worry about it.


Mark is a good mate, rescued him last Sunday on the A1, (blown fuse, no drama) first time I have had a look under the bonnet, pure art ! We ripped down the A1 but he could not loose the 6666 Bunny car :) traffic played a part in the battle lol, looking forward to our next rip around Northumberland.