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Last week Rod posted a quick engine shot of this monster Evo drag car from the UK, and he looked into sending one of the Speedhunters shooters out to have a closer look at this beast. Unfortunately, we got word that the car is currently disassembled so we'll have to make do with a quick spotlight on the car using some older photos. The car was built by JR Motorsports (with the assistance of Mangus Motorsport in Canada) and according to their website, it's "the most technologically advanced AWD drag car that the world has ever seen". A look at the spec sheet doesn't give much reason to doubt that claim…

The chassis is an AWD 25.1E tube chassis, which has been draped in carbon fiber body. The suspension is all custom of course, and a Ford 9" rear end housing has been custom-fitted to the IRS setup.

The chassis might not have much to do with a stock Evo, but the engine is still based on the good ole' Mitsubishi 4G63. It's a 1400hp-spec Magnus-built race block filled with heavy duty internals and fed by methanol injection. A Garrett GT turbo handles the forced induction side of things while the giant Primary Designs Inconel header dominates the front half of the engine bay.

There's always been a kind of mechanical rawness in pro drag cars that you don't really see elsewhere. When the one-peice front end is removed, the big MH slicks and that monstrous turbine are exposed for all to see.

The sparse cockpit is made up of a large tachometer, some Motec electronics, and not much else. The transmission is a JR Motorsports sequential unit that can be shifted with the floor lever or with the paddles on the steering column.

As I looked over this car, I found myself drawing comparisons to the HKS CT230R Evo I featured last week. The two cars couldn't be farther apart in terms of purpose and build style, but the amount of work put into both of them is staggering. I couldn't find any info on this car's ET's, but Rod mentioned the target was somewhere in the six second range…

For more on this machine, check out the Mangus Motorsports website.

-Mike Garrett

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damn, i wanna see quarter mile times on that car


Would be good to see this go up against the Heat Treatments GTR.


has any one ever thought of building a race car with out the floors?? (weight reduction) and replace it with tube bars to add support instead.


ECR33, you realize the floors are little to no weight, right?

They can gain structural support in other places without something as silly as that.


It's "Magnus", not "Mangus". ;) (You misspelled it a few times there. ;))


Is this the same JR motorsports NASCAR team, or is it someone else?


nice, the engine on this thing was built only a couple hours away in Toronto! :D


@ NotACompleteDumbass...... I would reconsider what you wrote.

What's 25.1E stand for anyway?


25.1E refers to the NHRA rules section that defines the chassis layout; specifically, that jungle gym of a cage.


Can't agree more on that last statement. Both this and the HKS CT230R has got to be one of the most sickest Evos in the world. A shame that HKS doesn't build drag cars no more....


Someone has to know what this thing runs in the 1320! Come on! Dying to know here.


????? ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow.. this make AMS's drag evo look like crap


sick evo, amazing if it hit the 6's. 1400 whp is just crazy


@ECR33, notacompletedumbass, alex.....removing the origonal floor and adding tubing is common in track cars....but they must have some kind of cover (which then becomes the new floor) to protect the driver, or it probably wont pass tech inspection. usually in usdm based drag cars sheetmetal is used, but CF or FG is used as well.

6 seconds with a fourcyl is amazing, infact i would prefure photos of this car disassembled or in the middle of a rebuild than just more photos that show the same as these old ones.


I agree I'd love to see this thing go up against the Heat Treatments GTR!! Go the mitsi, gotta love the AWD drag evo's.


I know that research is really hard, but straight pulling info from a web sight instead of calling, or even e-mailing someone is a bit outrageous. Furthermore if you are just going to transcribe someone elses writing you might try getting thier shop name correct before you publish.