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I have yet to see a EVO X on the road in Europe – I have seen one in real life, but only at a dealer… but the EVO X seems to be a bit hit in America and is quickly becoming a popular tuning platform. The Chicago-based AMS shop is one of the leading proponents of US Evo tuning and they built up this ‘silver bullet’ street/Time Attack machine. They got the car fresh from the dealer with only a few miles on the odometer and started to tear it apart. The guys at AMS started the build with one thing in mind, and that was to create a street drivable, time attack machine. So it needed to be lightweight and it had to pack a serious punch.

Let’s start at the rear… the rear spoiler has been made by APR for that Time Attack look and, of course, downforce. The trunk has been replaced with one that has been made from carbon and has been supplied by Seibon (let’s start the flame war!)….

A favorite part amongst EVO X add-ons is this Voltex front splitter. For more weight savings, Seibon also provided the carbon hood. The AMS intercooler already hints at what the engine is capable of.

This is where the EVO comes to life: the circuit. The fenders have been rolled to minimize rubbing. Enkei came through with their circuit spec RPF-01 wheels shod with Dunlop Direzza rubber. The wheels come in size 18″x10.5 and the tires are 275/35/18s all round. For better braking properties AMS opted for Stoptech six-piston calipers in the front and 4-piston calipers in the rear.

The exhaust is made by AMS themselves as are a lot of other parts in the engine and drivetrain.

The engine that looks a bit standard for the untrained eye. The block is the ‘standard’  4B11 that has been treated with a stage 1 upgrade by AMS. It includes new valve springs, ARP head studs, FP Red turbo by Forced Performance, 800cc injectors, cnc fuel rail kit, front mount intercooler with black piping and a cold air intake. There is also a surge tank in place and, thanks to the ECUtek ECU, it delivers 385 whp.

I really like the stealthy look of the engine bay without all the polished piping.

The seats are made by Recaro and feature the HANS system. The driver is also strapped in thanks to Schroth 6 point harnesses.

A popular mod to decrease the weight is to remove inner door panels. AMS have done this in such a way so you can still open the door using the standard handle.

A look inside the wheel well reveals the AMS Toe link kit and JRZ Pro Coilovers system.

One last look at this beautiful machine. It really is the perfect example of a street drivable Time Attack machine

Thanks to AMS Performance for the photos.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Very stilish and aggressive looking car, with the power and weight saving, it must be a bullit, great vision


Woaaa silver carbon <3 Looks great ^^


Looks really good and with some nice mods, but I'm not sure about that colour though. I think it'd look better in red or white (although appareances are not the most important thing on a Time Attack car obviously).


i've seen 5 and i live in romania (wich some say it's a poor country but there's always an X6 in a 2 mile radius)


wait... what's wrong with Seibon carbon fiber?


Is Seibon Carbon fiber a bit dodgy?


It doesn't look as modded as it is from the outside view. Cool! That's just a clean ma-chine!


I can't speak from experience but what I hear about Seibon and other bargain priced carbon accessory manufacturers is that they make fine carbon and everything but the designs are cheap. For example on the stock hood of a car you look at the underside and you see lots of crossbeam type supports integrated into it instead of just 1 big hunk of metal with a smooth finish. From what I hear this is the fault of Seibon and the other cheap brands is that they do not incorporate these high quality and high rigidity designs. Before someone gets all over me on this I don't know if Seibon is actually like this or not for sure it is just what I hear but I do know for sure that other cheap Chinese knock off brands produce junk like i stated above.


Sleeper to the MAX!!!!beautiful


Sleeper to the MAX!!!!beautiful


Sleeper to the MAX!!!!beautiful


Great build! Though saying that its street drivable with the hardcore stripped interior is stretching it a bit :P


such a beauty. ^_^

seibon.. well lets just say... they had issues back then.. especially on the voltes hood issue before.

but i think they are good. they just need more originality.. i think..

dont flame me. :D


Great looking car! Love the exterior simplicity!


wow, mixing voltex with seibon. good thing they are not fighting with each other while humans are not looking. LOL. is that even an authentic voltex front splitter?


Damn, AMS makes very nice Time Attack Evo's.


Basically Seibon have a reputation of being knock off artists who copy other manufactures designs and have prouduced many poor quality products in the past. All you have to do is google (seibon, knockoff) and see what happens. I dont have any personal experience with them but thats the rep they have.


but i think seibons quality is up to par.. if you'd notice, most D1 cars and D1 SL cars and some Japanese time attack machines sport seibon parts for their aero. i think seibon should stop being under the shadows of voltex and start making original quality designs. ^_^


The Do Luck carbon duckbill trunk would be sex on this car...


The Do Luck duckbill boot would look awesome! Except for the irony of Ben from Bespoke Ventures paying the R & D for the trunk and his disdain of companies such as Seibon.


This site is superb. better than superstreet, importtuners and SUPER JDM