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The "Darkcore" Impreza that Rod posted yesterday generated a lot of response from you guys, so here's a few more photos and some info on it. The car is owned by Bill Vitale from Pennsylvania, and has got to be one of the most well-balanced and attractive privately owned STI's that I've ever seen. Like most projects, it's gone through a number of stages before becoming the car you see above.

Here's an older photos of the car when it still had the stock rear wing and was running 18"x9 Advan RS wheels. You can never go wrong with the full Zero Sports aero kit that this car is sporting.

A static shot of the car in pre-makeover form. Suspension and chassis work includes Stance GR+ Pro coilovers a Perrin rear sway bar, an HKS Kansai front tower bar, and TIC fender braces to name a few things.

Under the hood there's an ATP GT3076 .82 a/r turbine kit. Like most hardcore Subarus the stock top-mount intercooler has been dumped for a front-mount, in this case a large Perrin one. Exhaust dumps through a Tomei manifold and then through a one-off catback exhaust system.

One of the most recent and dramatic additions, 18×9.5 +22 Volk TE37's with Nitto Invo tires.

You'll also notice that the rear spoiler has been removed. To tell the truth I was never a big fan of the wingless look on Evos and STI's, but this car has sold me on it 100%.

For more photos and info on the build, check Bill's thread on NASIOC.

-Mike Garrett



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I think I like the older version of it better




Wow, nice job listening to the feedback. Can't really decide which 'version' I like most, but I think I'm gonna have to go with the wingless one.


Looks so damn good, especially wingless!!


Nice!!!! I much prefer the wing versus wingless, but to each his own. Very nice specimen


I prefer it wingless,like I said in the previous article...

i think wingless is a better choice for street oriented and with wing on track`s looks versus practicality...

overall it looks menacing but still clean ...somenone said in the previous article that "you can`t go wrong with some TE37`s" .I totally agree with that


What the hell are those behind the front bumper. I ruled filters out since the intake side is plumbed to the passenger fender. They might be BOV's but why would he go from running 1 to 2? Certanly there is no need for two bovs than again i'm not sure how mutch presure the Subi guys run. I have never seen horns that shape. I really dont know WTF those are.


hot balls! wallpaper #6?


That car is wicked. Thanks for responding to the feedback this is a great site.


Is that a cop in the last picture? You guys get pulled over?


holy crap

just look at the engine set up


I love the original wings on both the EVO and Sti and I also like the wingless look but I have come to realize that the wingless look on this STi is the same as many others of that gen I see on the road and that is to say it is not really wingless at all. That top mounted rear windshield spoiler is what really does wonders for the "wingless" look. Insanely clean car btw I am lovin the TE's.


Wallpaper the first picture please!!!



They are Hella Supertones in the Grill. Basically, horns with a chrome/brushed surronding.


soooooo sick


maybe they take off the wings to make people think it's a sleeper.


David W, yeah that is a local cop in the last photo. They were providing security for the BlownEuros annual meet this past spring. (Where that photo is from).


Thanks Chad,

That very well may have kept me up at night.... SRS


I actually think his very old setup was the nicest. Gotta go back 3 or 4 years I'd say.


fuck that car is way too awesome for words....


it looks retarded.

i hate it.


^------- Sounds like somebody needs a nap